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FRIDAY - MAY 26, 2006 - ISSUE NO. 214

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brad dye
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jim brickett

“Tidewater Sunrise” © 2006—Photography With Imagination

by Jim Brickett

More Jim Brickett photos here and left arrow here too.


Help A Colleague With a Question

Subject: Paging Question
Date: May 25, 2006 7:42:21 AM CDT


I have a customer who has an old Motorola MPS2000. They have users with the old DCA Crosstalk terminal emulation program that do user /pager definition and maintenance. Well new versions of Windows and Crosstalk like each other less and less, so now they are looking for a new emulator that might do the job, and allow them to use a serial over IP port extender instead of dial-up. The emulation mode required is Televideo.

Was wondering if you might have run into this and have a good solution.


Jeffrey Silberberg
CompuDesigns, Inc.
Atlanta, GA. 30350
(770) 399-9464
As soon as I know the answers, They change the questions !

PTC Meeting Next Week In Myrtle Beach

From: Stephen Oshinsky stephen oshinsky
Subject: Agenda
Date: May 25, 2006 8:31:47 AM CDT

I want to thank everyone for their continued support of the Paging Technical Committee and look forward to seeing everyone who will be coming to the meeting next week in Myrtle Beach. Our meeting is sponsored by United Communications Corp. and I want everyone to give them a big thanks for their support. Due to their generosity we will be starting at 8:30 AM with a continental breakfast in Atlantic 3. We will end with a lunch in Atlantic 1 for PTC attendees.

Here is the agenda for the meeting: [Wednesday, May 31]

8:30 AMContinental Breakfast
9:00 AMOpen welcome
Acceptance of Last meeting's minutes
Subcommittee reports
Discussion of Emergency Alerting System (EAS) and the Paging Industry's Role
Call for New Business
Next Meeting discussion
12 NoonLunch


Stephen M. Oshinsky
Technical Advisory

stephen oshinsky


New England Amateur Radio Volunteers Wrap Up after Flooding

Matt Chaves, KB1FLH, types an ARES activation report at the Peabody chapter of the American Red Cross.

Dave Belsky, K1DBB, Red Cross Communications Officer, looks on while Jim Palmer, KB1KQW, and Matt Dempsey, KB1MRH, coordinate the activation from the Beverly chapter of the American Red Cross.

In Peabody, Massachusetts, Gardner Street suffered much damage, including downed trees and power lines.

A neighborhood restaurant under water.

Many towns in Massachusetts were greatly affected by the flooding, the worst the area has seen in more than 70 years.

NEWINGTON, CT, May 24, 2006—Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteers have been wrapping up response-phase operations in the wake of major flooding earlier this month in New England, as well as assisting in damage assessment operations. The flooding in southeastern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts has been called the region's worst in 70 years.

On Saturday, May 20, the Northeast Red Cross Chapter, through David Belsky, K1DBB, Red Cross Communications Officer, requested ARES support for vehicle-to-vehicle communication to help facilitate the distribution of cleanup and care kits to several North Shore communities. The North Shore comprises coastal communities north of Boston. The Gloucester 145.13 repeater was utilized through the permission of Charles Anderson, WI1U, the repeater's trustee, and net control was established at the Town of Bridgewater EOC. Eastern Massachusetts ARES was given open access to the EOC through the efforts of Herb Lemon, KC1ZW, the town's Emergency Management Director, and Carl Aveni, N1FY, the Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Assistant Section Manager and South Shore ARES District Emergency Coordinator.

"We are lucky to have a strong relationship with the Bridgewater EMA and to have the EOC as a hub for Eastern Massachusetts ARES Emergency Communications when required," Aveni said.

Just when flood operations were winding down, the first widespread severe weather outbreak of 2006 began later that evening. This resulted in SKYWARN self-activating to support reports of damaging winds and large hail for the region.

Recounted Eastern Massachusetts Section Emergency Coordinator Rob Macedo, KD1CY, "The incident happened so quickly, we self-activated our nets and fed reports of damaging winds and large hail via the spotter line and the Web as there was not enough time to get to the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Taunton, Massachusetts to activate the station once things started happening." Macedo, who's also SKYWARN coordinator, said he and Steve Silvestre, KB1NAR, deployed to the Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association (SEMARA) club station W1AEC to reach repeaters across the county warning area to forward criteria reports to the NWS in Taunton from the various nets.

Reports of downed trees and wires, including some that had fallen on cars and houses, were received in eastern and central Massachusetts. Penny to quarter-sized hail was reported in communities in northern Connecticut, Rhode Island and central and eastern Massachusetts along with scattered small power outages. There were also reports of a waterspout offshore of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and a waterspout over a lake in Hardwick, Massachusetts at the Barre Sportsman Club. SKYWARN nets took to the airwaves on almost a dozen repeaters in the NWS Taunton County warning area.

"This was the last thing that was needed after the floods last week. Thankfully, the weather is expected to be quiet this week," Macedo said. "We've had a long 10-day siege of activations during and after the floods and then the severe weather event from Sunday." On May 21, a brief but intense F2 tornado was reported in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, about five miles north of the NWS Taunton County warning area.

Four injuries were reported in the NWS Taunton County warning area as a result of the severe weather on May 21.

The weather has been dry and cool this week in Southern New England and a warming trend has been predicted toward the Memorial Day weekend, providing a welcome break from ARES and SKYWARN activations in the region.

—Rob Macedo, KD1CY

Source: ARRL


Vonage IPO Points to VoIP Weaknesses

by Shihoko Goto
May 25, 2006

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2006 (UPI)—So much for thinking telecoms might be going back to the heydays of 1999.

After much fanfare, Internet telephone provider Vonage launched its initial public offering Wednesday, only to fall flat on its face. What's more, disappointment with Vonage's Wall Street debut has made some companies reconsider the timing of their own IPOs.

While many start-ups collapsed spectacularly with the dot-com bubble in 2001, some of the biggest losses were seen in the telecommunications sector, as companies invested heavily in costly technologies that were then no longer needed on such a vast scale. Since then, however, with the surge in mobile and online communications in particular, hopes had been high for a resurgence of the industry once again.

Yet Vonage's IPO proved to be the most disappointing among the public offerings offered over the past two years, as its share price tumbled 13 percent on its first day of trading on the Nasdaq exchange. The offering had been priced at $17 per share, but the stock actually ended the trading day at $14.85. As a result, the $531 million IPO led to a net loss of $67.5 million on the first day of trading, despite the fact that the company has enjoyed considerable attention from investors and has attracted over 1.6 million subscribers to its broadband telephone service since it started operating in 2001.

The company has declined to comment about the performance, as it observes the period of not making any public statements as imposed by federal regulators when an offering goes public.

Still, the fact that company had made a net loss of $85.2 million over a revenue of $118.9 million in the first quarter could not have made many investors bullish about Vonage. In addition, while Voice over Internet Protocol is becoming increasingly popular, it is also becoming an ever more competitive market as well. Luxembourg-based Skype has been dominated the field, but it was bought out by online auction house eBay last year. In addition, other Internet giants including Yahoo! and Google have been stepping up efforts to get into the market, while cable companies too have been preparing to offer VoIP as well. Furthermore, Skype's announcement earlier this month that it will be providing its services entirely free of charge to users in the United States and Canada has made many analysts question how profits can be made in Internet telephone, even though its popularity continues to rise steadily.

In the meantime, some companies have announced that they are postponing their IPOs, in part due to their concerns about the disappointing performance of Vonage and signs that investors are less willing to take on risks.

In Britain, two major companies, foreign exchange data service provider CMC Markets and Sigma Capital Investments, said they would hold off listing their offerings until the London markets were less volatile.

Source: The Post-Chronicle

Vistula involved in Mexico VoIP offering

MEXICO CITY, May 25 (UPI)—Mexican telecom provider Protel i-Next has selected Vistula Communications to provide VoIP solutions for Protel's latest service offerings.

The Vistula V-Cube IP-PBX Voice over Internet Protocol solution will be launched in Mexico in the second half of 2006 and will be made available to Protel's customer base of call centers, cable operators and small- and medium-sized enterprises, Vistula said Thursday.

"We will provide our customers with significant savings on their domestic and international long distance phone calls," said Protel Marketing Director Alejandro Pineda Mathus. "We chose Vistula's V-Cube IP PBX technology as the platform for these products for its scalability, low cost of entry and advanced features."

Vistula is based in the United States and provides hosted VoIP services to a number of international telecoms, including Mexico's IUSACom.

Source: United Press International


Don't forget—no newsletter next week due to the AAPC convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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