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Ron Mercer, a pioneer in telecommunications with more than 40 years experience in  wireline and wireless telecommunications, has announced the formation of  Paging & Wireless Network Planners LLC, a firm devoted to the development, marketing and deployment of sophisticated wireless communications technology for the Public Safety and Homeland Security communities.

Headquartered in East Northport, New York, the new organization will address a widely recognized and discussed current issue: the quality, or lack thereof, of communications facilities available to first responders and others involved in emergency situations such as 9/11 and Katrina.

Mr. Mercer has consulted with a number of leading wireless companies, provided expert witness testimony in several legal actions, obtained FCC Type Acceptance for new equipment designs and co-authored the CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement) standard for radio paging. His experience with the various protocols involved in both wireline and wireless telecommunications (CDMA, GSM, TAP, TNPP, Golay, FLEX, POCSAG, ReFLEX, T1/T3, SS7, etc.) has been widely recognized within the industry.

With more than fifty years of leadership experience in telecommunications technologies, Paging & Wireless Network Planners LLC provides expert support in the planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of a wide variety of communications networks as well as specialized aid in disaster recovery, fraud prevention and security programs assisting you to:

  • Enter new markets quickly;
  • Maximize profits;
  • Optimize system performance;
  • Build a competitive advantage.

Paging & Wireless Network Planners LLC's
principals are experienced in all aspects of today’s most important communications technologies including:

  • Radio Paging;
  • Cellular and PCS Telephony;
  • Internet Functionality;
  • Radio Propagation Analysis;
  • Central Office Telephone Switching;
  • PABX and Key Telephone systems;
  • Voice Mail;
  • Fax Mail;
  • E-mail to wireless devices;
  • Multimedia (Voice, Fax, and E-mail);
  • Store & Forward messaging;
  • Data transmission;
  • Wireless Telemetry.
Based on your needs, time frame, and budget, Paging & Wireless Network Planners LLC's professionals can participate at any desired level to provide support in any of the following disciplines:
  • Technical Feasibility Studies;
  • Product Market Analysis & Evaluation;
  • Reliability Assessment;
  • Radio Coverage Measurements;
  • Expert Witness Testimony;
  • Market Trial Coordination;
  • Customer Representation;
  • Pricing Strategies;
  • Business Plan Creation;
  • Advertising and Trade Show Coordination;
  • Web Page Development;
  • WWW Benefits Optimization;
  • Material Procurement;
  • Failure Analysis;
  • Employee and Customer Training Programs;
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance.

Wireless Industry
Paging & Wireless Network Planners LLC can help get your project completed much faster and possibly avoid some costly mistakes. An outside evaluation of your operation may disclose some areas where improvements can be made.

New Wireless Businesses
An important part of your due diligence should be an independent evaluation by an organization with experience in both business and technology. Global Fax Network Services can provide this for you. Consult with us for a second opinion.

Radio Paging Operators
Do you listen to your customers? Do they ever complain about missed messages, garbled messages, or unreliable service? Paging & Wireless Network Planners LLC can evaluate your paging system and make suggestions for:

  • Improving network speed and efficiency;
  • Filling in dead spots and coverage holes;
  • Resolving troublesome simulcast problems.
Are you up-to-date with the latest Internet technology for alphanumeric message dispatching, networking, and e-mail notification to pagers?

Paging & Wireless Network Planners LLC
217 South 1st Street
East Northport, NY 11731

Mr. Mercer's background

Ronald Mercer has been in the Personal Communications industry since the early 60's. During this period Mr. Mercer was the President and founder of two companies, which became major manufacturers in the respective market niches. He was founder and President of Kerygma Technologies, Inc., a company that developed and marketed a range of integrated Voice, Data, Fax Mail, and messaging control terminal products.

Mr. Mercer's early training and foundation in the communications industry began as an engineer for Bell Telephone of Canada. During his tenure with Bell, Mr. Mercer was awarded a patent for the unique idea of using the telephone to call an automated exchange that could then alert a specified radio pager without operator assistance. This concept and Mr. Mercer's first venture, Acme Devices, helped shape the radio pager industry, into a multi-billion dollar per year business.

Beginning with Acme Devices, the first company to produce a modern architecture, high capacity paging exchange, Mr. Mercer chose the road of innovation and technology. Working closely with Radio Common Carriers, who provide mobile communication services to the public, Mr. Mercer has consistently envisioned the future path and the needs of the industry.

Under this vision, Mr. Mercer's next major venture, Spectrum Communications and Electronics (SCE), entered a contested marketplace and carved out more than a 25% market share by taking the technological lead at the right time. This insight into the growth of radio paging due to improvements in pager technology and to the market influence of the high-profile-cellular phone, led to the recognition of the need for the much higher technology paging exchanges that are in existence today.

At SCE, Mr. Mercer served as President and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Mercer's personal style and integrity were instrumental in developing the marketplace confidence in SCE's technology. Hands-on leadership in the selling arena was a vital factor for the success in starting SCE. During Mr. Mercer's tenure SCE became a $10M per year company. The company was sold and renamed Ericsson Messaging Systems.

After SCE he became Vice President of Business Development at RTS Wireless in New York. Currently Mr. Mercer operates Global Fax Network Services Inc., a consulting firm in Northport, New York.

Ron Mercer's Resumé

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