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March 22, 2002

Dear Friends,

According to RCR Wireless News, "Cell phone ownership has gone up 29 percent in the past two years and currently about 62 percent, or two-thirds, of American adults own a cell phone, according to a recent study from Scarborough Research. Houston, Atlanta, Honolulu, Miami and Dallas round out the top five U.S. cities for number of adults owning a cellular phone—ownership ranges from 74 percent in Houston to 69 percent in Miami and Dallas."

As you probably know, Arch paging filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December. They just reported their fourth quarter 2001 results. The company said it gained a total of 5,000 new two-way units during the quarter, bringing its total two-way customer base to 334,000. The company lost 931,000 one-way customers in the quarter. Arch now has a total of 8.5 million units in service.

That is all interesting, but the big news is that all of the wireless telephone carriers are hard at work introducing various kinds of text messaging and wireless data services. That should create more opportunity for one-way and two-way paging since most of the industry analysts say that the Wideband companies are pricing these services too high. Of course they have to price it that way because the cost of their infrastructure is so much higher than paging.

Wireless Week says: "industry observers expect text messaging to catch on here [USA] as it has elsewhere around the world. In Europe, where carriers share the GSM wireless standard, SMS is popular, accounting for 10 percent or more of some carriers' total revenue. According to the GSM Association, more than 50 billion SMS messages were transmitted worldwide in the first three months of this year."

As part of a new marketing agreement between Nextel Communications, Inc. and America Online, Inc., Nextel will offer its wireless customers access to AOL's services and features, including e-mail and instant messages.

I received this message from Glenayre's manufacturing facility in Quincy, Illinois: "Just to let you know we continue to support customers in the area of spare parts and repair. We have a large inventory of new and refurbished equipment and 10 day turns on repairs. Should you require assistance call 1-800-637-9181 or 217-223-3211."

I had the pleasure to visit Glenayre's headquarters north of Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and learned that their contact for paging infrastructure sales is now Tim Hall His telephone number is: 770-283-2460 (this number is correct, the previous one was not). Unfortunately he was on vacation and I didn't get to meet him. My meeting was with a different department. Nice folks at Glenayre.

Following is my list of people that have things they want to sell, or things they want to buy. Let me know if there is anything here that you are interested in and I will help you get it.

In the Caribbean, wanted: 2 or 3, RL453 UHF link receivers that can be made to operate on 458.950 MHz In Brazil, a whole paging system: 20 Motorola Nucleus II 900 MHz high power paging transmitters ($6499 US each), a Motorola Unipage paging terminal ($3399), and an ASC 1500. Also Motorola ADVISOR Elite FLEX ($89) and Motorola JAZZ FLEX ($59) pagers, and a complete page repairing station, including:  RF generator from Hewlett Packard, Isolator box from Motorola, soldering and Desoldering station from Hakko, etc. Here is a business in a box to go.
In the Caribbean, wanted: preowned but in good condition or reasonably good condition and working; 800/900 MHz trunked radios. In Texas, all kinds of paging infrastructure. Large stock of Unipage (Motorola M-15) cards and Glenayre equipment -- terminals and transmitters.
  Pagers of all types -- from different manufacturers all over the world -- new and reconditioned. Send me an e-mail with your requirements.
  A great little Paging Data Receiver (PDR) 900 MHz synthesized with an external or internal antenna. Why not try out a couple? Remember The Wheel of Fortune? $70 in small quantities. 6 V. power adapter with RS232 cable programming kit is US $3 and programming software is US $99
  A paging terminal with a voice mail system
  Wordsenders $135 (brand new, in boxes)
  Alphamate 250s $245

I am now representing the following companies. Please check out their web sites and let me know if you find anything interesting.

The Wireless Watchman Wireless Telemetry with GPS localization.

Commtech Wireless Synthesized Alpha and Numeric pagers, Paging Infrastructure, Paging Software, SMS Software, plus many other Carrier and Onsite Paging Products.

WaveWare Technologies Pagers, serial port controlled paging encoders, and paging base stations.

VCP International The complete line of Bravo (formerly Motorola) pagers.

MCK Technologies Sales and repair of paging infrastructure equipment.

Telelink Wireless Technologies Paging Terminals and Voice Mail.

Metropage PTY Ltd. Wireless info-from-the-Internet Kiosk.

Ticker Communications Wireless information delivered to LED signs.

DigitPro Communications Pagers and Paging Data Receivers.

Digitel Online The leading wireless service provider in Mexico.

For years, in my Wheel of Fortune presentation, I have been promoting the use of paging channels to send news, weather and sports to LED signs. One company has become the leader in this field. Their name is Ticker Communications and they are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba -- Canada. They are the experts in this exciting business concept. We would like to set up strategic alliances in each country where we could transmit News and Sports to signs. If you are interested in participating in this, please check out their site on the web and then get in touch with me. <--- click here to visit Ticker Communications

These are a great bunch of guys at Ticker and I think they are going to be quite successful with their "news and sports over wireless" operation. They are already forming alliances to broadcast the scores of this summer's world soccer cup in South Korea and Japan. Now is the time to start setting up this circuit so it will be ready in time for the games.

Do you have a requirement for asset tracking, fleet management, or other wireless telemetry services? Currently shipping products using one of the ReFLEX two-way paging systems are available. This is one of the most promising technologies that I have seen in my lifetime and it is available now. Please contact me with your ideas and we can discuss them.

Best regards and have a great weekend,

Brad Dye

Wireless Data Consultant
Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: 214-219-9112
Cell phone: 972-523-8258

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