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March 15 , 2002

Hello Everyone,

This is my weekly newsletter about paging and paging products. People have been saying that paging was dead or dying for over 15 years now, but paging continues to offer a cost effective way to communicate very efficiently with people on the move. It's not dead yet! You are receiving this message because you have either communicated with me via e-mail about a wireless topic or your e-mail address was included in an e-mail that I received. This is not a SPAM and I don't want to offend anyone. As usual, anyone wanting to be removed from this e-mail list should reply with "REMOVE" in the subject line.

The big news this week was that SmartSynch announced that they have purchased the rights to the CreataLink 2XT from Motorola. Jai Bhagat is Chairman of the Board, he is also the founder, Chairman and CEO of AIR2LAN, a provider of Broadband Wireless Internet Access Service. He served as Vice Chairman and CEO of SkyTel Communications prior to its merger with MCI WorldCom. This should be good news to the many companies developing applications based on the CreataLink two-way telemetry device. You can read the complete press release on their web site. Still no news on the fate of the CreataLink one-way product. I think I just sold the last of the units that were in stock. There may be a few left on the shelves of some dealers, but not many. I am working with a company that is developing a replacement for the CreataLink one-way. If fact, my last group e-mail asked for your help in estimating the potential market for a device of this type. I got a good response. If you haven't sent yours in, please do.

The other big news was that Multitone will manufacture Motorola's FLEX and POCSAG protocol-based devices, including the Advisor™ Elite and Advisor Gold word pagers, and ReFLEX protocol-based devices including the Talkabout™ T900 and Timeport™ P935 personal communicators.

Multitone, headquartered in Basingstoke, UK, is a leader in Integrated Wireless Networking (IWN) with expertise ranging from cordless telephony and wireless messaging to complete wireless communications systems. Founded in 1931, the company shipped its first paging system in 1955. It now employs over 280 people in the UK and Malaysia and is part of Champion Technology, an international telecommunications group base in Hong Kong.

This is more good news to the 2-Way paging carriers who are still waiting for one of several companies to ship a working 2-Way pager in ReFLEX 2.7. There is a lot going on behind the scenes right now in the world of paging -- new alliances are being made and old ones are being broken. I am afraid that there is also a lot of naiveté in our industry when potential manufacturers of ReFLEX devices say that they can design a new 2-Way pager and have it ready in a couple of months. Even more scary, is when some of the carriers believe them. So it is good that the industry will be able to count on the continued availability of the T900 and the P935 which are both mature products. [The Multitone/Motorola deal never happened.]

The other big alliance for Motorola pagers is not really current news, but if you haven't heard, VCP International got the distribution rights to the Motorola Bravo line of numeric pagers through Daviscomms in Singapore. Daviscomms is the same company that built the pagers for Motorola as a private-label product. Some of the new pagers even say "Motorola" on the screen when you turn them on because it is programmed into the firmware.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out my web page showing the companies that I am now working with:

Best regards to all,

Brad Dye
Wireless Data Consultant
Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: 214-219-9112
Cell phone: 972-523-8258
Web page:

The following message was sent out about one hour after the one above.

Hello again:

I just received the following from a friend after I sent out my newsletter today (thanks).

Quote: We received this note from Motorola Legal last Friday, FYI...

On Thursday 2/28/02 a Reuters article was released ( that inaccurately depicted the status of the discussions between Motorola's Wireless Messaging Division and Multitone. I would like to reconfirm that while Motorola and Multitone are discussing Multitone's acquisition of specific product lines that agreements have not been completed. The products being discussed include the P935, T900, and Advisor Gold and Advisor Elite. End quote.

Best regards to all,

Brad Dye
Wireless Data Consultant
Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: 214-219-9112
Cell phone: 972-523-8258
Web page:

And now for the commercial
This week's offering is the eTouch FLEX Alphanumeric Pager. It is very similar in size and weight to the Motorola JAZZ pager. Following are the specifications -- I hope you find this interesting.

The eTouch 3-line alphanumeric pagers come in a variety of colors. They feature compact size, user-friendly controls, and the most advanced electronic and wireless technologies. In addition they are lightweight, and also provide many enhanced features to help you organize your personal life. Features such as the power on startup message screen, the user-selectable message display scroll modes, the phone book to store your personal telephone numbers, the 40 built-in canned messages, the built-in alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, the reminder alert to remind you of any unread messages, the pager’s auto on/off time to save on battery consumption, the message lock/unlock to save your important messages, etc., all contribute to the goal of making your life easier.

Product Features:

Product Specifications:

RF Characteristics:

1. Pager colors and specifications are subject to change without notice.
2. FLEX is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc.
* Battery life depends on the pager system loading.
** Auto time alignment feature depends on the air time service provider’s system setup.


1 to 49 units
50 to 100 units
101 to 250 units
251 to 500 units
501 to 1,000 units
1,001 to 2,000 units
2,001 to 3,000 units
3,001 to 5,000 units
5,001 units and up

Available Colors:

PC Software & Cradle: $100.00 each.
Shipping: specify carrier
Payment terms:
1. C.O.D. Certified Check, or
2. Credit Cards (MasterCard or VISA ), or
3. Wire Transfer in advance, or
4. Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight.
5. All prices are in U.S. Dollars

1. All prices are good for thirty (30) days from today.
2. Actual shipping charges will be added to all orders.
3. One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.
4. The pager's colors and specifications are subject to change without notice.

eTouch pager image

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