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Dear Friends and Industry Colleagues,

People have been asking me, "What's going on at Metrocall Wireless after they acquired WebLink?" This week I have a report for you on the new consolidated company. Metrocall has made some very interesting information available to the public and it looks good. There is a definite trend towards stabilization in their subscriber base. This probably applies to the rest of the US paging industry as well.

Several readers have been asking for a report on the number of pagers in service in the USA and until now all we could do was guess. So not only do we now find out about the status of Metrocall, we also find out about the status of the US Paging Industry. The following current US paging market statistics were extracted from one of their pie charts.

CarrierShare of
Units In

(in millions*)
(and WebLink)
All Others:8%0.96
Total Market: 100%12.0

* Numbers are rounded and approximate.

Metrocall's numbers show 45 million UIS (units in service) in 1999 and 12 million today. As far as I know, this is the first reliable paging market report that has been made public in quite a while. More clips from Metrocall's Investor Presentation follow below. Other views and comments are welcome.

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There is no charge for subscription and there are no membership restrictions. Readers are a very select group of wireless industry professionals, and include the senior managers of many of the world's major paging and wireless data companies. There is an even mix of operations managers, marketing people, and engineers, so I try to include items of interest to all three groups. It's all about staying up-to-date with business trends and technology.

I regularly get reader's comments, so this newsletter has become a community forum for the paging, and wireless data communities. You are welcome to contribute your ideas and opinions. Unless otherwise requested, all correspondence addressed to me is subject to publication in the newsletter and on my website.

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CARRIERS: Our industry must move forward together or perish individually.

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There seems to be a continuing interest in text mesaging—accross all platforms—one-way and two-way paging, all manner of cell phones, wireless PDAs, BlackBerry, Danger, Good, etc. Remember the old saying: "A rising tide lifts all boats." Check out Motorola's Press Release about their new Text Input Solution for Mobile Handsets.

I am planning a short market survey about FLEX (or POCSAG) data receivers in next week's newsletter. I am very interested in what features are required and the annual quantities that might be needed. If you have any ideas or opinions, please send them on to me now. A certain company would introduce a new product if there is enough interest.

By the way, I have a long list of paging channels that are available. They are in the Pueblo (CO), Austin, and DFW areas. They are mostly VHF and UHF but there are some 900 MHz available. Let me know if you are interested.


Metrocall Investor Presentation Highlights

Dated: December 3, 2003


Paging Units in Service 1999

paging units in service 1999

Paging Units in Service 2003

paging units in service 2003

The Consolidated Company
metrocall org chart

metrocall logo + weblink logo

Long Time Strategic Partners Combining To Create Industry Leader & Consolidator

combined resources


Core Business Customer Segments

core business pie chart

Many more details about their company are available in the Metrocall Investor Presentation:

  • Financial (recurring revenue retention and operating expense reductions)
  • Under headcount: "Further efficiencies anticipated"
  • Sales and Marketing strategies (customer base has stabilized)
  • Business Focus—Core Business (very strong sales team)
  • Customer Service (some companies miss this point)
  • 3Q-03 Pro Forma (expected to come out strong)

Thanks to Metrocall for making this information available to the public on their web site. It should be very helpful to anyone involved in the paging business.

Source: Metrocall Wireless Investor Presentation

Metrocall Background

Advanced Communications Inc., the predecessor to Metrocall was founded by the late Harry Brock, WA4IST in 1965 to fix two-way radios in taxis and police cars and has added other wireless technologies through the years. The company co-founded the nation's first cellular telephone company not affiliated with local service providers, Cellular One. They went public in 1993 and have acquired various other paging companies including:

  • FirstPage U.S.A.
  • All City Paging
  • ProNet
  • A+ Network
  • Page America
  • Message Network
  • AT&T Wireless Services Advanced Messaging Division
  • Satellite Paging
  • Parkway Paging
  • NationPage
  • WebLink

[Note: this list probably isn't complete but it's the best I could do. Suggestions anyone?]

Their former chief operating officer Steven "Jake" Jacoby, was killed in American Airlines flight 77, a Boeing 757 en route from Dulles Airport near Washington to Los Angeles. The plane was carrying 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots. It crashed into the Pentagon about 9:45 a.m. ET on 9/11/01.

Metrocall filed for bankruptcy protection in 2002 and quickly reorganized and exited a few months later.


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Legacy Technology Zetron Inc.

Motorola Introduces Two New Pagers Ideal for Health Care, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Utilities Markets

Motorola's newest one-way pagers—the Advisor II pager and the LS355 pager—are ideal for users in demanding business environments who need a convenient and cost effective way to stay in touch.

Both the Advisor II pager and the LS355 pager were developed for use in hospitals and medical facilities, manufacturing environments, utilities, hospitality applications, campus settings, and for businesses that own and operate their own paging systems.

advisor 2 pager

The Advisor II pager's alphanumeric four-line display and expanded functionality incorporate many of the most advanced paging features available. A major advantage of the Advisor II pager is that it is synthesized which enables the user to program the pager to a specific frequency in the field. Other features of the Advisor II pager include:

  • Displays up to four lines of text and 80 characters per line
  • Zooms in on two lines for larger view
  • Optimax® EL Electra Light for optimum readability
  • 52 message slots for storing multiple pages
  • Two notebook areas, including a personal notebook and a mail drop notebook
ls355 pager

The LS355 numeric pager enables users to receive a "call-back" number that can be returned at the user's convenience. This pager has a one-button design for ease of use. Features of the new LS355 pager include:

  • 16 message slots for storing multiple pages
  • Six individual addresses to allow the user to receive individual or group pages
  • 4 icons including Message Preview, Unread Message Indication, Alert Mode, and Out of Range Indication
  • Saves messages when off or when the battery is being changed and offers the time and date when on standby
  • RS232 programmable to allow for programming changes in the field
Both the Advisor II pager and the LS355 pager are available in POCSAG, UHF or VHF models and ship with a one-year standard warranty. As part of the continued support of these pagers, Motorola offers a two-year Express Service Plus program. This feature provides hardware repair coverage for two years beyond the standard one-year warranty for a total of three years of pager repair coverage. Both pagers are available through Motorola Authorized Resellers.

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2003.

Paging System Technician

Immediate opening for technician responsible for maintenance and expansion of paging systems throughout Northern California. Applicant should have experience with Glenayre and Motorola Paging Transmitters. Experience with related equipment including paging switching terminals and telephone interconnection, Excel and light Word processing is a plus. Position is based in San Rafael, California and Cook Paging offers a competitive salary and a full benefits package.

Please send your resume to: or left arrow

Or fax it to: Cook Paging, Engineering Dept. at: 415-456-5566. If you tried to submit an application previously by e-mail, the address was incorrect. Please try again. The addresses above are now correct.

swissphone excellence

quattrino pager

two tone pager

  • Reliable operation
  • Flexible programming
  • Weather resistant

A fast and reliable alarming system is an indisputable prerequisite for emergency fire and rescue services to respond successfully and efficiently. State-of-the-art paging enables groups as well as individuals to be alerted.

The Quattrino Voice and Memo two tone pagers are suitable for everyone, even for those working in an emergency during severe weather conditions. Continual further development of previous popular models has resulted in a practical, reliable and user-friendly device, innovatively housed with ergonomic operating controls. Design elements include a very long standby function and weather proofing to the European IP54 specifications.

I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for Swissphone. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK

advanced rf logo

Advanced RF Communications offers a complete line of products and services to support your new or existing paging system. Our technical services utilize the latest technologies and techniques to implement in high-speed digital data messaging or tone/voice paging for local or wide area simulcast paging systems.


  • TGA Prism & SparkGap paging terminals
  • Zetron products
  • Hunetec ReFLEX pagers
  • Vytek transmitters
  • Reconditioned Glenayre & Motorola products

Technical Services

  • RF simulcast coverage studies
  • Coverage verification & optimization
  • Product integration & system installation
  • System upgrades to FLEX/ReFLEX
  • System maintenance & operation

Our integration and installation services take all the "boxes" and deliver fully operational one or two-way paging system. We can also "tune-up" that existing paging system with our diagnostic and troubleshooting services to restore System performance that has deteriorated over time.

Advanced RF Communications, Inc.
301 Oak Street—Suite 2-46A
Quincy, IL 62301 USA
For further information please contact:
Fred Pakosta or Jim Neves
Telephone/Fax: 217-221-9500
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Please mention that you saw them in Brad's Newsletter.


Authentium's COMMAND Antivirus™

COMMAND Antivirus™ is used by leading education institutions, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for one simple reason - it works. Based on the proven F-Prot engine and developed continuously over a period of more than ten years, COMMAND Antivirus™ deploys more easily, detects more viruses (and potential viruses), handles more file extensions, and returns fewer false positives than competing antivirus products.

Authentium's new representative for Mexico:

Enrique Llaca
Llacom, SA de CV
Mexico City
Telephone: 011 52 55 53734241

Enrique Llaca left arrow CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

dx radio systems

DX Radio Systems, Inc. manufactures high quality, high specification type communications products. The following is a list of products that DX Radio Systems, Inc. manufactures or supplies as a single supplied product and can be included as part of a turnkey system:

  • Repeaters
  • Repeater Systems
  • Paging Transmitters
  • Paging Systems
  • LTR & MPT1327 Trunking Systems
  • MPT1327 Trunking Repeaters
  • SmarTrunk II Trunking Repeaters
  • Complete Trunking Systems
  • Airport Ground to Air Base Radios
  • Airport Ground to Air Systems
  • Rural Radiotelephone Link Systems
  • Antenna Systems
  • Combining Systems
  • Complete Turnkey Systems
  • Engineering & Installation of All Systems

Performance that is tough to find anywhere at a price you can afford.

DX Radio Systems, Inc.
10941 Pendleton Street
Sun Valley, California 91352-1522 USA
Telephone: 818-252-6700
Fax: 818-252-6711
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Motorola Nucleus II Paging Transmitters with SkyData Satellite Receivers

I have 80 of these used paging stations for sale. The have "matched pair" exciter/station control modules which means they can do 4-level FLEX and ReFLEX (a call to Motorola's support line confirmed this). They operate on 900 MHz with 300 watts RF output. I have photos and more details here.

Please contact me by e-mail for any additional information. left arrow CLICK HERE

Or better yet, call me on the telephone at: . The seller is motivated and willing to negotiate. This is a great opportunity for someone to obtain this equipment.

aapc logo

AAPC’s Mission Statement Defines Purpose

  • Identifying issues of common concern to its members
  • Providing an effective forum for the discussion and progression of issues relating to the industry
  • Monitoring and addressing regulatory and legal matters as a unified organization
  • Providing research into and development of our industry and its current and prospective markets
  • Providing education and resources to address the challenges and trends affecting our operating environments
  • Encouraging and maintaining high standards of ethics and services
  • Championing the industry and representing paging carriers with a positive voice

Our industry must move forward together or perish individually. If you want to get involved, please click here. Come and join us!

Their "newsroom" is a great source of information.

They also host the Paging Technical Committee site. There is a lot of good paging-industry information here.

join aapc

Click on the logo above to find out about joining.

zetron logo

Sophisticated And Affordable
Paging Terminals

zetron 2000 terminal

The Zetron 2000 Series Paging Terminals are designed for the paging operator needing a flexible, modular approach to system operation, with the capacity to expand to a region-wide or national network. The terminals are incrementally expandable in both capacity and options.

The 2000 Series can act as the hub of an integrated communications system and are suitable for the larger private paging system. The terminals are incrementally expandable in both capacity and options, so a system can start small and grow as required.

The terminals are available with advanced features such as PageSaver voice messaging. They connect with a wide range of PBX or PSTN equipment and can be integrated with security systems, monitoring and control systems, nurse call, product control, building management systems etc.

Zetron, Inc.
P.O. Box 97004
Redmond, WA 98073-9704 USA
Tel: 425-820-6363
Fax: 425-820-7031
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isc logo

ISC Technologies is the industry leader in the pre-owned Paging equipment marketplace. We specialize in purchasing, reconditioning, reconfiguring and sales of quality paging infrastructure. We can customize and configure equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. All equipment carries a standard warranty to insure your trouble free operation.

At ISC Technologies we service what we sell and more. Our factory-trained technicians repair most Quintron, Glenayre, Motorola, and Skydata equipment. All of our repairs are done on a Time and Material basis, saving you money over flat rate repair. From vacuum tubes to surface mount equipment, we are ready to handle your repair needs quickly and cost effectively.

Glenayre’s only licensed repair facility!

isc glenayre logo

Chris Kephart
left arrow CLICK
Ken Knapp
left arrow CLICK

Web: left arrow CLICK

hark logo

Wireless Communication Solutions

The Hark ISI-400LX is a hardware device that encapsulates serial data into TCP/IP for transmission over the Internet. It can also be configured to convert incoming TAP messages from the serial port and send them over the Internet to paging providers in email (SMTP) or Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) format. The ISI-400LX with the optional external modem can connect to a secondary dial-up ISP when a failure on the ethernet port is detected.


This device is the perfect companion for the Hark Gateway products. An ISI can be located at a remote location for receiving TAP, TNPP, or Billing traffic using a local ISP eliminating long distance phone charges.

isi image

Hark Systems, Inc.
2675 Lake Park Drive
N. Charleston, SC 29406
Tel: +1 800-367-4275 or 843-764-1560 ext. 8104
Fax: +1 843-764-3692
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Glenayre Paging Equipment For Sale
Any Reasonable Offer Accepted

Hello Mr. Dye,

Please find attached pictures of the equipment I'm selling. The system consists of 3 units and some spare parts.

One GL3900TAS with 4 quad DOD cards. (fully operational when taken out of service). 3 monitors & Keyboards.

Two GL3000ES with 1 DID card each and dual hard drives and the additional cards that can be seen in the pictures.

The system came with spare parts, documentation, software (and updates). Voice mail is turned on, and the system has both TNPP and Agency software.

The equipment is currently located in Lima, Ohio and can be inspected at any time. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Mohamed Dahi left arrow CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL
Telephone: 567-204-1800


The following note is from Alan Angus, chair of the Yahoo! Discussion Group: "PTC-PWG-NextGen" whose charter is:

General Discussion of Next Generation Narrowband PCS protocols, including air interface, network backbone, peer-to-peer stacks, interworking with other networks, and so on.

The group has been inactive since the decision to move the Wi-Fi/SIP efforts over to the PWG. Before that, the items on our agenda were roughly,

1. 802.11 & ReFLEX
2. 802.15 & ReFLEX
3. Alternative RF for ReFLEX
3b. OFDM
4. Alternatives to TCP/IP for ReFLEX
4a. Association-oriented UAR
5. Support for more efficient 1way protocols in Alan Carle's group

Taking #1 off the list still leaves a reasonably interesting set of items. I believe that the FCC has backed down from the initiative that made item #5 important. Perhaps some work in the area of telemetry or SCADA could be slotted into its place.

With this, I am polling for the level of interest or priorities that might be assigned to each of these. The 802.15 (ZigBee) efforts would lead to applications of short-haul data perhaps to some ReFLEX telemetry drop. New RF technology for ReFLEX would possibly be useful in campus settings first, where CDMA or OFDM could provide building penetration at much reduced power in NPCS spectrum. And since TCP/IP is the language the world speaks, finding ways to map the FLEXsuite stack more gracefully into that form may improve the ease of developing applications for OS devices. A telemetry effort may be more useful over in the WCTP group, but perhaps there are some useful discussions that could start here.

Comments anyone?

-Allan allan angus mail

profit plus logo

ProfitPlus by Netflow—the software that streamlines pager billing and system maintenance. ProfitPlus interfaces to your Zetron terminals allowing easy changes to pager settings and billable services.

Zetron Interface: Multiple Zetron Series 2000 terminals supported. Default pager settings. Terminal/phone number association. Future activation/deactivation dates. Easy group maintenance.

Automatic Billing Records: Point of Sale transaction automatically enters pager airtime into monthly billing cycle. Contract pricing. Recurring and one-time billing capabilities.

Tracking: Agent commissions. Phone number inventory/analysis. Product inventory transfer from stockroom to sales locations to customer. Capcode usage reports. Duplicate capcode detection.

  • Automatic Past Due
  • Prompts and Disconnects!
  • Customer Alerts!
  • Over 70 reports!

netflow logo

Contact Netflow, Inc at: 800-236-5861
or e-mail:
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Visit us on the web:
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preferred logo

(8)Motorola PURC 5000, VHF, 350 & 125W, ACB & Tone
(18) Motorola Nucleus, 350W, VHF, Advanced Control
(2)Glenayre QT5994, 45W, 900 Mhz Link TX, Hot Standby
(3)Glenayre QT4201, 25W Midband Link TX.
(15)Glenayre RL70XC, Midband Link RX.
(14)Glenayre GLT5340, 125W UHF TX.
(45)Motorola PURC 5000, UHF, 110W, ACB
(10)Glenayre GLT85/8600, 250/500W, 900 MHz w/C2000
(5) Micor PURC UHF, 250W Complete – (Make Offer)
  • GL3000 Cards - LCC, UOE, Memory, CPU’s, QVSB’s, T1’s, DID’s, SIO, Drives, Many more.
  • TOWERS (NEW) Self supporting, Guyed, Monopoles, with all the hardware.
  • Antenna Line Hanging kits, and misc. hardware.

Rick McMichael
888-429-4171 left arrow

Mark Dawson
972-467-8188 left arrow

TGA Technologies, Inc.

tga logoPRISM PMG 4500e

Radio Paging
Control Terminal

pmg 4500e image

Supports both current and future radio paging network needs. Offers both analog (2-tone, 5/6-tone, Quick-Call I and II) formats with voice and digital (Golay, POCSAG and FLEX™) paging formats. Can be tailored to meet special operating requirements of your organization.

Features redundant AC and DC power supplies, plug-in hard disk drives, standard MS Windows 2000 operating system, voice prompts, caller password screening, direct connection to your dispatch console and more. You can use common time source for logging. Supports PURC transmitter control or can be connected to existing transmitter control system.

Redundancy option with geographic separation is available to provide additional protection for critical message control points. Let us discuss your specific needs.

Other PMG models are available with more features and capacities. Also inquire about TGA’s Special Network Application Platform (SNAP)* featuring e-mail messaging inbound and outbound with Web Site Hosting, and don't forget:

sparkgap logoTWO-WAY PAGING

TGA Technologies, Inc.
100 Pinnacle Way
Suite 140
Norcross, Georgia 30071 USA
Tel: +1 770-441-2100
Fax: +1 770-449-7740
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* TGA SNAP is a trademark of TGA Technologies, Inc.

selective logo

Developers and Manufacturers of Paging and Mobile Data Equipment

Selective is a developer and manufacturer of intelligent paging receiver/decoders and mobile data equipment. The PDT2000 Paging Data Terminal is a large display pager designed for desktop or in-vehicle mounting and it, along with our range of other Paging Data Receivers provide a significant message processing capability. The PDT and PDR range have multiple uses and capabilities including:

  • FLEX or POCSAG decoding
  • TNPP input & output
  • TAP input & output
  • POCSAG output (encoder)
  • Parallel printer output
  • Serial inputs & outputs (up to 2)
  • Relay outputs (1-256 or more)
  • PC interfacing
  • Interception
  • Remote control
  • Cross band repeating
  • Paging infill
  • LED Sign Control
  • Remote Printing etc.

selective products

Our mobile data equipment includes a range of Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) which may be interfaced to a variety of wireless networks including trunked and conventional radio, paging, GPRS & CDMA cellular, Mobitex etc. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and GPS solutions, Dispatch & Messaging software. Local area paging systems, paging interception and message reprocessing software, field force automation and mobile dispatch solutions. We export worldwide.

Selective Communications Group Ltd.
PO Box 8798
Symonds St.
Auckland, New Zealand
3/2 Haultain St.
Eden Tce
Auckland, New Zealand
Web site:
E-mail: left arrow CLICK
left arrow CLICK

I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for Selective. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK

salcom logo

SALCOM designs and manufactures a range of VHF and UHF FM radio transmitters and receivers to integrate with systems data equipment as well as for voice operation. The design philosophy has always been to be low cost and yet meet the most demanding compliance requirements. Salcom's synthesized UHF and VHF transmitters, receivers and transceivers are utilized in many areas of the telecommunications industry, often in conjunction with Salcom signalling products. To realize additional market segments for the RF products, specialized OEM products have been developed utilizing the standard core technology. Most of these products are utilized in third party telecommunications and telemetry systems.

Salcom manufactures an extensive range of POCSAG paging products suited to a wide range of system applications such as remote switching, automatic machine monitoring, security and fire alarm systems and nurse calling systems.

A transceiver has been developed to meet the demand for a low cost, simple to use, fully immersible, floatable emergency radio. It provides a means of communication from aircraft to personnel in distress where they can not be reached and no alternative communication method exists.

120 St Asaph Street
Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 3792298 • Fax: +64 3 3651580

I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for SALCOM. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK

A Call For Help With Paging History

A late comer claims to have invented Wireless E-mail in 1991. We all know that the paging community was doing this in the mid to late 80s and I need your help to prove this.

I am looking for the following:

  • Early Motorola NewsStream pager—any band
  • HP NewsStream software card for the HP95—with 1st edition manual
  • Any copies of articles on the announcement of the HP95 and the NewsStream or any printed articles describing reception of e-mail on the NewsStream/HP95
  • NewsStream RSS software and cradle for same—unless Motorola still sells same?
  • Copies of Motorola Paging Price pages from 1989-91
  • NEC Printer/RS-232 interface for the NEC D4 Alpha
  • HP95 LX with 1st edition manuals
  • ZETRON DAPT 1000 encoder with TAP dial-up port capable of Golay and POCSAG Alpha—must have been manufactured before 1991
  • Operational Motorola Moden Plus encoder with dual-port interface option and documentation
  • Old Motorola bag phone (pre 1991) with Telular, CellJack or equiv RJ-11 Interface

Please look in your storeroom or your basement and see if you have any of these items. It would be very helpful if you could assist me in showing that wireless e-mail was being used before 1991.

Best regards,

Paul Cassel VE3SY
Cassel & Associates
1083 Notre Dame Drive
Petersburg, ON
N0B 2H0

Telephone: 519-634-5139

paul ve3sy

Advertise Here price reduced graphic

Your company's logo and product promotion can appear right here for 6 months. It only costs $400 for 26 issues—that's $15.38 an issue.

Details about the advertising plans can be read here. left arrow CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Your ad can go here.

Arch Wireless, PerComm Announce Network Certification, Commercial Availability of e80™ Two-Way Messaging Device

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. and WOBURN, Mass., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Arch Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq: AWIN; BSE: AWL) and PerComm, Inc. today announced that Arch has completed network certification of PerComm's ReFLEX™-based e80™ two-way messaging device, clearing the way for commercial introduction of the new mobile messaging unit by yearend.

Arch is the first wireless messaging carrier to certify the e80, ensuring that the device meets all specifications required for use on Arch's nationwide ReFLEX network including compatibility with the network's recent software upgrade to ReFLEX version 2.7 which provides faster data transmission. PerComm began testing the e80 on Arch's ReFLEX network in March 2003.

"We are delighted to announce certification of PerComm's e80 and look forward to introducing the device to our nationwide customer base over the next few months," said C. Edward Baker, Jr., Arch's chairman and chief executive officer. "The e80 expands considerably upon the first generation of ReFLEX devices, providing numerous enhancements for wireless data messaging including built-in email management functionality, a serial port for data backup, expanded memory capabilities and a longer-life rechargeable battery. We are excited about the new product and applaud PerComm's efforts to successfully meet our network requirements."

"PerComm is very pleased that Arch Wireless has unconditionally certified the e80," said Edmond K. Fung, president and chief executive officer of PerComm. "We believe this certification marks an important juncture in the evolution of two-way mobile messaging in the United States, solidifying the relationship between carrier and manufacturer, and signifies our commitment to the ReFLEX wireless messaging industry. We expect other ReFLEX carriers will complete their certifications in the near future."

The e80 allows users to send and receive full text messages and emails in a unit not much larger than a one-way pager. The device also provides a tablet-style display screen, unlike the flip-up screens in previous ReFLEX devices. Other features included a full QWERTY keyboard and joystick, multiple control keys for easy typing and navigation, an address book that stores 200 entries and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. In addition, the unit's ReFLEX version 2.7 compatible operating system provides faster background scanning and network re-registration, enabling faster delivery of messages as users move from location to location.

PerComm licensed Motorola's ReFLEX protocol, the standard protocol for wireless messaging, in 2002. ReFLEX technology produces greater in-building penetration of radio signals than broadband PCS or simulcast technology because it provides for higher power transmission. Other user benefits include high message transmission reliability, ability to send a single message to multiple recipients and interoperability with the Internet.

About PerComm
PerComm Inc., a leading manufacturer of ReFLEX advanced messaging devices and FLEX and POCSAG 1-way devices, is a privately held Massachusetts company. In addition to the wireless messaging devices, PerComm also develops the OmniData(TM) telemetry module, the GPS network assist location and asset tracking device, and licenses the ReFLEX Reference Design & Chipset. For more information about PerComm and its products, please visit us on the Internet at

About Arch Wireless
Arch Wireless, Inc., headquartered in Westborough, Mass., is a leading wireless messaging and mobile information company with operations throughout the United States. It offers a full range of wireless messaging and wireless email services, including mobile data solutions for the enterprise, to business and retail customers nationwide. Arch provides wireless services to customers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and in the Caribbean principally through a nationwide direct sales force, as well as through indirect resellers, retailers and other strategic partners. Additional information on Arch is available on the Internet at

Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: Statements contained herein which are not historical fact, such as statements regarding the anticipated benefits from Arch's certification of PerComm's e80 wireless messaging device, the anticipated benefits of the new PerComm devices, the timetable for commercially deploying and introducing the PerComm devices, and the anticipated benefits of Arch's ReFLEX 2.7-enabled network, are forward- looking statements for purposes of the safe harbor provisions under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause Arch's actual results to be materially different from the future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expectations include, but are not limited to, the successful deployment and market acceptance of PerComm's e-80 ReFLEX 2.7-compatible devices and the capabilities of Arch's upgraded ReFLEX 2.7 network, as well as other risks described from time to time in Arch's periodic reports and registration statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Although Arch believes the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurance that its expectations will be attained. Arch disclaims any intent or obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

Contacts: For Arch Wireless: Bob Lougee (508) 870-6771 or (508) 435-6117 For PerComm: Steve Daigneault (781) 860-7700

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Controversy over Chinese WLAN standard deepens

TAIPEI (12/10/2003) - Licensing requirements at the heart of a Chinese standard for wireless LANs (WLANs) threaten to disrupt the ability of networking equipment vendors to do business in China, according to a U.S. technology trade group.

The requirement deepens a controversy over the recently implemented Chinese WLAN standard that could undermine efforts to create a global standard for wireless networks.

The Chinese WLAN standard, called GB15629.11-2003, is very similar to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.'s (IEEE's) 802.11 standard, commonly known as Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi, but it uses a different security protocol, called WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure (WAPI).

The Chinese standard for WLANs was approved by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) in May and came into effect on Dec. 1, although a transition period has been granted that extends the compliance deadline for some WLAN products until June 1, 2004.

Equipment vendors that want to sell WLAN gear in China are required to offer products based on the Chinese standard.

To conform to this standard, foreign equipment vendors must license WAPI through a manufacturing agreement with one of 11 Chinese companies designated by the Chinese government, including Legend Group Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., according to Anne Stevenson-Yang, managing director of the U.S. Information Technology Office (USITO) in Beijing.

The Chinese companies — many of which compete against foreign equipment vendors — are not under any obligation to license WAPI to foreign companies, who could find themselves locked out of China's WLAN market if they cannot reach an agreement with a local partner, Stevenson-Yang said.

"It's very threatening to foreign vendors," she said.

In addition to market access, the licensing move raises other issues. Chinese companies that license WAPI may demand detailed access to foreign companies' products and technologies, raising concerns about the protection of intellectual property rights, Stevenson-Yang said.

A Legend spokeswoman in Hong Kong declined to comment, saying the company had not been informed of the issue.

Seen as a whole, the implementation of the Chinese WLAN standard and the licensing requirements have fundamentally changed a market that had previously been open to foreign equipment vendors by creating a new barrier to trade, Stevenson-Yang said.

"Now it appears that the market is not open," she said, noting that USITO continues to discuss the standards issue with Chinese authorities.

Concerns related to WAPI have also been raised by IEEE, which is worried that the implementation of the Chinese WLAN standard will undermine standardization efforts and split the global market for wireless networking products in two: one based on the Chinese standard and one based on 802.11.

"We are concerned that mandatory use of the standard would prohibit the use of 802.11 standard products and thereby limit choice and increase costs to users," wrote Paul Nikovich, chairman of the IEEE 802 Local and Metropolitan Area Network Standards Committee, in a Nov. 23 letter to SAC Chairman Li Zhonghai and Wang Xudong, China's minister of information industry.

While Nikovich and IEEE have signalled a willingness to engage Chinese authorities on the question of WLAN standards, Stevenson-Yang questioned how much room is left for negotiation.

"We already have a published national standard and the standard has already gone into effect," she said. "Where's the flexibility?"

As talks between USITO and Chinese authorities continue, Stevenson-Yang hopes a way can be found to resolve the impasse over WLAN standards without resorting to a trade war over access to China's WLAN market.

"We're looking for ways we can remain in this market without creating a trade battle because nobody wins when that happens," she said.

Source: Published 12/10/2003 10:26:53 AM GMT by IDG News Service, Taipei Bureau

motorola logoMotorola Introduces New and Innovative iTAP™ Version 6.0 Text Input Solution for Mobile Handsets

Lexicus Division of Motorola to Expand Predictive Text Input Solutions for Mobile Handset Messaging Applications.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., — 10 December 2003 — The Lexicus Division of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), a leading provider of text input software solutions, today announced the availability of iTAP™ 6.0 Intelligent Text Entry System.

iTAP 6.0 is a new text input method for mobile handsets that adapts to a user's pattern of communications to reliably predict and suggest entire sentences based on past usage. The iTAP 6.0 system becomes more accurate over time and makes composing entire sentences and paragraphs, intuitive, easy, and personalized.

The iTAP system requires only one key touch to select a letter, and also proposes the next word you intend to add to your message or note. By using past text input and the context of where this text was entered, iTAP 6.0 software goes far beyond simply remembering unique words, slang and abbreviations and suggests entire sentences.

"Our aim with iTAP 6.0 is to make text messaging from a mobile device keypad simple and efficient so these devices are used as much for business communication as for casual communications," said Neal Campbell, general manager of the Lexicus Division of Motorola. "The iTAP 6.0 input method makes it much easier to construct full concise sentences. This novel approach to inputting text was well received by all categories of users, including youth as well as business professionals in limited trials in Europe and North America."

iTAP 6.0 software is designed to be embedded in small handheld devices that require rich text input capabilities but may lack a full-sized keyboard. While the iTAP solution has typically been focused on solving the fundamental problem of entering text on mobile phone handsets, its size and system requirements make it ideal for nearly any text input application on a small handheld device.

The iTAP 6.0 system has been designed and tested to run on a variety of common embedded system platforms for ARM™, M*Core, and x86-based products. It supports over thirty European and Asian languages.

The software is available to be licensed from the Lexicus Division of Motorola. This text input solution enables mobile communication device manufacturers to add a powerful, intuitive, and adaptive text entry system to their device without a costly redesign of their current hardware. The iTAP 6.0 technology is expected to ship early next year in various Motorola mobile handsets.

About Motorola
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is a global leader in wireless, automotive and broadband communications. Sales in 2002 were $27.3 billion. Motorola is a global corporate citizen dedicated to ethical business practices and pioneering important innovations that make things smarter and life better, honored traditions that began when the company was founded 75 years ago this year. For more information, please visit

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Media Contacts:
Sharen Santoski
Motorola, Inc.

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Wireless Automation & Telemetry

Check out the following four categories of two-way wireless data communications. We have the ability to customize solutions to meet your (or your customer's) needs.

Data Communications Level 1 A basic ReFLEX transceiver, sending and receiving serial RS-232 ASCII data.
Telemetry (Alarm and Control) Level 2 An enhanced ReFLEX transceiver, monitoring alarms from a remote site, and sending commands to the remote site.
Asset or Fleet Tracking Level 3 An enhanced ReFLEX transceiver, with the addition of a GPS module for the reporting of accurate locations to enable tracking.
Field Force Automation Level 4 An enhanced ReFLEX transceiver, with the addition of a GPS module and a handheld computer terminal for full automation of field service activities all the way from the customer's location back to the service company's back office.
AMTEL Wireless can generally turn a specification into a prototype in two to four weeks. If you have an interesting application in mind, please give me a call so we can talk.

Check out their web site. I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for AMTEL Wireless. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK

Radio Paging Transmitters

vytel logo


Specifications & Features User's Manual


I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for Vytek. To request pricing and delivery information for the PTX-150, please click here. left arrow UHF and 900 MHz models now available as well.

Check out their paging products here. left arrow

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outrnet custom apps If you see someone in the field (like salespeople, technicians, and delivery people) using paper forms, their company could probably save a pile of money, and get much better timeliness, accuracy and efficiency, by using converting to Outr.Net's Wireless Forms. Custom applications for as little as $995, delivered in just a few days.

Outr.Net has a web page on Wireless Forms for Timeports at: left arrow

Their latest newsletter is: "Business Development in Mobile Data" left arrow

Please call me so we can discuss your need or your idea. Or contact me by e-mail for additional information. left arrow CLICK

Legacy Technology Solutions LLC

Telephone:  972-436-8044
Fax:  972-436-8944
Toll free telephone:  877-436-8044

Paging infrastructure repair with warranty. Please ask for Virgil Jarrard, President, and tell him Brad Dye sent you. They are located in the Dallas suburbs, and they occasionally have some good deals on reconditioned paging equipment as well. Check with them for current product availability. You can send Virgil an e-mail by clicking here.


U.N. panel to study U.S. management of the Internet

Dec. 10, 2003 12:41 PM EST

WASHINGTON—The Bush administration sidestepped a confrontation with poor nations at the World Summit on Information Society in Geneva after officials from around the world agreed to ask U.N. Secretary General Kofi Anan to create a blue-ribbon panel to study and report back by 2005 on whether U.S. management of the Internet should end.

"We're pleased with the outcome," said John Finn, a State Department spokesman. Finn said the administration is gratified as well that two key documents—the plan of action and declaration of principles—were agreed to prior to tomorrow's opening of the WSIS.

The conference, which concludes Friday and is to be followed by a second summit two years from now in Tunisia, will focus on how to bridge the digital divide between rich and poor countries and how information technology can improve education, healthcare, commerce, agriculture, environmental protection and democratic governance. Delegates also will examine how to better protect and promote human rights and press freedom.

Wireless technology is increasingly viewed by developing countries as a cost-effective solution for swiftly bringing the benefits of information technology to people.

In various countries, especially developing nations, criticism is growing louder about how the Internet—developed by the Department of Defense—is governed. Much of the ire is directed at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit group in California.

Source: RCR Wireless News

Wireless Messaging Software

InfoRad® Wireless Office (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP) is designed for the professional who needs full-featured wireless messaging capabilities. Features include enhanced user interface, message log with search function, scheduled paging, group and individual message addresses, TAPI Smart™, multiple protocol SMS communication compatibility. AlphaCare™ support services available. With a 32-bit architecture, InfoRad Wireless Office is designed for compatibility with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. For more information on InfoRad Wireless Messaging software, and a free demo, please click on the logo.

InfoRad logo left arrow CLICK

Sea Air & Land Communications Ltd.

Designers and Manufacturers of Communications Systems

salcom logo Following below is a comprehensive list of SALCOM product brochures. You can click on a product description and download a "pdf" brochure. Give it a try and then send me an e-mail or call me for additional information or pricing.

SALCOM Product Brochures
TR160 FM Transceiver 160 MHz Band
Synthesized VHF FM Transmitter and Receiver
Synthesized UHF FM Transmitter and Receiver
Search and Rescue Communicator
Universal Paging Telephone Interface
Synthesized UHF FM Transceiver
Personal POCSAG Paging Transmitter
POCSAG Paging Repeater
Multicall Paging Transmitter ("NurseCall")
25 Watt VHF Power Amplifier
Paging Message Receiver
1200/2400 Baud Radio Data Modem
VHF-UHF 4 Watt POCSAG Paging Transmitters
Personal or Wall Mounting POCSAG Transmitters
Salcom CTCSS Products
Eight Relay Output POCSAG Receiver
VHF-UHF 4 Watt NRZ Data Transmitters
Marine Band FM Search and Rescue Communicator
Relay Output POCSAG Receiver
Personal or Wall Mount POCSAG Transmitters
1200 Baud Full Duplex Radio Data Modem
25 Watt UHF Power Amplifier
Eight Relay Output UHF POCSAG Receiver
1 or 2 Relay Output UHF POCSAG Receiver
Serial Cable POCSAG Encoder
Synthesized Numeric Pocket Pager
VHF & UHF Synthesized Alphanumeric Pager

You can check out their web site here. left arrow CLICK

I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for SALCOM. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK

Numeric Display Pagers

primo plus pager

Brand NEW Numeric Display Pagers. "Primo Plus" is the model. The color is black (not the color in picture). Pagers are VHF and are programmable.
65 pagers at $20.00 each (or best offer).

Kevin Moss
Contact Communications
2026 Williston Road
So. Burlington, VT 05403
phone: 802-860-0000
fax: 802-860-5037
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Paging Professional seeks position

I have a friend from Venezuela named Elio Soto. He now lives in Florida and is looking for a job. Elio received his engineering degree at the prestigious engineering school of the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. He has had extensive experience in paging and I hope someone reading this will offer him a job. You can download his resumé here. left arrow CLICK

It is best to contact him by e-mail.

Elio Soto left arrow


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