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February 27, 2002

Dear Friends,

After seven years of being non-commercial, this is the first commercial-product-promotional message from Brad Dye at The Paging Information Resource. I now have access to several different types of pagers, both new and reconditioned. I will be sending special offers for some of these pagers in my next message. For now, please let me know about your pager requirements. If you would like for me to send you a price quotation, just send me the following information. The price of pagers has dropped considerably in the last year.

2. Frequency of operation?
3. Quantity required?
4. Alphanumeric or numeric display?
5. Any special requirements such as size, color, front or top display?

As always, if you would like to be removed from this mailing list, just let me know and I will take your name off immediately. I certainly don't want to offend anyone. On the other hand, if you know someone who might enjoy receiving information about paging and other wireless products, send me their e-mail address and I will add them to my list.


A regular part of my newsletters will be a "WANT TO BUY" and a "WANT TO SELL" section. If you would like for me to list something for you, just send me your price and description. I will also be adding this to a page on my web site.

I have found a great source of reconditioned paging infrastructure equipment. They have Motorola Nucleus II paging transmitters, Glenayre T8500 transmitters with C2000 controllers, and GL3000 paging terminals. They are also "the King of Unipage," with over 500 Unipage cards in stock. (Motorola purchased Unipage and renamed the paging terminal, the M-15, M-45, etc.) If you need to expand your paging system or fill in some dead spots in your coverage area, just let me know. Expert repair of all types of paging infrastructure is also available.

I have a customer that wants to buy two or three RL453 UHF link receivers (458.950 MHz). Does anyone have them for sale?

A company in Brazil has 20 Motorola Nucleus II 900 MHz high power paging transmitters ($6499 each), a Motorola Unipage paging terminal ($3399), and an ASC 1500. Also Motorola ADVISOR Elite FLEX ($89) and Motorola JAZZ FLEX ($59) pagers. Let me know if you are interested in any of this equipment.

I am now representing the following companies. Please check out their web sites and let me know if you find anything interesting.

The Wireless Watchman
Wireless Telemetry

WaveWare Technologies
Pagers and lots of other cool paging products

MCK Technologies
Reconditioned paging infrastructure

Telelink Wireless Technologies
Paging Terminals


Best regards,

Brad Dye
All about Paging and Wireless Messaging since 1995.

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