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FRIDAY - AUGUST 30, 2002 - ISSUE NO. 29

Dear Friends and Industry Colleagues,

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“ ...Paging and messaging industry could see new two-way paging devices as soon as early next year through a new deal among carriers Arch Wireless Inc. and WebLink Wireless Inc. and device maker PerComm Inc.

Since Motorola Inc., which was the sole manufacturer of two-way paging devices, announced it would exit the paging and messaging business, the industry has been scrambling to find an alternate source of devices. PerComm and others have announced intentions to build two-way devices.”

Read the whole story in RCR Wireless News, and on the WebLink Wireless site.

“Under the plan, WebLink will start afresh from its bankruptcy with $40 million in debt. Interest on $20 million will be payable in cash, and interest on the other $20 million will be payable in kind by issuance of additional notes, the company says. The company will give $17.8 million in notes and 2.4 million shares of stock in the new company to WebLink's secured creditors. The remaining $2.2 million of notes, plus 297,000 new company shares and warrants to buy another 12 million shares, will be given to the carrier's unsecured creditors.”

Read the whole story in Wireless Week News.

daviscomms logo

I am very pleased to report that I can now offer 1-way FLEX™ Telemetry products for sale in my territory that are manufactured by Daviscomms (S) Pte. Ltd, headquartered in Singapore. This company has made a name for itself in a very short period of time and was the chosen manufacturer for the Motorola branded reintroduction of the BRAVO 500 Numeric pager which Motorola was set to release just before it decided to exit the entire paging market earlier this year.

The principals of this company are former Motorola Managers and engineers that know very well the advantages of providing a quality rich and reliable product line, that can be offered at very competitive prices. Most of their models carry the coveted UL Approval.

My territory is Latin America and the Caribbean, which if memory serves me right, includes about 47 markets, and is basically “The Americas” minus the USA and Canada. Although I will be able to sell their complete line of wireless devices, in the Latin American and Caribbean markets, I think the two products that my readers will be most interested in will be new ones that will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

One is a synthesized 4-line alphanumeric display pager. This text-messaging receiver will be available with FLEX™ coding in VHF and 900 MHz, and with POCSAG coding in VHF, UHF, and 900 MHz. The other product is one many of you have been waiting for: the replacement for the CreataLink™ one-way FLEX™ telemetry device. They call it the Telemetry Messaging Receiver (TMR) and you can review the specifications on their web site. left arrow CLICK HERE

So, this will be an exciting time with these new products. The big surprise will be the aggressive low pricing. Speaking of pricing, I don't have to remind the “old timers” in paging about the total cost of ownership. They can tell us all stories about trying to save money by buying “cheap” pagers and then suffering the consequences while trying to keep them working. Daviscomms is a company that meets or exceeds Motorola's very strict standards of quality and reliability. Stay tuned here for more information on this exciting line of pagers and 1-way FLEX™ telemetry devices.

If you can't wait, check out their web site at: left arrow CLICK HERE left arrow AND HERE

Well, that's it for this week.



Best regards,

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Brad Dye
Wireless Data Consultant
3523 McKinney Ave. # 536
Dallas, TX 75204-1474 USA

Telephone: 972-523-8258

FLEX, ReFLEX, and InFLEXion are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc.
CreataLink is a trademark of SmartSynch Communications Corp.

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