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Friday, May 3, 2002

Dear Friends and wireless professionals,

I have some interesting news for you this week, but first my regular disclaimer:

This is my weekly newsletter about Wireless Data and Radio Paging. You are receiving this message because you have either communicated with me in the past about a wireless topic, or your address was included in another e-mail that I received. This is not a SPAM. If you have received this message in error, and you are not interested in these topics, please click here, then click on "send" and you will be promptly removed from the mailing list.

Several readers have sent in the e-mail addresses of friends and business associates that want to receive this newsletter—thank you. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Wireless News

Congratulations to SmartSynch Communications Corp.. Following is a press release announcing that the Los Angeles
Department of Water and Power has won an award for productivity improvement by using the SmartMeter System.

Installation of SmartMeter SystemSM from SmartSynchTM expected to generate $16 million in savings per year.

Jackson, MS (April 18, 2002)—The City of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission honored Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) with a 2002 Productivity Improvement Award for its installation of the SmartMeter System from SmartSynch, a leading provider of smart metering solutions to the energy and utility industry. Collectively, the 21 award winners in 2002 are generating more than $33 million in efficiencies, cost savings and new revenue development for the city of Los Angeles, with almost half of that coming from LADWP's installation of the SmartMeter System, which is expected to generate $16 million in savings per year.

The Productivity Improvement Awards "recognize best-in-class, cost-effective delivery of services to the neighborhoods and communities of Los Angeles. According to Mayor Jim Hahn, the award winners "demonstrate that [Los Angeles] can and does provide cost-effective and responsive services to [its] citizens." According to the city, LADWP deserved the award because the SmartMeter System from SmartSynch helps "manage energy consumption on a real-time basis, especially in energy-scarce times," which will result in tremendous cost savings per year.

Combining SmartMetersTM, Transaction Management System (TMS) software, an advanced communication network and the Internet, the SmartMeter System manages the real time, two-way delivery of critical usage, power quality and reliability, and pricing information between electricity generators, transmission organizations, utilities, retail energy service providers, and the customer. It is the only system that provides the necessary architecture for real-time energy management solutions, such as real time pricing, voluntary load curtailment and verification.

LADWP is deploying the SmartMeter System to more than 3, 400 commercial and industrial customers—which include manufacturing facilities, large retail outlets and office buildings that consume more than 40 percent of the LADWP electricity load—to help reduce electricity demand by up to 240 megawatts. In addition, LADWP expects the new SmartMeter System to reduce electricity bills by 15 percent and free up enough energy to power 240,000 homes.

"As the Western States struggle with forecast increased energy demand, LADWP is implementing aggressive energy management programs with our customers," said Randy Howard, LADWP's Manager of Commercial Services. "The SmartMeter System from SmartSynch puts real-time power consumption knowledge in the hands of L.A. businesses. This award proves that we have provided a solution that gives commercial business the knowledge to conserve or shift energy use when power demand is high to low-peak, cost-effective time consumption time frames."

Added Mark Rodgers, CEO of SmartSynch: "SmartSynch really enjoyed partnering with LADWP on this project. It has been very rewarding to see the impact that LADWP is having on the city's energy consumption."

SmartSynch, an energy technology company based in Jackson, MS, is the leading provider of smart metering solutions to the energy and utility industry. Its core product, the SmartMeter System, enables energy and utility companies to communicate with commercial and industrial electricity meters using wireless communications and the Internet. The SmartMeter System manages the delivery of critical information to any application system, workstation, computer, or browser enabled personal communications device. For more information, visit

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power serves more than 3.8 million people in Los Angeles and was established almost 100 years ago to provide water and electric needs to the city's businesses and residents. For more information about the LADWP's energy efficiency programs, call 1 800 Green LA, or log on to

Thanks to Scott Davis for the copy. He is the new VP at SmartSynch and former Motorola guru of the CreataLink wireless telemetry product line.

"In a press release Thursday, Motorola said the court ordered Digital Wireless, which does business as Paging America, to pay $100,000 in damages for counterfeiting and $100,000 for violations.

Motorola sued Paging America in May 2001, alleging the company sent e-mails to consumers offering free Motorola pagers that were neither free nor made by the company." Read the rest of it in Yahoo. Thanks to my good friend Roberto Reyes in Mexico City for sending me the article.

"Metrocall, the second-largest paging services company in the country [USA]—which lost more than $600 million last year—has delayed its plans to file for bankruptcy protection." From the Washington Business Journal.

Copies of my previous wireless newsletters are located at:


Following is, what I believe to be, a terrific opportunity. Maybe a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here is a complete, operating, paging company priced for immediate sale. It is located in Middlebury, Vermont. They have over 4,600 paying customers and are offering everything for $195,000.00. This price is only good for the next two weeks. The buyer does not have to assume any of the corporation's debts.

This proposal is for the immediate sale of all DATAPAGE, INC.’s assets, Customers, and FCC Licenses—including but not limited to:

I have not personally verified that any of this information about DATAPAGE is true. If you are interested in buying this company, please get in touch with me immediately and we will do our "due diligence." Caveat emptor. I have talked to the owner on the telephone and he seems like a nice guy. He is strongly motivated for a quick sale. I also just talked to the engineer (he is an old friend of mine) that installed all the equipment and he said that technically, it is a very good system.

If anyone wants to buy this company as an investment, I might be willing to go there and manage it for them. Call me. I have six pages of information about DATAPAGE that I can send to you right away.

If I may be of assistance as a consultant—to help out on a project—and maybe get it done faster, please read this and then get in contact with me.

Until next week


Best regards to all, and have a great weekend,

Brad Dye

Wireless Data Consultant
Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: 214-219-9112
Cell phone: 972-523-8258

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