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Dear Friends and Industry Colleagues,

I just found out yesterday that a colleague and former manager of mine was not receiving this newsletter. I was embarrassed at this oversight and immediately added him to the database. I am now wondering how I can increase newsletter subscriptions? There must be a lot of people that I have overlooked. There is no cost involved, and there are no membership restrictions, so if you know of anyone who would be interested in these topics and might like to receive this newsletter, please let me know. The easiest way to get the word out is to just click on your e-mail forward button and send some of your friends and co-workers a copy. Anyone receiving a copy and wanting to subscribe can just click here and then click on “send.” I will immediately add them to the database.
This is my weekly newsletter about Wireless Data and Radio Paging. You are receiving this message because you have either communicated with me in the past about a wireless topic, or your address was included in another e-mail that I received on the same subject. This is not a SPAM. If you have received this message in error, or you are not interested in these topics, please click here, then click on “send” and you will be promptly removed from the mailing list. My apologies.
You may be assured that I do not share my mailing list with anyone! Each copy of the newsletter is sent out as an individual e-mail directly to each subscriber—so no one will see who the other recipients are. No cc:'s or bcc:'s: are used. I send the newsletter out on most Friday mornings. I have a good commercial e-mail program that I use called IntelliMerge. It works just like merging a letter with an address list in a word processor. I compose the HTML content of the newsletter in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

Text messaging volume rises in Canada

Dec. 05, 2002 1:06 PM EST
OTTAWA, Canada—The volume of text messaging in Canada has increased 98 percent since April—when the nation’s wireless carriers set up interoperable text messaging services—increasing the number of text messages sent in Canada to 20 million last month.

Source: RCR Wireless News

The Paging Technical Committee (PTC) of the American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC) is seeking input from paging operators regarding technical issues of general concern to the paging industry. If you have a technical topic you believe has general interest to the paging community please contact Stephen Oshinsky at: E-MAIL ADDRESS REMOVED to have it included in the upcoming PTC meeting. The next meeting will be held in Tampa, Florida at the Crowne Plaza hotel on January 22. These meetings are generally attended by lead technical personnel of paging operators in the US.

We would like to invite you to attend and participate. Members of AAPC are automatically included as voting members of PTC. For AAPC information see:

I was browsing the web looking for news and came across the following very interesting information. Percomm has a ReFLEX telemetry device now. I am not sure how recent this is. It adds another major player to the ReFLEX OEM module market. (The other two players are SmartSynch and Advantra.) Not bad for an industry that is supposed to be dead! I am joking of course. You all know how much I like and support telemetry and wireless data.

percomm reflex module

Source: Percomm web site

When I first started promoting “non-traditional” paging through The Wheel of Fortune—several years ago—we all thought these special applications, like telemetry, were interesting but just incremental business opportunities. I think you will all understand what I mean when I say, “it looks like the tail will be wagging the dog”—in paging from now on. I talked to a friend who has done extensive testing of this Percomm device and he said that it is the best radio that he has ever tested. This advanced DSP digital radio design is really hot!

If you would like to read my two Wheel of Fortune presentations, here are links to them:

PerComm and Solectron Sign Manufacturing Agreement

WOBURN, Mass. and MILPITAS, Calif., Dec. 3—PerComm Inc. and Solectron Corporation (NYSE: SLR) today announced they have signed a manufacturing agreement.

Under the agreement, Solectron, a leading provider of electronics manufacturing and supply-chain management services, will provide new product introduction (NPI), printed circuit board assembly and complete product assembly for the OmniData™ two-way telemetry data modem and follow-on products for PerComm. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Source: PerComm Press Release

A Previous Press Release on the Percomm site:

“Arch Wireless and WebLink Wireless Sign Agreement with PerComm to Develop Wireless Messaging Devices for ReFLEX® Networks.”

Click here for the complete press release.

percomm reflex logo
The ReFLEX® 2.7 reference design & chipset allows manufacturers the fastest and most cost effective way to implement ReFLEX advanced messaging in their products. The core of the chipset is the Motorola ReFLEX protocol, the next generation of 2-way messaging increasing coverage and reliability. The reference design & chipset can be easily integrated into existing or new designs to create any range of products from 2-way messaging subscriber to telemetry devices. We provide a complete solution for the ReFLEX 2.7 protocol decoder through to transmitter and receiver which can be integrated directly into your product quickly and easily to give you faster time to market for your product.

For more information about embedding our ReFLEX 2.7 Reference Design & Chipset into your product call Bill Bailey at 888-737-2666 x12 or by email at

Source: Percomm web site

There is a lot of excitement here in the Norfolk, Virginia area as the deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman battle group with 8,000 sailors and marines took place yesterday. I suspect a lot of people don't even realize we are at war here in the USA. There is so much about terrorism on the news that it is becoming commonplace to us—we are getting used to it. Even the shock of the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center being attacked is beginning to wear off.

The experts and high government officials are saying that it is not a question of "will there be more attacks?" rather it is a question of "when will they happen?" Several of them think that the next attacks may be chemical, biological, or even nuclear. In fact we have already had several anthrax attacks—we just don't know who was responsible.

I listened to part of an interesting discussion on one of the major television broadcast networks yesterday about a national terrorist alert system that could send alerts to a person's pager or cell phone. I thought I would include a report on this in today's newsletter but after a brief search of the internet I found that there is just too much information out there to cover the topic in a quick report. So, I have decided to spend a little more time doing some research and make Terrorism Alerts the topic of next week's newsletter.

If you would like to contribute anything to the preparation of this article, please send me your ideas and/or information as soon as possible. Let's be thinking about:

  • Severe Weather Watches;
  • Warnings from the National Weather Service;
  • Warnings from the National Hurricane Center;
  • Civil Emergency Messages;
  • FBI Advisories;
  • Nuclear Hazards;
  • Terrorist Threats;
  • Biological Attacks;
  • National Attack Warnings;
  • Evacuation Instructions.

left arrow

These alerts could be displayed on LED signs in public places, as well as on cell phones and pagers.

We are the people that know how to implement a service like this and it could save many lives.

As of Friday, Dec 06, 2002 30 states have Amber Alerts, 20 to go. Please take action now to help rescue kidnapped children by making sure the Amber Alert emergency response system is in place across the country. When a child is kidnapped by a predator, police use the Amber Alert system to alert the public via radio, TV, and the Internet.

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And don't forget about the rescue of kidnapped children by making use the Amber Alert emergency response system.

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Phil Leavitt has some ReFLEX25 pagers, T900s and 2000Xs. All are in beautiful condition. Please get in contact with him directly.

Leavitt Communications
600 Knightsbridge Pkwy
P.O. Box 579
Lincolnshire, IL 60069-0579 USA
Voice: 847-955-0511
Fax: 847-955-2422
Nationwide pager: 888-561-3292
SkyTel 2-way, use

right arrow Legacy Technology Solutions LLC—paging infrastructure repair with warranty. Please ask for Virgil Jarrard, President, and tell him Brad sent you. Toll-free voice: 1-877-436-8044 or voice: 972-436-8044, fax: 972-436-8944. They are located in the Dallas suburbs.
If you have any wireless equipment that you would like to buy or sell, please let me know. Everything that is offered for sale in this newsletter is on the honor system. There is no charge for the listing, but if a sale is made, I ask the seller to send me a 10% commission, much the same as the voluntary payments that are requested on the Internet for shareware.
I work as a consultant on wireless projects. If you have a requirement for my services, related to paging technology, telemetry, or wireless messaging, please send me an e-mail with a description of your needs.

I would appreciate your help in forwarding this newsletter to other people who might be interested. Thanks very much...



Best regards,

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Brad Dye
Wireless Data Consultant

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