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FRIDAY - MAY 28, 2004 - ISSUE NO. 115

Dear friends of Wireless Messaging and Paging,

I received several responses about the extra info that I sent out last Friday describing Verizon Paging. I guess people really do read this newsletter. This week I would like to feature SkyTel and one of their new products.

I have long been a strong supporter of SkyTel and even more so these last two years that I have been working on my own. I have found that when I needed a quotation for a client, or other information, SkyTel was always the first to get back to me with the most professional response. Here is something I said about them in a newsletter last year:

SkyTel is an excellent company, is well managed, and I hear they even make a profit, although they are not reported separately in the MCI WorldCom financial reports.

After this note was published, I remember receiving several new subscribers from SkyTel. In this week's newsletter, I have included some information about FleetHawkSM — a powerful fleet location, tracking and management system.

Fellow Paging Carriers:
As a member of the Paging Technical Committee, several of us have been involved with the creation of a new Paging Carrier Directory, similar to the one produced years ago by Telocator. Several companies and vendors have expressed an interest to have such a list. It also serves AAPC's initiatives to represent to regulators that a cohesive paging industry still exists. Our goal is to have on-line availability with search criteria, as well as a printed version. Participants will receive free copies.

First, we ask you to complete the questionnaire (it should only take 10 minutes or so) and then e-mail the results to, You can download a copy of the questionnaire here.

Secondly, we are still seeking others willing to help locate carriers and distribute the questionnaire to them. Interested parties should contact Alan as well. Thanks in advance for your help! I'm sure the results will be beneficial to the whole paging industry.

Source: The 1-Way Paging Issues subcommittee of the PTC

Preferred Wireless has a special promotion this week on spare GL3000 cards. Please see their advertisement that follows.

Now on to more news and views.

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I regularly get reader's comments, so this newsletter has become a community forum for the paging, and wireless data communities. You are welcome to contribute your ideas and opinions. Unless otherwise requested, all correspondence addressed to me is subject to publication in the newsletter and on my website.

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Introducing SkyTel FleetHawkSM

skytel fleethawk signFleetHawk is a powerful fleet location, tracking and management system. Complete and easy to use, FleetHawk collects information from your vehicles and delivers it to your desktop via the Internet. 

FleetHawk gives you all the information you need for more control, security and sound decision-making. It's the critical information about your fleets, vehicles and deliverables that you've always wished you could have, available online, day or night. 

FleetHawk combines GPS technology with SkyTel's highly reliable wireless network and the power of the Internet to deliver the information you need. And FleetHawk is the first tracking application developed, sold, and supported by one company: SkyTel. That means one bill and one number to call for service.

You think you know where your fleet is. Not knowing can really cost you. 

What if you could . . .

  • View the whereabouts of your entire fleet from your desktop?
  • Get immediate notification when a vehicle in your fleet enters a restricted location or exceeds safe speed limits?
  • Know the closest vehicle to the next job site?
  • Access yesterday's detailed route history for every vehicle in your fleet?

For more information, please contact the FleetHawk sales team at 1-866-644-HAWK.

AT&T Wireless, Fox's 'American Idol’ Set World Records in Text Messaging

For the second year in a row, AT&T Wireless has recorded an unprecedented volume of text messages sent during the Fox TV network’s "American Idol" finale, and created the single largest text-messaging event by a single carrier worldwide. The company's involvement with "American Idol" over the past two seasons has re-written the script for how television sponsorships can be delivered in North America.

In total, 13.5 million "American Idol"-related text messages were sent by AT&T Wireless customers throughout the season, including fan mail, games, sweepstake entries, trivia, song dedications, and votes. This represents an 80 percent increase over last season's showing of 7.5 million text messages. Since "American Idol" was consistently ranked as one of the highest rated shows on television, AT&T Wireless believes that this year's sponsorship solidified the use of text messaging in television programming and further educated U.S. consumers about text messaging.

“Our sponsorship of ‘American Idol’ is the seminal event that got mainstream America text messaging,” observed Andre Dahan, president of AT&T Wireless Mobile Multimedia Services. "Over the past year, more and more television shows have incorporated an element of text messaging into their programming—and the entertainment industry isn't alone in its desire to capitalize on this growing trend. Our success with ‘American Idol’ underscores our goal of making ‘texting’ as common as talking on wireless phones."


Monroe County [Ohio] board OKs new paging system

Fire chiefs support decision, are now 'satisfied'

MONROE—After weeks of discussion and acrimonious debate, the Monroe County commissioners last night unanimously approved a new VHF paging system design as part of an overall emergency communication system upgrade. "I'm tickled. I'm ready to roll," said Commissioner N. Randy Ansel, chairman of the commission's physical resources committee. The county is spending $8.9 million to install its new system, $6 million of which was awarded in a homeland security grant.

The county retained Motorola Corp. to install the system. County fire chiefs, upset they were not included in the discussion and concerned about the paging system they rely on heavily, asked the commission to make good on its promise to hire a consultant to oversee the project. The commission declined to do so, further raising the ire of the fire chiefs. Several of the chiefs were present at a Motorola presentation last week, when project officials detailed their plan to install four radio towers in the county that Mr. Ansel said will cover 95 percent of the county.

Luna Pier Fire Chief Jerry Welton, who attended the presentation, said he feels better about the system now that it's been explained. "As long as it goes along as planned, the fire chiefs are very well satisfied," he said. Tonight, Chief Welton will present the VHF plan and a new 800 MHz system design that already had his approval to the county fire chiefs. "We're going to lay the whole thing out," he said.

Another critic, Bedford Fire Chief John Bofia said the relationship between the chiefs and the commission has improved. "[They] have had a difficult task. One of the things they didn't do was include us. But the communications channels are open now. What I see now is a good communications system for the county," he said. Mr. Ansel conceded his committee made a mistake. "They should have been included," he said. The system is expected to be completed in September.


American Association of Paging Carriers

From: Stephan Suker
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2004 12:35 PM
To: AAPC Board of Directors
Subject: Board Nominations

AAPC board members:

I was appointed by Ted to chair the AAPC nominating committee. In addition to myself, the committee was comprised of Al Lauttamus and Barry Kanne. Our task was to develop nominations for three board positions, two carrier positions and one vendor position. I am pleased to report that the committee met to develop the slate of nominees and will place into nomination for the two carrier seats the names of Bill Eisele, Indiana Paging and Scott Forsythe, SelectPath at our meeting in Myrtle Beach.

The vendor seat up for election is held by Barry Kanne who has decided to relinquish his seat and provide an opportunity for others to serve in that capacity. The committee very much regrets Barry's decision to stand down and hope that we can persuade him to continue serving the association in other ways. As his replacement the committee is pleased to report that it will place in nomination the name of Vic Jensen of Unication.

In addition, the nominating committee will recommend to the board the following slate of nominees for officer positions for 2004-05: Ted McNaught (president); Bruce Deer (vice president/president-elect) and Tim Jones (Treasurer). Bruce indicated a willingness to serve as president if he was given the opportunity to serve a year as president-elect. The nominating committee believes this is a good idea to allow for a transition of leadership from Ted to Bruce in a way the allows Bruce to gradually become familiar with the job of president.

All nominees have been contacted by the nominating committee and are willing to serve in the position to which they have been nominated.

Stephan J. Suker
General Manager
Central Vermont Communications
13 US Route 4
Rutland, VT 05701


sca banner

An excellent opportunity for wireless carriers big and small, suppliers, and network providers in the competitive wireless industry to network and learn from one another at the newest resort in Myrtle Beach!

Join us for SCA's Wireless Forum 2004, June 2-4, at the NEW MARRIOTT RESORT AND GRANDE DUNES. The resort has more amenities than any other destination in the Carolinas. Activities include:

  • Championship Golf
  • Tennis
  • Fitness Center
  • Tropical Beachfront Pool with Waterslide
  • European Spa with Indoor Pool

. . . or the simple but priceless pleasure of sitting on a pristine beach and soaking up the South Carolina sun. Combine these first-class accommodations and excellent conference facilities with the premier wireless and paging conference on the East Coast and make your plans now to attend.

Register online at:

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available. Contact Linda Hoover Conference Manager: or call 910-452-0006. There are still a few spaces available in the annual golf tournament on Friday, June 4 at 12:30 p.m. at Arrowhead Country Club. If you are interested in participating and have not already registered, please call Linda Hoover. DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE TO EXPAND YOUR OPPORTUNITIES IN THE WIRELESS MESSAGING WORLD!


Wednesday, June 2
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.Welcome Back Reception
Exhibit Hall
Thursday, June 3
8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Opening Remarks
John Bimrose, SCA President
9:00 a.m. - 9:50 a.m.Growing Revenues/Identifying Opportunities
  • One-way Paging Telemetry Applications
    Myron Anduri, President, Nighthawk Systems.
  • Non-line of Sight Wireless Broadband
    Charles Brown, Executive Vice President, WaveRider Communications, Inc.
  • Notify—Group Messaging on Any Device, Any System.
    Jon Word, President, Contact New Mexico
10:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.Affordable Two-Way Paging
James Dabbs III, Vice President and Director of Product Development, TGA Technologies
James leads the ReFLEX product developments at TGA. His team developed the Sparkgap™ line of ReFLEX™ infrastructure to serve the emerging private, 2-way paging market. Topics include spectrum coordination (parts 90, 22, and 24), pagers, network equipment, over-the-air encryption, roaming, RXP, and related technical and business issues. The presentation will focus on the application of ReFLEX to private networks in the public safety, energy, healthcare, and military sectors, including a broad comparison of ReFLEX to other technologies. Both service providers and end users will find this presentation useful. The presentation will conclude with an open discussion.
11:00 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.The Magic of Social Engineering
Jack Wiles, Security Professional, The Training Company.

Jack is a security professional with over 30 years of experience in security-related fields. This includes computer security, cyber-crime prevention, disaster recovery, and physical security. He is a professional speaker and has trained federal agents, corporate attorneys, and internal auditors on a number of computer crime-related topics. He is a pioneer in presenting on a number of subjects which are now being labeled “Homeland Security” topics. Well over 10,000 people have attended one or more of his presentations since 1988.

12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.Lunch sponsored by Hark Systems
Exhibit Hall
1:30 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.Paging—Back to the Traditionals.
  • Acquiring and Maintaining HealthCare Accounts
    Perri-Ann McNaught, Vice President and COO, Northeast and UCOM Paging
  • Serving Public Safety
    George Riddle, Vice President of Sales, ProPage
  • Hospital Criteria
    Bonnie Moore, Telecom Analyst, West Virginia University Hospitals
  • Zetron
    Brad Musser, Southeastern Sales
  • Prism Systems International
    Jim Nelson, President
2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.Alerts and Warnings to First Responders, National Warning System, EMNet and Paging Integration
Roland Lussier, President, Comlabs
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.AAPC Membership Meeting
4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.AAPC Board Meeting
5:45 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.Cocktail Reception
Friday, June 4
8:30 a.m. - 9:20 a.m.
FCC Update
Ken Hardman, Esq., Counsel to AAPC
Mountain Communications and Its Aftermath
David Balsick, Owner, Mountain Communications
9:30 a.m. - 10:20 a.m.The Final Merger of Paging (Open Forum)
Moderator: Brad Dye, Wireless Data Consultant
12:30 p.m.Golf Tournament at Arrowhead Country Club
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Hark Systems UBICAR Argentina
ISC Technologies UCOM Paging
InfostreamZetron Inc.
Motorola Inc. 

multitone logo

multitone graphic 1

Multitone Electronics plc, a subsidiary of the Champion Technology Group, is one of the world's leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of wireless communications solutions. Founded in 1931 Multitone is headquartered in Basingstoke, Hampshire in the United Kingdom and has sales and service facilities throughout the world, including North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and the Far East.

With 70 years of experience delivering tailored paging solutions, globally Multitone has scored a number of firsts in its innovative approach to paging: inventors of the world's first wireless paging system, produced the world's first digital paging solution, and developed one of the world's first voice and encrypted pagers.

multitone graphic 2Multitone Electronics plc
6135 Barfield Road
Suite 119
Atlanta, GA 30328 USA
Tel: 404-255-8399
Fax: 770-234-5790

Multitone Electronics develops, suppliers, and supports high performance wireless networks that lives depend on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Featuring PowerPage™ the world's most advanced private paging system, and FuturePhone™ a new wireless telephone system.

advantra logo

Building on its long success story in 1-way paging, Advantra International has become the expert in designing and manufacturing the most advanced and lowest cost ReFLEX™ radio modems for 2-way data-communication. The company also focuses on offering total telemetry solutions.

Advantra thanks its solid reputation to its world-renowned development team, state-of-the-art manufacturing, excellent customer service and its proven track-record.

Sales and Marketing Contacts
Advantra International
Bootweg 4
8940 Wervik, Belgium
Tel: +32 56 239411
Fax: +32 56 239400
Eline Terryn
Management Assistant Marketing & Sales
Sales Representative USA
Wireless Innovations, Inc.
102A West Main Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Tel: +1 717 591 2630
Fax: +1 717 591 1838
Tammy Decker
President & CEO
Lance Decker
Executive Vice President
Sales Representative Canada
Dacosta Page
300 Bloor Street E. Suite 1701
Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3Y2
Tel: +1 416 207 4316
Fax: +1 416 920 8682
Ian Page

(931 MHZ)

Nucleus - Unipage - ASC Controllers - Antennas - Filters - Power Supplies - Connectors - Pagers - etc.


Quintron / Glenayre QT-7795 any vintage parts or chassis Universal exciters and freq. TXC-TCC controllers. UHF link receivers

Angie: 1-800-842-1950

Ext: 6411

Motorola Introduces Two New Pagers Ideal for Health Care, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Utilities Markets

Motorola's newest one-way pagers—the Advisor II pager and the LS355 pager—are ideal for users in demanding business environments who need a convenient and cost effective way to stay in touch.

Both the Advisor II pager and the LS355 pager were developed for use in hospitals and medical facilities, manufacturing environments, utilities, hospitality applications, campus settings, and for businesses that own and operate their own paging systems.

advisor 2 The Advisor II pager's alphanumeric four-line display and expanded functionality incorporate many of the most advanced paging features available. A major advantage of the Advisor II pager is that it is synthesized which enables the user to program the pager to a specific frequency in the field. Other features of the Advisor II pager include:

  • Displays up to four lines of text and 80 characters per line
  • Zooms in on two lines for larger view
  • Optimax® EL Electra Light for optimum readability
  • 52 message slots for storing multiple pages
  • Two notebook areas, including a personal notebook and a mail drop notebook

ls355 The LS355 numeric pager enables users to receive a "call-back" number that can be returned at the user's convenience. This pager has a one-button design for ease of use. Features of the new LS355 pager include:

  • 16 message slots for storing multiple pages
  • Six individual addresses to allow the user to receive individual or group pages
  • 4 icons including Message Preview, Unread Message Indication, Alert Mode, and Out of Range Indication
  • Saves messages when off or when the battery is being changed and offers the time and date when on standby
  • RS232 programmable to allow for programming changes in the field

Both the Advisor II pager and the LS355 pager are available in POCSAG, UHF or VHF models and ship with a one-year standard warranty. As part of the continued support of these pagers, Motorola offers a two-year Express Service Plus program. This feature provides hardware repair coverage for two years beyond the standard one-year warranty for a total of three years of pager repair coverage. Both pagers are available through Motorola Authorized Resellers.

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2003.

Complete Technical Services For The
Communications and Electronics Industries
Design • Installation • Maintenance • Training

Ira Wiesenfeld, P.E.
Consulting Engineer
Registered Professional Engineer

Tel/Fax: 972-960-9336
Cell: 214-707-7711
7711 Scotia Dr.
Dallas, TX 75248-3112


Advertise Hereprice reduced graphic

Your company's logo and product promotion can appear right here for 6 months. It only costs $500 for a full-size ad in 26 issues—that's $19.23 an issue. (6 month minimum run.)

Details about the various advertising plans can be read here. left arrow  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


Authentium's COMMAND Antivirus™
COMMAND Antivirus™ is used by leading education institutions, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for one simple reason—it works. Based on the proven F-Prot engine and developed continuously over a period of more than ten years, COMMAND Antivirus™ deploys more easily, detects more viruses (and potential viruses), handles more file extensions, and returns fewer false positives than competing antivirus products.

Authentium's representative in Mexico:

Enrique Llaca
Llacom, SA de CV
Mexico City
Telephone: 011 52 55 53734241

Enrique Llaca left arrow CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

swissphone excellence
quattrino pager

two tone pager

  • Reliable operation
  • Flexible programming
  • Weather resistant

A fast and reliable alarming system is an indisputable prerequisite for emergency fire and rescue services to respond successfully and efficiently. State-of-the-art paging enables groups as well as individuals to be alerted.

The Quattrino Voice and Memo two tone pagers are suitable for everyone, even for those working in an emergency during severe weather conditions. Continual further development of previous popular models has resulted in a practical, reliable and user-friendly device, innovatively housed with ergonomic operating controls. Design elements include a very long standby function and weather proofing to the European IP54 specifications.

I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for Swissphone. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK

advanced rf logo
Analog & Digital One-Way Paging Systems
ReFLEX Two-Way Paging/Data Messaging Systems
Technical Services support for existing paging systems
call (217) 221-9500 or e-mail
301 Oak St., Suite 2-46A, Quincy, IL 62301


contel poster

Please click on the image above for more information.



900 MHz PageThru™

From Antenna Specialists/Andrew or equivalent model from another company. Please e-mail Brad Dye if you have one for sale. I have a customer who needs one ASAP.

Wireless Telemetry

wireless watchman logo
Data CommunicationsLevel 1A basic ReFLEX transceiver, sending and receiving serial RS-232 ASCII data.
Telemetry Remote Monitoring and ControlLevel 2An enhanced ReFLEX transceiver, monitoring alarms from a remote site, and sending commands to the remote site.
Asset or Fleet TrackingLevel 3An enhanced ReFLEX transceiver, with the addition of a GPS module for the reporting of accurate locations to enable tracking.
Field Force AutomationLevel 4An enhanced ReFLEX transceiver, with the addition of a GPS module and a handheld computer terminal for full automation of field service activities all the way from the customer's location back to the service company's back office.
We can generally turn a specification into a prototype in two to four weeks. If you have an interesting application in mind, please give me a call so we can talk about it. ()

Thank you to all of Brad's readers who provided equipment and leads for my last want list. I continue to search out and recreate early wireless e-mail systems from the 80s and 90s and am looking to acquire the following:

  • CE Software's QuickMail Server from, or prior to 1995 on any OS c/w documentation.
  • MobileVision server plug-in for QuickMail server c/w documentation.
  • Working MOTOROLA MARCO with MobileVision client c/w user guide documentation.
  • Motorola AirMobile software. Both client and server apps.
  • Working NEC D4 or D7 alphas on any band. RS232/Printer interface. Any user manuals or brochures.
  • Early Motorola ADVISOR PrintPals c/w Version 1.0 PC software and documentation for reading the Advisor.
  • Complete IBM KDT based DCS terminals, documentation, user manuals, anything associated with the IBM KDT based DCS system.
  • MOTOROLA PAGER CARD the PCMCIA pager card from Motorola on any frequency. Also looking for any documentation and software for the pager card.

If you have any of the above or a lead on same please contact us.

Cassel & Associates
Phone: 519-634-5139

aapc logo

AAPC’s Mission Statement Defines Purpose

  • Identifying issues of common concern to its members
  • Providing an effective forum for the discussion and progression of issues relating to the industry
  • Monitoring and addressing regulatory and legal matters as a unified organization
  • Providing research into and development of our industry and its current and prospective markets
  • Providing education and resources to address the challenges and trends affecting our operating environments
  • Encouraging and maintaining high standards of ethics and services
  • Championing the industry and representing paging carriers with a positive voice

Our industry must move forward together or we will perish individually. If you want to get involved, please click here. Come and join us! The AAPC "newsroom" is a great source of information. The AAPC also hosts the Paging Technical Committee site. There is a lot of good paging industry information here.

join aapc

Click on the logo above to get a membership application.

Zetron Simulcast System

High-speed simulcast paging with protocols such as POCSAG and FLEX™ requires microsecond accuracy to synchronize the transmission of digital paging signals.

zetron simulcast

Zetron's Simulcast System uses GPS timing information to ensure that the broadcasted transmissions between the nodes of the Simulcast System and associated transmitters are synchronized to very tight tolerances.

This system is ideal for public or private paging system operators that use multiple transmitters and wish to create new paging systems or to build out existing systems into new regions. For more information about Zetron's High Speed Simulcast Paging System, the Model 600 and Model 620, go to: left arrow CLICK HERE

Zetron, Inc.
P.O. Box 97004
Redmond, WA 98073-9704 USA
Tel: 425-820-6363
Fax: 425-820-7031
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Prism Message Gateway Systems
Modular and Configurable

Your Choice of Options

  • Radio Paging Terminals
  • Voicemail Systems
  • Email and Network Text Messaging Systems
  • Digital Trunk Switching Systems
  • Digital Trunk and Voicemail Concentrators
  • Remote Network Encoders
  • TNPP Network Routers

Popular Choice for Domestic and International

  • Commercial Paging Carriers
  • Private Paging Systems
  • Hospitals
  • Public Safety
  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Industrial Paging
  • Energy Companies – Load Management

Logical Choice

  • Replace Outdated, UNLICENSED Paging Terminals
  • Eliminate Outrageously High Support Costs
  • Add New Paging System with ALL THE FEATURES
  • Provide Your Customers With Features They Want
  • Designed and Supported by Industry Experts

Go ahead… be choosy… choose Prism Systems International

Prism Systems International, Inc.
300 Colonial Center Parkway,
Suite 100
Roswell, Georgia 30076 USA
Telephone: 678-353-3366
commtech wireless

It's like a Motorola PeopleFinder™ on Steroids!

More information

Commtech Wireless introduces MAXPage, a desktop paging terminal packed with features.

Alpha, Numeric, Tone, & Voice
MAXPage, from Commtech Wireless, is the ideal replacement for the Motorola PeopleFinder™. With its advanced features, it can be used with Alphanumeric, Numeric, Tone only, Coaster pagers as well as 2-tone voice pagers in countless applications.

Serial Interface
With the inclusion of a serial interface, MAXPage can interface with Comp, TAP, Scope™, Waveware & Tekk systems as well as Commtech's Wireless Callpoints.

Telephone Interface
Anyone can be given easy access to the MAXPage system through its telephone interface. Once the system is connected to a telephone port, anyone can pick up a telephone, dial the MAXPage unit and use the keypad on their phone to send messages to pagers. The telephone can also be used to transmit voice messages to 2-tone voice pagers.

Alarm Inputs
A powerful feature of MAXPage is its onboard alarms. The four, dry contact closure, onboard alarm inputs will automatically dispatch messages to pagers or groups when activated. Alarms not cleared within a configured time frame can activate a repeat message (escalation) to either the same pager/group or to an alternative pager/group.


  • 1000 Pager capacity
  • Selectable 2 or 4 watt transmitter
  • Reminder messages
  • Dual mode function keys - one touch messaging
  • 2-tone voice paging - from on-board mic or telephone
  • 4 alarm inputs
  • Voice prompted telephone paging
  • QWERTY keyboard interface (PS2)
  • Windows® interface for advanced features
  • Serial interface for Comp/TAP/Scope™/Waveware/Tekk
  • Coaster paging management system

*Some of the features listed are optional and are not supplied as standard

For more information, simply fill out the feedback form or contact us on the details below.

Mr. Zane Lewis
Commtech Wireless USA
6900 Philips Highway, Suite #26-27
Jacksonville, FL, 32216
Phone: 904-281-0073
Fax: 904-281-0074

ron mercer global

Download Mr. Mercer's resumé. left arrow CLICK HERE

isc ad 3-29-04

Chris Kephart
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Ken Knapp
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Web: left arrow CLICK

Protect your Internet-enabled paging system!

The Hark SAFe is a hardware firewall with SPAM and virus blocking designed to protect email servers, corporate intranets, and unified messaging systems like the Hark Omega Messaging and IPT products. System includes a Linux based operating system with Web-based configuration (no keyboard and monitor needed!). Price is $995.00 including hardware!

hark safe system

Firewall protects your Internet enabled paging system:

  • Provides a firewall to protect your paging system and internal network.
  • Protect company workstations by giving them internal IP addresses.
  • Can redirect external IP addresses and ports to specific internal computers.

SPAM blocker eliminates un-wanted email:

  • Uses the latest techniques to identify and block SPAM
  • Supports new techniques as they become available

Virus blocker:

  • Prevents emails with viruses from being accepted.
  • Automatically downloads virus signature updates each night.

hark logo

Hark Systems, Inc.
2675 Lake Park Drive
N. Charleston, SC 29406
Tel: +1 800-367-4275
or 843-764-1560 ext. 8104
Fax: +1 843-764-3692
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daviscomms usa

  • ISO 9001 - 2000 certified manufacturing facility.
  • THE High-Quality RF design and Contract Manufacturer of choice.
  • Do you have a product or product component that you would like to have manufactured?
  • Would you like to have us design and manufacture a product just for you?
  • Would you like to know firsthand that your contract manufacturer is one of the leading providers of service with the highest degree of quality in mind?

Daviscomms USA Inc. is your direct connection to Daviscomms (S) Pte Ltd., the leading pager manufacturer in the world with many years experience in Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing of highly-reliable, premium-quality FLEX and POCSAG Alphanumeric and Numeric pagers. Daviscomms offers unparalleled quality, features and functions. We perform our own stringent quality testing as well as certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet all of their standards. All of our paging products meet FCC and IC Standards for use in the USA and Canada.

Our manufacturing facility, located in Malaysia, is a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. Customers, globally, choose Daviscomms for our QUALITY, RELIABILITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY, COMPETITIVE PRICING and our TOTAL COMMITMENT to providing the best value for their needs.

We offer full product support (ODM/OEM) for our worldwide customers, including a complete design center, research facilities, proto-typing, field services, contract manufacturing, commodity sourcing, and distribution.
In addition to both Numeric and Alphanumeric pagers, we have designed, engineered and manufactured 1-way Telemetry devices, paging receivers, 2-way paging (ReFLEX) telemetry devices, DECT phones/devices and PDA accessories.bravo 800 pager
Bravo 800

At Daviscomms, we are proud to provide our customers with end-to-end manufacturing solutions while delivering superior quality and support. Daviscomms is at the forefront of the industry with its commitment to leading-edge technology, cost-effective manufacturing and the highest degree of customer service.

Daviscomms delivers low cost, high volume manufacturing solutions to our customers. We help maximize time-to-market objectives while minimizing procurement, materials management, and manufacturing costs.

For information about our contract manufacturing services or our Bravo-branded line of numeric and alphanumeric pagers, please call Bob Popow, our Director of Operations for the Americas, 480-515-2344. (Scottsdale, Arizona) or visit our website

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Concepts, Inc.

Since 1979

RTS Wireless ADVX System
Support and Enhancements

Programming Concepts, Inc. provides authorized RTS ADVX Wireless Gateway Support & Enhancements. Our RTS lab includes source code control, development tools, and test beds for all deployed RTS systems. Call now to sign-up for our first class support of your aging RTS system. More info ...

PCI ( has been in business for 24 years providing custom application programming for medium to large businesses. PCI's primary business segments include web enabled application development, financial industry systems, telephony (IVR, CTI, and Wireless), Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging System, Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (MS-CRM) Applications, and a wide variety of commercial applications.

Contact Sales
or 631-563-3800 x220.

DX Radio Systems

dx radio systems

DX Radio Systems, Inc. manufactures high quality, high specification type communications products. The following is a list of products that DX Radio Systems, Inc. manufactures or supplies as a single supplied product and can be included as part of a turnkey system:

  • Repeaters
  • Repeater Systems
  • Paging Transmitters
  • Paging Systems
  • LTR & MPT1327 Trunking Systems
  • MPT1327 Trunking Repeaters
  • SmarTrunk II Trunking Repeaters
  • Complete Trunking Systems
  • Airport Ground to Air Base Radios
  • Airport Ground to Air Systems
  • Rural Radiotelephone Link Systems
  • Antenna Systems
  • Combining Systems
  • Complete Turnkey Systems
  • Engineering & Installation of All Systems

Performance that is tough to find anywhere at a price you can afford.

DX Radio Systems, Inc.
10941 Pendleton Street
Sun Valley, California 91352-1522 USA
Telephone: 818-252-6700
Fax: 818-252-6711
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ComCARE Alliance readies RFP for emergency provider directory

May 27, 2004 1:34 PM EST

WASHINGTON—When an emergency event occurs, there is currently no directory of available entities—both public and private—to use for contact and information sharing. The ComCARE Alliance hopes to change that by developing the Emergency Provider Access Directory.

“The lack of a directory to enable that kind of communication was a critical missing link. We hope EPAD will fill that gap,” said Judith Woodhall, executive director of the Communications for Coordinated Assistance and Response to Emergencies (ComCARE) Alliance. “The point is to have the information available so that everybody can see the information about an incident. It is not about technology; it is about bringing disparate groups together.”

ComCARE received a $1.7 million grant from the Department of Justice to develop EPAD and hopes to release a request for proposals in July, choose a vendor partner in August and have an alpha version of EPAD ready in January. A flash demo is being fine tuned but will shortly be available on the ComCARE Web site at

EPAD is not expected to replace existing technology that entities already have, said Rob Martin, EPAD director of partnership development and communication. “It helps use the information you have.”

ComCARE envisions a scenario where an incident occurs—anything from a traffic accident to a weather event to a major terrorist attack—and EPAD subscribers in a specific geographic area would receive information about the incident that can then be downloaded into their own systems for their own use.

While the media is expected to subscribe to and be a member of EPAD, the type of information it receives may be slightly different than what others receive, said David Alyward, president of National Strategies and ComCARE founder.

“If you were a daily press outlet or TV station, you would be registered for weather alerts or major events so you would get the information you need,” said Alyward. As for a traffic accident, “you might not get all of the data—there is no reason to have the actual crash data—but rather the fact that a crash occurred.”

Source: RCR Wireless News

U.K. group buys Ericsson's Mobitex division

25 May 2004 (12:00 p.m. GMT)

LONDON—A U.K. investment group has acquired the Mobitex wireless data division of Ericsson which is based in Gothenburg and has approximately 100 employees. Developed by Ericsson, the Mobitex network is an open, international standard which is a packet-switched, narrowband, data-only.

The business will be known as Mobitex Technology AB and as part of the agreement between the companies, Mobitex Technology AB will become an Ericsson Strategic Business Partner, and will also share certain technology patents.

Mobitex Technology AB is backed by UK investors and supported by Handelsbanken, the Swedish banking group. Amongst its major shareholders are Andrew C Fitton, the former chief executive of the UK Mobitex network operator Transcomm plc, also the former President of the worldwide Mobitex Association, and Russell Backhouse, the former finance director of Transcomm which was recently acquired by BT.

Also as part of the agreement Mobitex hardware will continue to be manufactured under contract by Ericsson and for the immediate future the business will continue to operate from Ericsson’s premises at Lindholmen, Gothenburg, before relocating to new premises before the end of 2004.

Andrew Fitton, who has been appointed Chief Executive of the new company, said, "This is a very exciting development — I have been associated with Mobitex since 1999 during which time I have seen it become increasingly successful, as the number of users employing the technology worldwide has increased 500 percent. The Mobitex community has unparalleled experience in wireless data, being independent will enable us to fully leverage this experience, to address markets with compelling offerings and to form new business alliances within the wireless data world. With the focus that independence will bring, I believe that Mobitex will flourish."

Mobitex Technology AB designs, supplies and supports wireless packet switched data networks using the Mobitex technology for dedicated wireless data. Compared with traditional cellular technologies this technology is said to provides a more secure environment, higher levels of reliability, faster data delivery and extensive seamless coverage.

There are now over 30 networks worldwide and around 100 government and emergency services organisations that use Mobitex, as do 400 of the Fortune 1000 companies. The largest Mobitex network is operated by Cingular Wireless and covers the whole of the USA. In Europe the UK national network operated by Transcomm.

Source: EETimesUK

NEC Subsidiary Admits to E-Rate Fraud

May 28, 2004

A subsidiary of NEC America agreed Thursday afternoon to pay $20.6 million to settle criminal charges involving the company's participation in the federal E-Rate program, the nation's $2.25 billion initiative to help schools and libraries connect to the Internet.

Under the agreement reached in San Francisco, NEC Business Network Solutions (BNS) (Quote, Chart) pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of antitrust violation. The company agreed to pay $15 million in fines and restitution in addition to providing $5.6 million in ongoing maintenance, equipment and services to school districts that are customers of BNS through the E-Rate program.

"We made mistakes with E-Rate. We've acknowledged and accepted responsibility for those mistakes, cooperated fully with the government, and taken action to ensure that these problems can't happen again," Gerald P. Kenney, general counsel of NEC America, said in a statement.

BNS was accused of defrauding the San Francisco Unified School District and several other school districts around the country through rigged bids and bribery. According to a civil lawsuit filed in 2001, BNS was part of a scheme to convince the school districts to purchase more equipment than they needed. Kenney said the corruption primarily involved a small E-Rate sales team within BNS, which was subsequently dissolved.

"E-Rate was a very small, very new part of BNS business," Kenney said. "These bids and contracts were the company's first major foray into this type of federal contracting, and the sales team was inexperienced with this type of complex procurement. But that's no excuse for bad judgment or the failure of our internal controls to identify problems."

The E-rate subsidy was added to telephone bills in 1997 under the Clinton administration and has been dubbed the "Gore tax" for former Vice President Al Gore's enthusiastic support. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees the program, but outsources administration to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), a private, nonprofit. Nearly 90 percent of U.S. schools and libraries receive subsidies from the fund.

Under the program, telecom companies or contractors provide eligible equipment and services to schools and libraries at a discount, and the federal government covers the difference through the E-Rate fund.

A favorite target of Republicans, the House and Energy and Commerce Committee began investigating the program last year following a January 2003 report by the Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit "public service journalism" organization, that claimed the E-Rate program was "honeycombed" with fraud.

The study is based on FCC audits as well as independent interviews. The audits allege abuses ranging from simple paperwork and reporting errors to false billing. The House committee originally planned to hold hearings into the fraud allegations in February but delayed the proceedings after the unexpected retirement of then chairman Billy Tauzin of Louisiana. Committee staff members confirmed to new hearings will begin in a "few weeks."

The BNS case is the largest example yet uncovered of E-Rate improprieties. In August of last year, Duane Maynard, a former employee of a Fresno, Calif., electrical contracting firm, pleaded guilty to federal bid rigging in order to obtain multi-million contracts to install computer networking equipment and Internet access for the West Fresno Elementary School District.

Tauzin said in January his committee's probe was centering on approximately $5 million of equipment supplied by telecom carrier SBC (Quote, Chart) to the Chicago school system that is still sitting in a warehouse. SBC is the project manager for the City of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), which is deploying Internet-related equipment and Local Area Networks (LAN) for schools throughout the system.

One E-Rate funding requirement is that equipment must be purchased, delivered and installed in the same E-Rate year that it is funded by the program to prevent schools and libraries from stockpiling equipment. SBC responded to Tauzin's announcement with a statement that the company "voluntarily brought this matter to the attention of the FCC" and to the staff of the Oversight and Investigations Committee.

"SBC determined that a portion of the telecommunications equipment it purchased for the city of Chicago Public Schools LAN project was not installed by the deadline in two funding years," the SBC statement reads. "In addition, one of SBC's distributors who supplied equipment purchased with E-rate funds over-billed SBC and gave us a credit."

The SBC statement added, "During these E-rate funding years, CPS received a discounted funding commitment from SLD (SBC's Schools and Libraries Division) of approximately $114 million dollars. The value of the equipment and credit at issue is $8.8 million, of which $3 million in equipment was installed in subsequent funding years."


TGA Technologies

tga ad

TGA Technologies, Inc.
100 Pinnacle Way, Suite 140
Norcross, Georgia 30071 USA
Tel: +1 770-441-2100
Fax: +1 770-449-7740
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5Analog DID Cards140-0636$400
14M RAM + Card140-1808$1,200
28M RAM140-1323$2,000
1CPU 030 +140-2046$4,500
1CPU 302 8MB 140-1996$5,500
1SIO Card140-1099$1,000
1UOE Card140-0868$1,800
1Dual 550 MB Drives140-2125$3,500
2LCC Card140-1869$3,700
148V Power Supply140-1869$1,000
148V Power Supply w/Floppy140-1830$1,100
1Net 060 50/16MB2000-00257$3,500
1CPU 604 NPCS 333/128MB 2000-02350$3,500
1PC/NVR 16MB2000-00384$3,500
2SCSI 2140-1867$600
312V Converter140-1714$750
35V Converter140-1715$750
1Alarm Card140-0766$600
 All Cards guaranteed to work
 Buy >$5,000 receive 10% Discount
 Buy >$10,000 receive 20% Discount
Rick McMichael
888-429-4171 left arrow
Mark Dawson
972-467-8188 left arrow
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GTES Corporate
2736 Stein Hill Lane
Custer, WA 98240
Tel: 360-366-3888
Cel: 360-820-3888
GTES Sales
870 Mountclaire Drive
Cumming, GA 30041
Tel: 678-947-5649
Cel: 770-598-4442
Your Professional Services Partner

GTES is the only Glenayre authorized software support provider to the paging industry.

The GTES team consists of highly qualified and seasoned associates who were formerly a part of Glenayre's paging infrastructure support and engineering operations. We are poised and ready to "Partner" with you to ensure the viability of your network, reduce your long-term cost of ownership, and to provide future solutions for profitability. GTES will offer product sales, maintenance services, software development and product development to the wireless industry.


GTES Partner Program
Software and/or Hardware Support Programs

Product Sales
Software and Hardware Sales

On-Site Services
Upgrades, Relocations, Repairs, Consolidations

Software Development
New features, application development

Product Training
GL3000, GL3100, GL3200, GL3300, N2000, C2000


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Intelligent Paging & Mobile Data Hardware & Software

pdt 2000 image

Selective is a developer and manufacturer of highly innovative paging receiver/decoders and mobile data equipment. The PDT2000 Paging Data Terminal is THE MOST INTELLIGENT PAGING RECEIVER IN THE MARKET. The PDT2000 is a large display pager designed for desktop or in-vehicle mounting and is widely used by emergency services and in onsite paging systems for forklift dispatch etc. All of the following capabilities are standard features of the PDT2000 and of our other paging data receivers:

  • FLEX and POCSAG decoding
  • POCSAG encoding and transmitter control
  • Parallel printer output
  • Serial inputs & outputs
  • Relay control (1-256 or more)
  • PC interfacing and message management
  • Message interception & logging
  • Remote control
  • Cross band repeating & paging coverage infill
  • LED sign control
  • Remote printing etc.

selective products

Our mobile data equipment includes a range of Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) which may be interfaced to a variety of wireless networks including trunked and conventional radio, GPRS & CDMA cellular, Mobitex etc. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and GPS solutions, Dispatch & Messaging software.   We offer mobile communications dealers and systems integrators a "fast to market" job dispatch and job management capability.

Specialised local area paging systems, paging interception and message reprocessing software, field force automation and mobile dispatch solutions. We export worldwide.

Selective Communications Group
PO Box 8798
Symonds St.
Auckland, New Zealand
3/2 Haultain St.
Eden Tce
Auckland, New Zealand
Web site:
E-mail: left arrow CLICK
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I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for Selective Communications. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK HERE

Paging Training Course

Specially designed course for sales, marketing, and administration personnel. Engineers will only be admitted with a note signed by their mothers, promising that they will just listen and not disrupt the class. (This is supposed to be funny!)

This is a one-day training course on paging that can be conducted at your place of business. Please take a look at the course outline to see if you think this might be beneficial in your employees: Paging training course outline. I would be happy to customize the content to meet your specific requirements.

Although it touches on several "technical" topics, it is definitely not a technical course. I used to teach the sales and marketing people at Motorola Paging and they appreciated an atmosphere where they could ask technical questions without being made to feel like a dummy and without getting a long convoluted overly-technical answer that left them more confused than before. A good learning environment is one that is non-threatening.

Let me know if you would like to receive a quotation, or if you would like to have any additional information. left arrow CLICK


Industry executive looking for new position.

Many people in this industry know Bob Spillar. Please read his impressive resumé here.

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ne paging logo

Satellite Uplinking Service
Affordable and Reliable

  • Own and operate our own satellite uplink
  • Provide the same reliable services to several other paging carriers with room for more
  • Lower than average industry costs
  • Completely redundant hardware
  • Access to knowledgeable technical staff 24/7

Glenayre Technical Support
Paging Terminals & Transmitters

  • Paging terminal upgrades, relocations, troubleshooting, emergency repair & training
  • Transmitter installation & maintenance
  • Experienced industry technicians and engineers
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Call or write today to learn more Alan Carle, Dir of Engineering 888-854-2697 ext. 272 or

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outrnet custom apps If you see someone in the field (like salespeople, technicians, and delivery people) using paper forms, their company could probably save a pile of money, and get much better timeliness, accuracy and efficiency, by using converting to Outr.Net's Wireless Forms. Custom applications for as little as $995, delivered in just a few days.Outr.Net has a web page on Wireless Forms for Timeports at: left arrow Their latest newsletter is: "Business Development in Mobile Data" left arrow

Please call me so we can discuss your need or your idea. Or contact me by e-mail for additional information. left arrow CLICK


Cautionary Notes on Wi-Fi

MAY 26, 2004


Can you say over-hyped? At least one expert at the CeBIT show says the technology has miles to go. Plus: Can VoIP be profitable?

BusinessWeek Telecom Editor Steve Rosenbush is spending the week roaming the halls of CeBIT, the big European tech show that launched in New York on May 25. Here are excerpts from his notebook:

What's up with Wi-Fi? I hate to be a curmudgeon. No, actually, I love to be a curmudgeon. So as a matter of principle I went exploring CeBIT in search of someone who was willing to say something bad about Wi-Fi. Now, I don't consider myself a Luddite. I own a Wi-Fi router myself. But a little caution is in order about the rise of this technology.

It wasn't easy, but I finally found my man: Analyst Crawford Del Prete of researcher IDC. At the morning press briefing, he reported that big companies have been slow to adopt the high-speed wireless networking technology.

Corporations have two reservations. Right or wrong, they're still worried about security. The people who make info-tech spending decisions recoil at the idea of releasing proprietary data into the ozone. And on a deeper level, CIOs and CTOs just aren't convinced that Wi-Fi is worth it. "They don't see the return on investment yet," Del Prete says.

NOT CLOSE ENOUGH. Del Prete also says it'll take years for Wi-Fi to work the bugs out. Sitting in his hotel room before CeBIT began, he was able to detect more than half a dozen nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. But he wasn't close enough to actually use even one. It makes you wonder: For all the Wi-Fi gear that's being sold, how much is really being used?

So what's Wi-Fi's future? Del Prete believes the technology is here to stay and that it'll play an increasingly important role in corporate networking and telecom. But he thinks Wi-Fi is unlikely to displace more traditional forms of networking anytime soon.

Instead, he believes that they'll work together. In the real but perhaps not-so-glamorous future, Wi-Fi and its faster version, WiMax, will be used for crucial functions such as backhaul (high-capacity trunks that form the backbone of phone networks). Wireless WiMax links will replace many of the cables that connect homes to the nearest phone pole. And WiMax will be used to aggregate signals from Wi-Fi hotspots and connect them to the network backbone. Wi-Fi may yet fulfill grander visions of carrying wireless voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) all over the world, but it will take a long time to get there.

WHERE'S THE MONEY?  Speaking of VoIP. . . Industry leader Vonage's recent decision to cut the price of unlimited VoIP phone service to $29.99 from $34.99 a month is great for consumers. But it's another troubling sign for the telecom industry's financial health. Making voice calls over the Internet is an exciting and innovative development, but that doesn't protect it from the deflationary economics that have troubled telecom's more conventional sectors for years.

Vonage argues that it's scale and scope allow it to withstand such jarring price cuts. But Vonage has only about 160,000 or so customers. AT&T expects to add a million VoIP subscribers over the near term. Even if Ma Bell misses that market by 50%, it could more than match Vonage's scale and scope.

How will anyone make money selling VoIP? In this brutally competitive market, new products and services will soon be matched by rivals, making it hard to set oneself apart with new features. VoIP may very well kill telecom as it is today. Whether the new technology creates a financially sound alternative is the real issue. The telecom and networking industries are suddenly awash with innovation. Now they need a Michael Dell to come in and make money in a world of cutthroat competition and razor-thin margins.

Source: BusinessWeek Online

Wayport Launches WiFi World


AUSTIN, Texas—Wayport, the leading provider of Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) wireless and wired high-speed Internet access in more than 1,500 locations including nearly 800 hotels, 12 airports and hundreds of McDonald's and other retail locations in select cities nationwide, today announced Wi-Fi World™, a strategy and business model designed to drive the maximum number of mobile broadband customers to Wayport Wi-Fi enabled McDonald's restaurants and other strategic venues in the United States.

Wayport's Wi-Fi World™ strategy is designed to serve the needs of mobile broadband customers through offering Wayport's high-speed Internet service at McDonald's, one of the world's top brands whose restaurants offer ubiquity, accessibility, quality, uniformity, value and simplicity. By combining all of these elements together, it delivers on what the broadband customer has been waiting for in mobile high-speed Internet access. To best meet these needs, Wayport has taken a teaming approach with McDonald's, broadband network service providers and strategic roaming partners by providing compelling economics for all to leverage their large customer base and marketing powers.

"Wayport's Wi-Fi World™ strategy and teaming approach with strategic partners will give customers the widest variety of connectivity options that will enable them to get a convenient and cost-effective wireless high-speed Internet experience at Wi-Fi enabled McDonald's," said Jim Sappington, McDonald's Vice President of U.S. IT. "And Wi-Fi World simultaneously delivers all of the key broadband applications our McDonald's restaurants need to gain a competitive edge in the market by offering a differentiated service and to make their operations more productive."



Next week's newsletter will come out a day or two late. I will be attending the SCA Paging Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and so I won't be back until late Friday night or early Saturday. I hope to have a lot of interesting things to report and maybe some good photographs as well. In case anyone needs to contact me, my cellphone number is: 972-523-8258. (This is a Dallas, Texas phone number.)

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With best regards,

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Brad Dye

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