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FRIDAY - MAY 27, 2005 - ISSUE NO. 165

Dear friends of Wireless Messaging and Paging,

As the newsletter matures and becomes more of a true community forum for the Wireless Messaging industry, my job gets easier because I get so much good information from experts in various fields. This week I am pleased to publish the second in a series of articles about Location Based Services (LBS) by my friend Brooks Marsden of GTES. I also received news from Graeme Hull at Multitone Electronics about their new product, AlarmCentral™. Yet another friend went digging through various SEC filings to report the identity of three ex-USA Mobility Executives who were recently paid a lot of money through an arbitration settlement.

Also, in this issue, SkyTel announces a dynamite new Location product called SkyGuard™ — primarily focused on giving parents peace of mind while their teenagers are out with the family car. Great idea! Check it out.

Barry Kanne, president of TGA Technologies, is well-known all over the world for his work of forty-plus years in Radio Communications and Paging. Barry announces his retirement in the READER'S COMMENTS section below. Please join me in wishing Barry and his wife Judi good luck and much happiness as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

I have many "war stories" that I could tell about things Barry and I have done together over the years. One of them—forty-some years ago—was when I was on a St. Thomas mountain top in the US Virgin Islands. My boss and I were installing a new Motorola IMTS car telephone system for the governor. We had been working on the control terminal all day and couldn't get it to place a call out over a telephone line. We had taken the equipment apart and put it back together several times. We had read and reread the manual and had checked and rechecked all the switch and jumper settings—it still wouldn't work. Then we heard a call coming in over the microwave orderwire from Puerto Rico. It was Jimmy Acosta the owner of the Motorola shop in San Juan and he had Barry with him. We told Barry about the trouble we were having with the terminal and he asked us if we had dialled "9" to get an outside line? We said, "no, why should we do that, it doesn't say anything about it in the operation manual?" After he insisted, we tried it and it worked! We sure were happy, but a little embarrassed as well. Then there is the story about troubleshooting a Radiotelephone installation in a brothel in Brazil, and then many years later, some adventures in Austria, but to hear those stories it will cost you a cup of coffee sometime.

The FCC has announced that it has postponed until December 2005 a planned feature of its Universal Licensing System (ULS) which will automatically notify licensees who miss construction deadlines that their license has been terminated. The FCC announcement follows below. [Notice complements of the AAPC.]

I will be attending the AAPC Wireless Forum in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina next week, so there will not be a regular issue of the newsletter until the following week.

Now on to more news and views.

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Location Services: Is This a Business for You?

When pondering the idea of venturing into a new marketing endeavor one has to look at all the requirements for success. These maybe as simple as: do I have the right customer base? How different are the requirements for this opportunity from what I am doing today? Can the current sales staff move into this space and be successful? Do they have the right contacts within the current customers, and will these same customers see a value in the new offering?

In our last article we looked at the similarities between the paging industry and the location services space. With closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that there are many aspects that line up well, but some that don’t. Starting with one segment that is a good fit, the Health Care vertical certainly has an acute need for location services to help manage “rolling stock” in their complexes. So let’s work from this point.

What other industries support the medical community? EMS, food suppliers, delivery companies, couriers that deliver valuable samples and medicines; these may be new opportunities, or ones that have slipped through our fingers for one reason or another. The list of companies that support the Health Care vertical is very lengthy, so how do you home in on the best opportunities?

The first step is to determine the benefits of location information for the target company. A short list of these benefits might be:

  • More timely deliveries, directing the right person, vehicle to the right place at the right time
  • Confirmation that the item has been delivered to the correct address, and when
  • The ability to update the estimated delivery time to the end customer (before it arrives)
  • Improved security for the driver and/or the load (controlled substances)
  • Just in time material management

With the benefits in hand, consider who in the organization will recognize these benefits, and then translate them into the specifics of how they will help the target customer’s situation.

Let’s go back and look at the location of rolling stock in a medical facility. Who is it that needs this equipment? Obviously patients are the “end customers” but it is the hospital staff that is tasked with finding, transporting, and maintaining this equipment. Once again we are lucky because the groups primarily responsible with managing this equipment are easy to identify. Bio Med and Transportation are the folks that keep it all running and deliver the needed equipment when and were it is needed.

Other areas of the institution that benefit both directly and indirectly are Purchasing and the CFO. Purchasing normally has to compensate for the fact that rolling stock gets hoarded in certain areas of the hospital, so they purchase or lease a couple of extra pieces to take up the slack. This practice causes the CFO pain, as it results in higher costs than would be necessary with a more efficient allocation of resources.

The Health Care Industry is one that the paging industry has developed close ties to, and which has been very well served through the provisioning of added services. Location services have long been identified as a potential benefit to this community of users, but up until now the technology has not existed to allow it to be used effectively.

The technology has finally caught up with the need. WiFi location services are being delivered and now are being requested by the leading Medical institutions in North America.

In the next article we will look at location opportunities in the shipping and AVL space.

By Brooks Marsden

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This device is the perfect companion for the Hark Gateway products. An ISI can be located at a remote location for receiving TAP, TNPP, or Billing traffic using a local ISP eliminating long distance phone charges.

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USA Mobility Announces Management Reorganization

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/—USA Mobility, Inc. (Nasdaq: USMO), a leading provider of wireless messaging services, today announced several management changes as it continues to integrate the operations of Arch Wireless, Inc. and Metrocall Holdings, Inc. which merged on November 16, 2004.

Stan Sech, chief operating officer, will be leaving the company effective June 30, 2005. In his role as COO, Sech has been primarily responsible for USA Mobility's sales and marketing efforts. Steve Pennington, currently senior vice president of sales and marketing, will continue to lead the company's marketing and national account sales. He will also assume leadership of the field sales organizations and will report directly to Vincent D. Kelly, president and chief executive officer of USA Mobility.

Peter C. Barnett will assume the title chief operating officer effective July 1, and will continue leading the company's engineering, network operations, customer service, and information technology organizations. Barnett is USA Mobility's chief technology officer. Prior to the merger of Metrocall and Arch, he had served as chief information officer and senior vice president of operations of Arch Wireless.

Also, George Z. Moratis, the company's senior vice president of finance and treasurer will leave the company effective June 30, 2005 to pursue other opportunities. Thomas L. Schilling, chief financial officer, will assume the additional responsibility of the treasurer's role and will continue providing leadership of the company's accounting, finance, financial planning and audit functions.

Additionally, USA Mobility's three operating divisions of five regions each will be consolidated into two operating divisions of six regions each. "We continue to adjust our management structure consistent with our integration objectives of creating a low cost operating company," said Kelly. "When we merged Metrocall and Arch late last year, we formed a management team that was comprised of the 'best of the best' from each company. Peter Barnett and I have worked closely with most of the senior managers who are leaving. Stan Sech, George Moratis, Jeff Owens, SVP of engineering, Rob Chiatello, SVP of supply chain management, Dave Andersen, West Division president, and the other senior managers who will be leaving us have all been key contributors to our success. They have been loyal, hardworking and of the highest integrity. It has been a personal privilege and great honor for me to work with them over the years, and they will be greatly missed. However, the competitive environment in which we operate, combined with the progress we have made in our integration efforts to date, both necessitate and allow for these difficult decisions."

The company also announced the resignation of William E. Redmond as a director effective June 6. Redmond recently accepted the position of president and CEO of another public company in an unrelated industry, and, as a result of his new responsibilities, said he was cutting back on his Board service. "I am proud to have served on the Boards of Arch Wireless and USA Mobility, especially in connection with the successful consolidation of Arch and Metrocall last year," stated Redmond. "USA Mobility is in very good hands under the leadership of Vince Kelly, his management team and the current Board, and has a clear vision for the future. I fully believe the consolidation of the two leading paging companies into USA Mobility will be an unqualified success."

Kelly noted: "Bill Redmond was an integral part of our merger discussions and helped lay the groundwork for a successful transaction. He has been of great assistance to me and my team during these past several months and will be sorely missed." Royce Yudkoff, chairman of the Board of USA Mobility, echoed Kelly's comments, saying, "Bill provided leadership and wise counsel to our Board and we wish him well in his new endeavors."

About USA Mobility
USA Mobility, Inc., headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is a leading provider of paging products and other wireless services to the business, government and healthcare sectors. USA Mobility offers traditional one-way and advanced two-way paging via its nationwide networks covering more than 90% of the U.S. population and with roaming partners in Canada and Mexico. In addition, the company offers mobile voice and data services through Nextel and Cingular/AT&T Wireless, including BlackBerry and GPS location applications. The company's product offerings include wireless connectivity systems for medical, business, government and other campus environments. USA Mobility focuses on the business-to-business marketplace and supplies mobile connectivity solutions to over two-thirds of the Fortune 1000 companies. For further information visit

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: Statements contained herein or in prior press releases which are not historical fact, such as statements regarding USA Mobility's merger integration and expectations for future operating and financial performance, are forward-looking statements for purposes of the safe harbor provisions under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward- looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause USA Mobility's actual results to be materially different from the future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expectations include, but are not limited to, declining demand for paging products and services, the ability to continue to reduce operating expenses, future capital needs, competitive pricing pressures, competition from both traditional paging services and other wireless communications services, government regulation, reliance upon third-party providers for certain equipment and services, the timely and efficient integration of the operations and facilities of Metrocall and Arch as well as other risks described from time to time in periodic reports and registration statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Although USA Mobility believes the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurance that its expectations will be attained. USA Mobility disclaims any intent or obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

Bob Lougee
(703) 721-3080

Source: USA Mobility Press Release

Multitone Announces “AlarmCentral™” Application For Wireless Networks

24th May 2005, Basingstoke, UK and Washington, DC.

Multitone Electronics plc and Multitone North America, Inc announces the launch of AlarmCentral™, the latest addition to a suite of leading-edge solutions designed to interact with Wireless Messaging Networks to deliver centralized, failsafe alarm monitoring and control.

AlarmCentral is a highly reliable application, offering a solution to the challenging problem of centralising data from diverse alarm systems and distributing the resulting messages via Wireless Networks.

AlarmCentral has been developed as a result of Multitone’s close co-operation with one of their major customers, the UK National Health Service, which operates more than 600 hospitals throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Alan Hush, Telecommunications Manager for NHS Borders and NHS Lothian, based in Edinburgh, Scotland says:

Within NHS Lothian, there was a need to provide a safe, reliable remote Alarm Monitoring process to ensure that appropriate responses could be made in the event of a Fire, Medical Gas, or Intruder Alarm activation at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. The Telephone Operators, who had traditionally monitored such alarms, were to be re-located to a new building some miles away and the Multitone Remote Alarm Monitoring solution was deployed to ensure that all of the safety criteria were met.

AlarmCentral monitors the alarms in varying formats e.g. RS-232 or closing contacts and delivers them to another site where they can be distributed by Multitone’s PowerPage paging terminal, or another wireless network for action by emergency response teams. The system works over existing hospital communication links such as LAN/WAN or PSTN and all links are monitored for reliability. The system provides back up bearers should any link fail and automatically re-routes the alarm and provides logs and statistical data.

alarm drawing

Alan Hush further commented:

The system has proved to be extremely reliable and is very easy to operate. We can now provide a high quality Alarm Monitoring Service from a Centralized Operator Location that is remote from the site being monitored. The Multitone system will now be deployed to other locations throughout NHS Lothian as we continue to improve our Telecommunication services.

telephone room

As well as being easy to install and manage, this solution provides many benefits:

  • No private wires—use LAN/PSTN Bearers—resulting in major cost savings
  • Automatic routing for maximum resilience—safety assurance
  • Can replicate existing fire panel information—No staff re-training and easy to install
  • Central display offers audible/visual/SMS/E-mail/Paging—multi-functional Messaging.
  • Distributed call logging/printer output—for Service Level Agreement verification and evaluation of performance
  • No action results in escalated alarms—safety and reassurance that an alarm will not be missed nor ignored.
  • Customer configurable alarm text—user friendly text messaging
  • Alarm priorities dictated by audio/visual media—choice of alarms
  • RS232/Volt free contact operation—easy to integrate with existing alarms and multi vendor solutions

The system offers major cost savings for NHS Lothian as well as enabling centralised services to be implemented easily and safely. The system has also been installed at other sites in the North East and South of England.

The centralised alarm solution is one of many new and exciting products recently introduced by Multitone. Other solutions include a new network/client messaging platform, PowerPage Power Server Suite, which offers many new facilities for communicating with both on-site and off-site devices and the new PowerPage 750 Pagers, featuring Alpha-numeric Messaging, One-Way and Stored Voice Messaging.

multitone pagers

For More Information, please contact Graeme Hull
+44 1256 845111 (UK Office)
1-202-973-2827 (US Office)

Moto invests in wireless directory

Company created by founder of Becker Beeper

By Sandra Jones

Motorola Inc. has taken an undisclosed stake in a wireless directory assistance firm created by Dean Becker, the local paging pioneer who founded Becker Beeper.

The startup, called 422 Inc., connects callers to cell phones, traditional phones and email addresses by calling 4-2-2. The West Palm Beach, Florida-based firm’s service is slated to launch by the end of this year.

Motorola, the Schaumburg based-cell phone maker, has been working with 422 for the past year at the start-up firm’s research facilities in Rochester, NY, and Florida. The California-based venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson and DFJ’s Gotham Ventures have already invested an undisclosed amount in the company. Mr. Becker also owns a stake.

“We’re adapting the wireless phone to how people use it,” says Mr. Becker. “Now directory assistance is address centric. The phone (number) is connected to an address. But today the phone is connected to the hip or purse or pocket.”

Instead of tracking someone down by where they live, the 422 service will be able to find someone by where they work, where they went to school and other identifiers. Callers are connected via an operator and both parties’ phone numbers are kept private.

Cell phone users enroll by signing up with their wireless carrier (Mr. Becker says those agreements are slated to be in place by the fourth quarter) or enrolling online. The system is “opt in,” meaning callers who don’t sign up won’t have their numbers included in the database. The white pages and yellow pages listings will also be available.

"Companies have been trying for years to get something like this going," says Jeffrey Kagan, an Atlanta-based telecom industry consultant. "A lot have tried and failed. At some point the marketplace will be ready, especially as more and more people turn to their cell phones as their primary phone."

A former resident of Highland Park, Mr. Becker started 422 in 2001 with technology created in his previous local venture called Ewireless Inc., which connected cell phone users to advertisers by dialing #333. He sold Becker Beeper, founded in 1979, to Massachusetts-based Arch Wireless Inc., then Arch Communications, in the mid-1990s for $40 million.


xMax™ First Long-Range Field Test A Success - New Spectrum Sharing Technology Uses Micro-Power Levels to Deliver Broadband

For Immediate Release

May 13th, 2005

SARASOTA, FL – xG™ Technology, LLC moved its promising spectrum sharing technology out of the lab and into the field, successfully conducting its first long-range wireless tests of xMax – a novel radio frequency (RF) signaling technique that represents an entirely new approach to the problem of spectrum overcrowding.

Using only a VHF paging channel and negligible power in adjacent sidebands, an xMax transmitter and receiver pair with ground level antennas delivered data to the xMax receiver over a mile away. Ground level testing presents an extraordinary challenge: the signal must travel through buildings and other obstacles without significant loss or distortion - a feat that more common microwave-based wireless broadband techniques have difficulty achieving.

Transmitting at .0005 Watts, xMax was able to demonstrate range orders of magnitude farther than other broadband technologies such as Wi-Fi. By comparison, typical performance of a Wi-Fi 802.11 hotspot at 1 Watt (or 2,000 times more power than xMax) using ground level antennas is approximately 300ft under similar non-line of sight (NLOS) conditions.

“Demonstrating that broadband wireless communications can occur at such micro-power levels in the presence of interfering signals overturns long-held industry ideas,” said Joe Bobier, President of xG Technology, LLC and inventor of the technology. “What is really exciting, however, is that xMax’ unique signal profile is a perfect fit for low frequency channels that have been previously unsuitable for wireless broadband.”

Later this year, xG will release reference designs for sub-Gigahertz fixed wireless base stations and customer premise equipment (CPE) based on current working prototypes that could outstrip the capabilities of technologies like WiMAX.

About xMax
Unlike other wireless technologies that move as much power as possible from the carrier into the information-bearing sidebands, xMax does just the opposite, placing more than 99 percent of its power within a narrowband carrier while keeping its sideband energy at micro-power levels. Typically –60dB to –100dB below the carrier, xMax’ unique information-bearing sideband, dubbed xG Flash Signal™, can be as much as 100,000 times below the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) “Part 15” regulations.

Lower frequencies – located below one Gigahertz on the spectrum – are well known by communications engineers to outperform higher frequencies. The performance shortfall is so stark that it can take 25-50 times more towers to wirelessly cover a given area using Gigahertz frequencies. The problem, however, has been that lower frequencies have been divided into small segments for thousands of disparate uses. This overcrowding of the lower spectrum has left wireless broadband service providers with no other option than to shift to higher frequencies — accepting a hefty price/performance penalty.

xMax is set to change all of that by enabling wireless broadband at sub-Gigahertz frequencies. xMax only requires a narrow segment of unoccupied spectrum in order to place its carrier signal, while its proprietary xG Flash Signal is sent at such unusually low power levels that it can operate far below the point of impacting other systems, essentially allowing it to share spectrum with existing users.

“The success of this test confirms what we’ve always believed,” said Rick Mooers, Executive Chairman of xG Technology. “xMax is likely to be an equation-changer in the wireless and wireline telecom industries.”

xMax is already making waves within the engineering community. Dr. Stuart Schwartz, Princeton University engineering professor and IEEE fellow, has stated: “xG technology can deliver broadband speeds with a remarkably efficient use of the radio spectrum. It is a technology that has the potential for a major impact on the area of wireless communications.”

xG’s FCC counsel, Hal Mordkofsky, believes that xMax may impact communications policy in similarly profound ways. “One of the biggest problems facing the Federal Communications Commission is the increasing shortage of the usable frequency spectrum. The long-term solution may very well be xMax, which makes far more efficient use of the frequency spectrum than has ever been possible.”


Pioneering innovation in telecommunications research, xG Technology has developed xMax – a groundbreaking radio frequency (RF) modulation and encoding technology that enables faster, farther, and cheaper communications. xMax takes high-speed communications “beyond broadband” and is suitable for both wireline and wireless networks. Privately held, xG Technology is based in Sarasota, Florida (USA).

Charlie Meisch
202 785 2100
Chris Whiteley
954 572 0395
Tim Ayers
202 857 9734

Source: xG Technology Press Release

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Last year, SkyTel launched an Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) product designed for commercial fleets. One of the comments they heard throughout the year was "I need one of these for my teenager!" And SkyTel listened.

skyguard packageNow, SkyTel has launched the latest in their AVL line: SkyGuard—a new vehicle tracking device made especially for parents of teenage drivers seeking peace of mind about their children. SkyGuard uses GPS and ReFLEX technologies to automatically collect location, speed and other vehicle data—and relay that information to a secure SkyGuard website, where a parent can view maps and reports.

Developed end-to-end by SkyTel, the system combines a wireless GPS/ReFLEX device with a proprietary SkyTel-hosted website for viewing the vehicle data. The SkyGuard device connects to the vehicle’s ignition and power, and can be easily installed under the vehicle dash. Once installed, it automatically begins recording location and speed every time the engine is turned on. The device takes a reading every two minutes, then transmits the readings to the SkyGuard website every ten minutes. The customer can then log onto the SkyGuard website, and see where, and how fast, the vehicle has been traveling.

skyguard homeFrom the website, they can also draw Zones around specific locations. This lets parents know when their kids get where they should be (like school, or home after school), or when the kids go where they shouldn't. The system will send alerts to any email address—including cellphones and pagers—so customers can be alerted if the driver is constantly speeding, or if he’s at the mall instead of the study group.

In addition to providing location and speed information, SkyGuard can also connect to vehicle's door locks so that doors can be unlocked remotely, and to the engine's starter system. In the event of theft, the customer can disable the starter so that the engine, once stopped, cannot be re-started.

SkyTel has also added a new AVL feature just for this SkyGuard product. When customers are away from the internet, they can call the SkyGuard "Remote Assistant" operator to unlock doors, locate their vehicle or disable the starter.

SkyGuard is available through the SkyTel website or at agent locations.

Source: SkyTel Marketing

Paging Company For Sale

I have built two web pages about Mountain Communications in Mountain Home, Arkansas—a regional Paging company that the owner wants to sell. The first page has several photos and some links to background information on the company. Please click here for that page. If you like what you see and want to read all the financial details, please send me an e-mail and I will send you the unpublished address of the second page. This is an outstanding opportunity for someone to acquire a Paging company in a beautiful resort area of the Arkansas mountains where there are several large lakes and rivers. They tell me the fishing and boating are great in that area. By the way, this business also includes some wireless broadband, a trunking radio system, and a two-way radio dealership. Update: we are willing to negotiate. Please call Brad Dye at: 618-842-3892.

Equipment Needed—Want to Buy the following

  • QT-7795 transmitters
  • The 450 RF board in the QT-7795 exciters

Please contact Brad Dye if you have any of this equipment to sell. Equipment located outside of the USA is OK.


From: Barry Kanne w4tga no spam
Subject: Looking forward
Date: May 25, 2005 8:10:59 PM CDT
To: The Paging Community

Yesterday was May 24th and I noted that it matched the day in 1940 when I was born, at least according to my drivers license.  That means I have reached the age of 65, retirement age to many in our society.  So I am going to greet this milestone by doing just that.  I am putting aside my 40+ years of being involved in the radio paging industry to move on to other, perhaps more vibrant things.

Since my first exposure to paging in the 1960s I have watched, and in some form, participated in the ebb and flow of this technology.  It has played a key role in our society bringing aid to those in need, alerting us to important, and less important events and generally, like Pavlov's dogs, triggering some preconditioned response at the sound of a beep.

But now, our society, and that of much of the world have moved on to other, perhaps more intrusive technologies to bring some additional forms of control to our lives.  It is time for me to move on too.  I will look forward to continuing my work in supporting public safety and law enforcement agencies, helping bring them some small bits of technology that allow them to better do their work for all of us.  Consulting on selected (fun) projects will still be in the plans.

My plans call for more time for Amateur Radio and learning to become an RVer.  Much of my professional life allowed me the pleasure of traveling and exploring our beautiful country and I want to do it again, but at a slower pace where Judi and I can enjoy what we see and who we are with. After all, we have four grandchildren who need a well versed tour guide to many of the wonders of the world our daughters saw as incidental travelers on Dad’s business trips. We want to continue that role.

I wish you all the best of what life has to offer and for those still immersed in radio paging, continued success in your endeavors.  I know that paging will continue in some form to provide that alert at the right moment for many.

Barry Kanne
w4tga no spam

Subject: just a thought about your newsletter editorial
Date: May 20, 2005 12:57:37 PM CDT


As always I enjoy your emailed newsletter comments.

With regards to USA Mobility, posting of their planned business direction in response to current market trends for all to see was a class move.

Especially since they are a publicly held company that is trying to maintain stockholders.

USA Mobility's view of where to find customers and the potential for maintaining market share/business duration is real. That's what bothers us little guys in the business.

What I believe hasn't been addressed in this industry is the fact that there have been so many mergers, closures and failures in this industry that the private sector, Medical, Governmental and such are once again giving preference to operating their own local paging systems. I've even run into a small city fire department that stated their insurance underwriter and emergency response classification system "downgrades" them for relying on a public operated paging system. This in effect raises their insurance rates. And that's in Kansas. They now operate 2 tone voice pagers on their radio system in place of alpha digital pagers that do so much more. Thus, the prospects of maintaining the more desirable government based accounts is in jeopardy from external forces (no relation to star wars) that have nothing to do with the competition.

Soon, the reliance on one way or two way paging will be replaced by phones or other devices that will do even more than we presently can imagine having a need for. Kind of like why we drive cars instead of riding a horse n buggy (unless you live in Yoder, KS).

I know that it's hard for me to justify any increased paging infrastructure expenditures or expansion. My supplier of Unipage parts even told me that the market value of these systems is becoming the same as old computers, very little demand. So now I know that the planned obsolescence of my original 1990 investment is very real. Many of the smaller paging system operators will outlast USA Mobility, however, we will experience the negative effects of customer revenues losses just the same.

Have a great day and keep up the good work on your newsletter.

Ron Mayes
Advantage Communications and Paging

Company Politics

A friend sent in the following three excerpts from USA Mobility's various SEC filings, identifying the three former executives who were terminated and later received large compensations through arbitration:

As previously disclosed, including in the definitive joint proxy statement/prospectus of USA Mobility, Inc. delivered in connection with the proposed merger of Arch Wireless, Inc. and Metrocall Holdings, Inc., the management team of USA Mobility after the merger will not include the three most senior Arch executives: C. Edward Baker, Jr., chief executive officer; Lyndon Daniels, chief operating officer; and J. Roy Pottle, chief financial officer. On November 5, 2004, Arch announced that in connection with the transition to the new management team, the employment of Messrs. Baker, Daniels and Pottle with Arch was terminated, effective November 5, 2004, and Arch appointed William E. Redmond, Jr. as an interim president pending completion of the merger. [Source - Form 425 Filed 11-9-04]

On November 10, 2004, former Arch senior executives (the “Former Executives”) filed a Notice of Claim before the JAMS/ Endispute in Boston, Massachusetts, asserting that they were terminated from their employment by the Company pursuant to a “Change in Control” as defined in their respective Executive Employment Agreements (the “Claim”). The Former Executives filed the Claim against Arch Wireless, Inc., Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc., Arch Wireless Operating Co., Inc., MobileMedia Communications, Inc. and Mobile Communications Corporation of America (collectively, the “Respondents”). The Former Executives asserted in their Claim, entitlement to additional compensation under the Arch Long-Term Incentive Plan and their respective Restricted Stock Agreements, attorneys fees and costs and unspecified other and further relief. In the event that the Former Executives were to prevail on their Claim they could be awarded additional compensation under the Arch Long-Term Incentive Plan and their respective Restricted Stock Agreements up to approximately $8.5 million plus the costs of attorneys fees and other costs. USA Mobility and the Former Executives mutually selected an arbitrator to preside over the case. Discovery is underway and the trial is scheduled to take place in May 2005. We are disputing the Claim vigorously. USA Mobility does not believe that a Change in Control as defined in the Former Executives Executive Employment Agreements has occurred and believe that we will ultimately prevail in the arbitration proceeding. [Source - Form 10 K Filed 3-17-05]

On November 10, 2004, three former Arch senior executives (the “Former Executives”) filed a Notice of Claim before the JAMS/ Endispute arbitration forum in Boston, Massachusetts asserting they were terminated from their employment by Arch pursuant to a “change in control” as defined in their respective executive employment agreements (the “Claims”). On May 9, 2005, the Former Executives agreed to dismiss the Claims with prejudice against all parties in exchange for a settlement payment of $4.3 million. The Company recorded this settlement as an increase to general and administrative expenses for the three months ended March 31, 2005. [Source - Form 10 Q Filed 5-10-05]

Brad: I had to laugh about your "damned if you do, damned if you don't" article on USMO. We veterans have long ago learned there is often a long distance between reality and stock market fluff, but the rules are set by the investment community and not the public company and we just have to live with it. USMO certainly has an experienced team to meet the challenges of today's paging world.

One of the sweet mysteries of life has always been reported RPU's. Pagenet continually reported RPU's in the $8-11 range, but we never saw them sell at anywhere near that price. Even today, the average numeric price (rental/service) we see in our west coast markets is $2.50 - 4.00, and text messaging around $3.75 - $6.00 . . . a far cry from what we see being reported. But then Nextel reports average RPU's at close to $70 per month, and yet we generally see them marketing their products to small businesses in the $10-24 per month range. I can only say its the magic of accounting. . .

Keep reporting all the news!

From: oshinksky no spam
Subject: WCTP Version 1.3
Date: May 25, 2005 1:29:25 PM CDT

I am pleased to announce that the PTC has approved Version 1.3 of the WCTP protocol. The final vote was 13 approve, 1 disapprove and 3 no votes. It is very important that the PTC continue to review and enhance the protocols used by the industry. WCTP is being used right now in many areas and these enhancements were a culmination of several enhancements developers needed in order to generate new business within the paging community. I'd like to thank the members who devoted their time working on this through the PWG (Protocol Working Group) and urge all members to join in when possible.

The PWG will be meeting on June 1st in Myrtle Beach to continue working protocol issues.


Stephen M. Oshinsky
Director, Systems Engineering
(601) 460-3449

Subject: RE: WCTP Version 1.3
Date: May 25, 2005 1:49:25 PM CDT

What: PTC Protocol Working Group
When: June 1, 2005 (9am ~ 2pm)
Where: Tides I room, Marriott Resort at Grand Dunes, Myrtle Beach, SC

1) Discuss and list functionalities to next WCTP release.
2) Finalize proposal for following RFCs:
- RFC 58 (CLP Support for Multicast ACK)
- RFC 60 (GOTAP - Multicast ACK Enable)
3) Discuss and summarize FLEXsuite v3.1 changes:
- UAR v3.0
- CLP v3.0
- RFC 58 (CLP Support for Multicast ACK)
- RFC 60 (GOTAP - Multicast ACK Enable)
- etc...
4) Open discussion

Please RSVP to if you intend to attend...

Gagan Puranik
Phone: 6014603644
Pager: 8889447380


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Satellite Uplink
As Low As $500/month

  • Data input speeds up to 38.4 Kbps
  • Dial-in modem access for Admin
  • Extremely reliable & secure
  • Hot standby up link components

Knowledgeable Tech Support 24/7

Contact Alan Carle Now!
1-888-854-2697 x272


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Building on its long success story in 1-way Paging, Advantra International has become the expert in designing and manufacturing the most advanced and lowest cost ReFLEX™ radio modems for 2-way data-communication. The company also focuses on offering total telemetry solutions. Advantra’s current product mix of own products includes the ReFLEX™ radio modules Barran, Karli and Wirlki and the new, highly successful and very low cost location device, the Kepler.

Advantra thanks its solid reputation to its world-renowned development team, state-of-the-art manufacturing, excellent customer service and its proven track-record.

Location Devices & ReFLEX Modems

developer kit

Developer Kit







Sales and Marketing Contacts

Advantra International
Bootweg 4
8940 Wervik, Belgium
Tel: +32 56 239411
Fax: +32 56 239400
General information:
Questions regarding our tracking solutions:
Sales Representative USA
Advantra International
322 Woodridge Drive
Atlanta, GA 30339 USA
Bert Devos
Mob: 404-200-5497
Tel: 770-801-5775
Fax: 770-801-5623
Jim Carlson
1911 S. Calhoun Street
Griffith, IN 46319
Jim Carlson
Tel: 219-864-1347
Fax: 219-864-1237
Sales Representative Canada
Ian Page
Tel: 416-920-8820

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Newsletter repair prices—starting at:

  • $4.50 labor for numeric or alphanumeric pagers
  • $6.50 labor for 2-way pagers
  • $9.50 labor for cellular phones

**Special pricing on cellular and pager refurbishment**

motorola logoMotorola Authorized Service Center for Paging and Cellular.

Ask for Special Newsletter Pricing.

Please call: (800) 222-6075 ext. 306 for pricing.

E-mail: left arrow CLICK HERE
Minilec Service, Inc.
Suite A
9207 Deering Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Repair and Technical Support Services

  • Glenayre/Quintron Transmitters, Receivers and Controllers
  • Experienced former Glenayre/Quintron Technicians and Engineers

410 ½ S. 10th
Quincy, IL 62031

Please click here to e-mail Ayrewave.

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Intelligent Paging & Mobile Data Products

pdt 2000 image

Selective is a developer and manufacturer of highly innovative paging receiver/decoders and mobile data equipment including the PDT2000 Paging Data Terminal, THE MOST INTELLIGENT PAGING RECEIVER IN THE MARKET. The PDT2000 is a large display pager designed for desktop or in-vehicle mounting and is widely used by emergency services and in onsite paging systems for forklift dispatch, Information services etc. All of the following capabilities are standard features of the PDT2000 and of our other paging data products:

  • FLEX or POCSAG decoding (ReFlex coming soon)
  • POCSAG encoding & transmitter control for infill
  • Parallel & 2 Serial data ports
  • Relay control (4 on board, 32-256 external module)
  • PC interfacing and message management
  • Message interception, printing & logging
  • Remote control
  • Cross band repeating & paging coverage infill
  • LED sign control

selective products

Our mobile data equipment includes a range of intelligent Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) which may be interfaced to a variety of wireless networks including ReFlex, GPRS & CDMA cellular. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and GPS solutions, Dispatch & Messaging software. We offer mobile communications dealers and systems integrators a “fast to market” job dispatch and job management capability with the inbuilt job processing system which may be interfaced to a variety of CAD & JMS platforms.

Specialised local area paging systems, paging interception and message reprocessing software, field force automation and mobile dispatch solutions. We also do customized product development and export worldwide.

Selective Communications Group
4467 Terracemeadow Ct.
Moorpark, CA 93021
4467 Terracemeadow Ct.
Moorpark, CA 93021
Web site: left arrow CLICK
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Phone: 1-805-532-9964

I am an authorized Manufacturer Representative for Selective Communications. Please contact me directly for any additional information. left arrow CLICK HERE

TGA Technologies tga ad
TGA Technologies, Inc.
100 Pinnacle Way, Suite 140
Norcross, Georgia 30071 USA
Tel: +1 770-441-2100
Fax: +1 770-449-7740
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outrnet custom apps If you see someone in the field (like salespeople, technicians, and delivery people) using paper forms, their company could probably save a pile of money, and get much better timeliness, accuracy and efficiency, by using converting to Outr.Net's Wireless Forms. Custom applications for as little as $995, delivered in just a few days.Outr.Net has a web page on Wireless Forms for Timeports at: left arrow Their latest newsletter is: "Business Development in Mobile Data" left arrow

Please call me so we can discuss your need or your idea. Or contact me by e-mail for additional information. left arrow CLICK

The Electronic Entities Group

Remember that old word “Residuals”?

The EE Group is actively seeking Dealers with sales/ service/installation capabilities to promote the latest wireless AVL, SCADA and data products from Telegauge Systems, Inc. This innovative program requires NO inventory and NO billing by your facility; you just sell it and sign up the end user to collect the commissions.

Now the real reason to choose the EE Group and Telegauge over the host of others; we pay you permanent residual income every month on your airtime sales forever.

Airtime commissions range up to 12% per month based on prior sales and you buy all equipment direct from the factory at 2-tiered wholesale prices as well for great margins.

Telegauge builds fully 2-way overt and covert (hidden) GPS based Automatic Vehicle Location, SCADA, remote management, telemetry and data systems routed via cellular and satellite that are delivered to the end user via the Internet or direct to the desktop. Applications are both ‘canned’ and custom depending upon the customers needs. We even have full dispatch systems including credit card swipe and billing if needed.

Finally, the prices on the product are guaranteed to be the LOWEST in the industry at under $600 retail for the equipment and from $6 to $30 on the monthly airtime with most customers in the $15 range. Note too that the price is the same for cellular OR satellite world wide coverage and no one else has this exclusive capability.

Telegauge provides the product, software, airtime, billing and final information from a single source and you can be a BIG part of it. You stock NOTHING, just collect the checks.

We are paid by the manufacturer to support YOU and unlike other factories; we never bid against you, restrict you or take your deal. We help you with demo equipment, brochures, information, sales assistance, web advertising and user name/passwords for the website so that you don’t even need to buy anything to start up fast.

Contact us for a no-obligation CD of all the presentation and training material, price spreadsheets and information at: or for fast action call for a link to the Dealers Only page: 310-534-4456 and mention that you found out about it via Brad Dye’s Newsletter. You have nothing to lose and some great residual income to gain. Call or e-mail NOW.

Zetron Simulcast System

High-speed simulcast Paging with protocols such as POCSAG and FLEX™ requires microsecond accuracy to synchronize the transmission of digital Paging signals.

zetron simulcast

Zetron's Simulcast System uses GPS timing information to ensure that the broadcasted transmissions between the nodes of the Simulcast System and associated transmitters are synchronized to very tight tolerances.

This system is ideal for public or private Paging system operators that use multiple transmitters and wish to create new Paging systems or to build out existing systems into new regions. For more information about Zetron's High Speed Simulcast Paging System, the Model 600 and Model 620, go to: arrow CLICK HERE

Zetron, Inc.
P.O. Box 97004
Redmond, WA 98073-9704 USA
Tel: 425-820-6363
Fax: 425-820-7031
E-mail: left arrow CLICK HERE

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sun pagers

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   Sun Telecom International
   Suite 160
   5875 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
   Norcross, GA 30092 USA

Telephone: 800-811-8032 (toll free)
Telephone: 678-720-0303
Fax: 678-720-0302

Customers in Latin America may contact Brad Dye for price and delivery information. Español esta bien.

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 News Media Information 202 / 418-0500
TTY: 1-888-835-5322


DA 05-1362
May 25, 2005

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Postpones Until Fall 2005
Implementation of the Automated Feature in its Universal Licensing System
That Identifies Unconstructed Stations Resulting in Automatic Termination of Licenses
And Announces a New License Search on Build-Out Deadlines

     On January 21, 2005, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureau) issued a Public Notice (January Public Notice) announcing that it had initiated the development of an automated feature in its Universal Licensing System (ULS) for all Wireless Services1 that will identify those licenses, locations or frequencies for which a timely notice of construction or a request for an extension of the construction or coverage period has not been filed by the required deadline.2 Where the Wireless Service includes construction or coverage requirements and the licensee fails to submit a notice of construction or request an extension in a timely manner, ULS will both notify the licensee that its license, location or frequency has automatically terminated and will list the license, location or frequency on a weekly public notice as automatically terminated.3

ULS Automatic Termination Feature

     While the Bureau also stated in the January Public Notice that it anticipated implementing this automated feature in June 2005,4 we are postponing the implementation of the ULS automatic termination feature until Fall 2005, allowing additional time for licensees to submit late-filed construction notifications along with requests for waiver of the notification deadline. As we have previously stated, of the Bureau’s primary objectives prior to implementing the ULS automatic termination program is allow adequate time for outreach to the public to provide additional information about the automatic termination process. As part of that outreach, the Bureau stated in its January Public Notice that licensees that have met their construction or coverage requirement in a timely manner, but have failed to submit the required notifications, should file an FCC Form 601, Schedule K, together with a request for waiver of the rule section that requires timely filing of the notice.5 We again encourage have not yet submitted construction notifications to use this additional time to do so.

ULS Build-Out Deadline License Search

     The Bureau is also announcing that is has enhanced its ULS License Search by feature that searches on build-out deadlines. The new search, available this week, will locate licenses, locations, and frequencies where they have failed to submit a notice of timely manner or locate licenses with upcoming deadlines. Specifically, the Bureau has License Search feature in ULS allowing the public to locate licenses that have construction deadlines within a specific date range, not to exceed six months. Once the date range is search can be further customized by using a FCC Registration Number (FRN), licensee service, radio service group, or auction ID. In addition, the licensee can narrow the search or coverage deadlines for which a notice of construction has not been filed, deadlines for of construction has been accepted, or by using both criteria. The results will be displayed, license searches in ULS, at the license level and will include any license, any location within any frequency within a license that meets the search criteria. On a going forward basis, believes this enhanced License Search feature in ULS will assist licensees in filing notices in a timely manner.

Additional Information

     For information on construction or coverage requirements or how to file a notice or a request for an extension of time, visit the Web at Have a question? Visit the Web at or call the FCC Support Center at (877) (TTY 202-414-1255) and select Option #2, Forms or Licensing Assistance. Hours for Center are from 8 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except Federal provide quality service and ensure security, all telephone calls are recorded.

1 Wireless Services are listed in Section 1.901 of the Commission’s Rules, and include certain services under Parts 13, 20, 22, 24, 27, 74 (Subparts D, E, F, and H), 80, 87, 90, 95, 97, and 101 of Title 47. See 47 C.F.R. § 1.901.
2 Wireless Telecommunications Bureau to Enhance its Universal Licensing System to More Accurately Reflect Termination of Unconstructed Licenses, Public Notice, DA 05-137 (rel. Jan. 21, 2005).
3 The January 21, 2005 Public Notice describes in detail the complete ULS process that would lead to the automatic termination of a license, location or frequency in ULS. Public Notice at 1-2.
4 January Public Notice at 1.
5 January Public Notice at 2-3; 47 C.F.R. § 1.946(d).


Paging Seminar

Specially designed course for sales, marketing, and administration personnel. Engineers will only be admitted with a note signed by their mothers, promising that they will just listen and not disrupt the class. (This is supposed to be funny!)

This is a one-day training course on Paging that can be conducted at your place of business. Please take a look at the course outline to see if you think this might be beneficial in your employees: Paging Seminar outline. I would be happy to customize the content to meet your specific requirements.

Although it touches on several "technical" topics, it is definitely not a technical course. I used to teach the sales and marketing people at Motorola Paging and they appreciated an atmosphere where they could ask technical questions without being made to feel like a dummy and without getting a long convoluted overly-technical answer that left them more confused than before. A good learning environment is one that is non-threatening.

Let me know if you would like to receive a quotation, or if you would like to have any additional information.left arrow

Serving the Paging
Industry Since 1987
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CPR Technology
Tel: (718) 783-6000

ron mercer global
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Complete Technical Services For The
Communications and Electronics Industries
Design • Installation • Maintenance • Training

Ira Wiesenfeld, P.E.
Consulting Engineer
Registered Professional Engineer

Tel/Fax: 972-960-9336
Cell: 214-707-7711
7711 Scotia Dr.
Dallas, TX 75248-3112

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$500.00 FLAT RATE

TAPS—Texas Association of Paging Services is looking for partners on 152.480 MHz. Our association currently uses Echostar, formerly Spacecom, for distribution of our data and a large percentage of our members use the satellite to key their TXs. We have a CommOneSystems Gateway at the uplink in Chicago with a back-up running 24/7. Our paging coverage area on 152.480 MHz currently encompasses Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Kansas. The TAPS paging coverage is available to members of our Network on 152.480 MHz for $.005 a transmitter (per capcode per month), broken down by state or regions of states and members receive a credit towards their bill for each transmitter which they provide to our coverage. Members are able to use the satellite for their own use If you are on 152.480 MHz or just need a satellite for keying your own TXs on your frequency we have the solution for you.

TAPS will provide the gateways in Chicago, with Internet backbone and bandwidth on our satellite channel for $ 500.00 (for your system) a month.

Contact Ted Gaetjen @ 1-800-460-7243 or left arrow CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

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Brad King

The well-known sales manager at CalAmp (formerly Vytek/Sonik) is looking for a new position.
Please contact him directly.

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Jim Dombrouski

With 30 years experience, a seasoned wireless industry executive that has the unique blend of strategic planning skills, balanced with operational management experience.

You may download his resumé hereleft arrow

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Knowledgeable w/ Glenayre 3000L and Motorola paging infrastructure. Full-time salary including health benefits. RCC in Allentown, PA.

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Motorola 2-way Radio
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Wi-Fi, WiMax, and VoIP News

SyChip Unveils Syvoice Family Of Voip Solutions
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Monday, May 23 2005 @ 08:18 AM CDT

PLANO, Texas – SyChip is offering the VWLAN7100 Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) CSM, the first in its SyVoice™ family of products for feature phones, smart phones and PDA Phones. The VWLAN7100 CSM is a complete end-to-end Voice over Wireless LAN solution that can be quickly integrated into mobile phones to support the emerging dual-mode cellular and local area networks.

"SyVoice is our family of highly integrated and programmable modules that is targeted to the VoIP market. We're excited to release this product as the convergence of cellular and WLAN is rapidly taking hold in the wireless market space," said Moses Asom, co-founder and senior vice president of marketing and business development at SyChip. "We have one of the first products that is specifically targeted to the dual-mode cellular phone market."

The VWLAN7100 CSM is a complete plug-n-play solution that includes all the hardware and software necessary to add VoIP and data functions to a standard cell phone. The module allows a mobile phone to roam between a cellular network and a WLAN network, giving the user the flexibility to maintain the most cost effective voice connection. The module also allows a high-data-rate data connection over a WLAN network for standard data functions like Web browsing and email access.

"Market interest for dual-mode phones combining cellular and Mobile VoIP technology has seen an upward growth this year and will explode with adoption over the next few years," said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst of MobileTrax. "SyChip's SyVoice product offers an elegant combination of voice and Wi-Fi in a single module. The implementation of multiple filtering technologies and a VoIP engine deliver a solution that addresses both quality of voice and service, as well as an efficient use of battery power."

Long battery life is a critical requirement for mobile phone manufacturers. The SyVoice VoIP engine is optimized to reduce power dissipation by offloading all the functions necessary to maintain a VoIP call from the host processor. The VoIP engine consumes only 18mA of current during a call, allowing phones to have talk times of more than five hours and standby times in excess of 100 hours.

VWLAN7100 combines a VoIP processor and an 802.11b/g WLAN modem. The module is designed to easily interface with most baseband and application processors on the market. The module also incorporates software features such as a SIP 2.0 stack; VoCoders G.711, G.729AB, G.723, G.726, jitter buffer; call control functions including origination/termination, forwarding, waiting, hold, transfer and 3-way; audio control; and IPSEC. SyChip will provide the driver to support operating systems such as Rex®, Windows Mobile®, Linux®, Nucleus® and Symbian® Operating Systems.

The WLAN section of the CSM supports features such as WMM®, Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization critical for VoIP and multimedia applications, WPA2 (IEEE802.11i) security and Bluetooth co-existence.

Pricing and Availability

The VWLAN7100 will be available for general sampling in July and comes in a near Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package that allows for direct attachment to the main printed circuit board using industry standard surface mount technology. Pricing for the modules will be below $20 per unit in volumes of 10,000.

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Skype to be cash-flow positive in 2005

Wed May 25, 2005 08:11 AM ET

By Lucas van Grinsven and Astrid Wendlandt

PARIS (Reuters) - Internet phone services company Skype will launch new services this year, including video calls, cheap corporate calls and a dedicated Wi-Fi phone, and expects to be cash-flow positive in 2005, its chief executive said on Wednesday.

Niklas Zennstrom, head of the privately held Luxembourg-based company, said 39 million people were using its free software to make free calls over the Internet, while it was attracting 150,000 new clients every day without any advertising of its own.

Of those users, 1.4 million are also paying for services that allow them to make Skype calls from their computer to a normal phone, or from a normal phone to a Skype user, Zennstrom told the Reuters Telecoms, Media and Technology Summit.

Zennstrom, whose business is seen as one of the biggest threats facing telecoms operators, said take-up of the new pay services was progressing as expected.

Although subscribers only pay a few euros, these revenues would help to make the 2-year-old start-up cash-flow positive this year, he said.

"That's the case," he said, when asked if his company would be cash flow positive in 2005. The company has not yet given any indication about its profitability.

Source: Reuters


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