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FRIDAY - JUNE 30, 2006 - ISSUE NO. 218

Dear friends of Wireless Messaging,

It has been a lively week. I have been calling around trying to find out what the leaders of our industry are planning to do in response to the FCC's NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making) and request for comments as reported last week. One reader has already sent in a copy of his comments to the FCC. See them on page three. I am sure we will have some interesting things to read in the coming weeks and months.

Regular readers know that I have been strongly promoting the idea that we do everything possible to counter the mistaken notion that Paging technology is obsolete. For a while I thought that maybe I was pushing too much and starting to sound like a broken record. Now that Paging has been officially recognized by the Katrina Panel as more reliable and more efficient than cell phones and other radio communications technology, we have a golden opportunity to get this message out to the public and maybe pick up a significant amount of business from Early Responders and even concerned citizens as well.

I remain convinced that One-way Paging should be incorporated into our national Emergency Alerting System (EAS), and that Two-way Paging should be used by every early responder—either as a primary means of communication or as a backup.

The Rumor Mill

The word rumor comes from Latin; it means "noise." There has been a lot of noise on my telephone this week. Since I have not been able to confirm one of the more interesting rumors, I will just tell you that it concerns the acquisition of another major Wireless Messaging company. I hope that one comment along with this rumor is not true because it represents a business strategy that I find totally disgusting: "Milk the cow and then sell the carcass."

Another rumor that I can confirm is:

Dave Andersen, former Regional President for Arch Wireless will become President and Chief Operating Officer of American Messaging Services, Inc. (AMSI) on July 5th. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Dave in person, but I want to wish him good luck and lots of success in this important new assignment. Dave comes with one of the highest recommendations that a manager can receive—that is when the people who have worked for him previously, say that he is a "great guy" and very professional.

For all the readers here in the USA, please accept my best wishes for a safe and happy 4th of July.

Now on to more news and views.

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FCC Launches Proceeding On Katrina Panel Proposals

BloostonLaw Telecom Update
Vol. 9, No. 26
June 28, 2006

The FCC last week adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to implement the recommendations of the Independent Panel Reviewing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks. The Independent Panel’s recommendations are organized into four areas: (1) pre-positioning the communications industry and the government for disasters to achieve greater network reliability and resiliency; (2) improving recovery coordination to address existing shortcoming and to maximize the use of existing resources; (3) improving the operability and interoperability of public safety and 911 communications in times of crisis; and (4) improving communication of emergency information to the public. The Commission seeks broad comment on the Independent Panel’s recommendations.

Pre-Positioning for Disasters: The Independent Panel notes that the sheer force of Hurricane Katrina and the extensive flooding tested the reliability and resiliency of the networks in the Gulf Coast region. The Independent Panel recommends establishing a “Readiness Checklist” that would include developing formal business continuity plans, conducting training exercises, developing suitable plans and procedures, and maintaining pre-positioned supplies and equipment to help in disaster response.

The FCC seeks comment on whether it should rely on checklists developed by industry groups such as the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC) and the Media Security and Reliability Council (MSRC), or on other measures. The Independent Panel recommends that the FCC establish a prioritized system of automatically waiving regulatory requirements, or of granting automatic Special Temporary Authority (STA) in certain instances, and provides a list of specific Commission requirements. The FCC seeks comment on this recommendation, and other areas where regulatory relief would be appropriate.

Recovery Coordination: The Independent Panel observed significant challenges to maintenance and restoration of communications services after Hurricane Katrina due in part to problems with access to the affected area and key resources such as power and/or generator fuel. The Independent Panel generally supports the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee’s (NSTAC’s) credentialing recommendations for a national standard for credentialing repair workers. However, the Panel advocates expanding the NSTAC recommendation to include repair workers of all communications infrastructure (e.g., wireline, wireless, cable, broadcasting, satellite, Internet). The Panel recommends that the FCC work with other agencies to promptly develop national credentialing requirements to enable communications infrastructure providers and their contracted workers to access affected areas post-disaster. Additionally, the Panel recommends that the FCC work with Congress to implement the NSTAC recommendation that telecommunications infrastructure providers be designated “emergency responders” under the Stafford Act and that this designation be incorporated into the National Response Plan and state and local emergency plans. The FCC seeks comment on these recommendations.

First Responder Communications: The Independent Panel recommends that the Commission encourage state and local jurisdictions to retain and maintain a cache of equipment components that would be needed to immediately restore existing public safety communications within hours of a disaster. Such a cache of prepositioned equipment would include RF gear (e.g., Internet Protocol (IP) gateways, dispatch consoles, etc.), trailers, tower system components (e.g., antenna systems and hydraulic masts), backup power equipment and fuel). The FCC seeks comment on these recommendations and on the capabilities and content of prepositioned equipment, as well as the functionalities most critical to support in the early stages of a crisis.

Comments are also sought on the following:

700 MHz Public Safety Systems: The Independent Panel also recommends that the Commission encourage the expeditious development of regional plans for the use of 700 MHz public safety systems and to move promptly to review and approve such plans.

911 and E911 Service: The Independent Panel recommends that the FCC encourage the implementation of certain NRIC best practices intended to promote the reliability and resiliency of the 911 and E911 architecture. In particular, the Independent Panel recommends that service providers and network operators consider placing and maintaining 911 circuits over diverse interoffice transport facilities and ensure availability of emergency backup power capabilities (located onsite, when appropriate). The Panel further recommends that network operators consider deploying dual active 911 selective router architectures as a means of eliminating single points of failure. The Panel also recommends that network operators, service providers, equipment suppliers, and public safety authorities establish alternative methods of communication for critical personnel.

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs): The Independent Panel recommends the designation of a secondary backup PSAP that is more than 200 miles away to answer calls when the primary and secondary PSAPs are disabled.

Emergency Alert System: The Independent Panel makes several recommendations to improve use of the Emergency Alert System.

Comments will be due 30 days after publication of the EB Docket No. 06-119 item in the Federal Register, and replies will be due 15 days thereafter.

BloostonLaw contacts: Hal Mordkofsky, Ben Dickens, Gerry Duffy, and John Prendergast.

Source: Blooston, Mordkofsky, Dickens, Duffy and Prendergast, LLP

For additional information, contact Hal Mordkofsky at (202) 828-5520 or

Verizon to shut off Airfone service

By Kelly Hill
Jun 26, 2006

NEW YORK—Phones stored in the back of airplane seats operated by Verizon Communications Inc. will be shut down by the end of this year.

Verizon plans to shut down much of its Airfone business, which has been offering air-to-ground communications for about 20 years, in order to focus on its wireline, wireless and broadband operations, according to Airfone spokeswoman Julie Baron. Airlines that offer Airfone service to passengers include United, Continental and U.S. Airways.

“We’re working with our customers, the airlines, to have a customized transition plan with each of them,” said Baron.

However, Baron noted, Airfone service will continue to be available for general aviation customers including the U.S. government, the military and corporate aircraft.

Verizon Airfone dropped out of the Federal Communications Commission’s recent air-to-ground 800 megahertz spectrum auction; the two winning bidders were AC BidCo L.L.C., an affiliate of AirCell Inc., with a 3 megahertz license; and JetBlue’s LiveTV L.L.C., with a 1 megahertz license. LiveTV has to wait until Verizon Airfone vacates the spectrum—which must happen by 2010—in order to use it.

Source: RCR Wireless News

Microsoft Aims to Advance Unified Communications

By Susan Rush
June 26, 2006

Microsoft Corporation is teaming with a host of companies — including Motorola, Siemens Communications and HP — in an effort to advance the adoption of a unified communications platform.

The overarching goal, according to Microsoft, is to use a unified communications platform to "break down today's silos of e-mail, instant messaging, mobile and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephony, and audio-, video- and web=conferencing." The company is working with its partners to integrate communication into user's work processes, such as the Microsoft Office system as well as third-party software applications.

Under the terms of its expanded deal with Siemens, the companies intend to continue to integrate technologies by leveraging the Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Live Communications Server. As part of the latest collaborative effort, Siemens will integrate Siemens HiPath 8000 softswitch real-time telephony with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Live Communications Server using the OpenScape communications broker capability.

From the wireless front, Motorola has signed on to deliver mobile devices and network hardware based on Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communicator Mobile that integrate with Motorola's MotoPro Mobility Suite and Wireless Services Manager (WSM) products. The integration will enable users to communicate and collaborate across heterogeneous access networks, the companies say.

The first such device offered by Motorola will be the Motorola HC700 series rugged mobile computing devices and the Motorola Q smartphone.

Meanwhile, HP has been called on to deliver hardware devices and systems integration services for new and enhanced products based on Microsoft's unified communications platform.

Source: Wireless Week

Motient Announces Sale of Its Legacy Wireless Business; Transaction Includes Terrestrial DataTac Network and iMotient Solutions Platform

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. —(Business Wire)— June 22, 2006 — Motient Corporation (MNCP) announced today that various subsidiaries of the Company signed an asset purchase agreement with Geologic Solutions, Inc. and one of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Logo Acquisition Corporation.

Under the agreement, Motient will sell the majority of its assets relating to its terrestrial business, including its legacy narrowband DataTac network and its new iMotient Solutions platform, to Logo. Additionally, Logo will assume most of the post-closing liabilities relating to the terrestrial business. The assets and liabilities being transferred are limited to those that relate to the current operations of Motient's terrestrial wireless network, and do not include any assets or liabilities related to TerreStar Networks Inc. (TerreStar) or Mobile Satellite Ventures LP (MSV).

Logo will pay Motient a nominal cash amount, and assume most of the post-closing liabilities associated with the purchased assets, as well as certain of the costs of the employees that Logo will transition from Motient. The Company estimates that the transaction will save Motient a material amount in total future operating costs.

Following the completion of this transaction as well as the final completion of the pending transaction announced on May 8, 2006 with SkyTerra to consolidate the ownership of MSV and TerreStar, Motient's active operating business would essentially be that of TerreStar's.

"We believe that this transaction is another step in the right direction for our shareholders," said Christopher Downie, Chief Operating Officer of Motient. "While we have made material strides in reducing the cost structure associated with our legacy DataTac network and are achieving positive growth in our iMotient product, these businesses are no longer a core asset to the company.

"Over the past few years, we have been refocusing our business strategy and corporate resources towards our interests in the satellite communications companies, TerreStar Networks Inc. and Mobile Satellite Ventures LP. By effectively transferring our legacy assets out of the Company, we believe that Motient will be better positioned to focus solely on assisting TerreStar and MSV execute on their respective strategic plans."

The closing of the transaction contemplated hereby will be subject to customary closing conditions, including FCC and other approvals. Accordingly, Motient cannot assure you that these transactions will close on the terms outlined here, if at all.

About Motient Corporation:

Motient is also the controlling shareholder of TerreStar Networks Inc., a development-phase satellite communications company, and a minority shareholder of Mobile Satellite Ventures LP, an established satellite communications company. TerreStar and MSV are both in the process of developing next-generation hybrid networks that plan to provide ubiquitous wireless service by integrating land-based towers and powerful satellites. These new networks will deliver services to standard wireless devices everywhere in North America. For additional information on Motient, please visit the company's website at

Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act:

This press release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, with respect to the strategy of Motient, its plans, and the transactions described in this press release. Such statements generally include words such as could, can, anticipate, believe, expect, seek, pursue, proposed, potential and similar words and terms in connection with futures results, including the transactions described in this press release. Such forward-looking statements are subject to the following uncertainties: the ability of the parties to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals, including without limitation, actions by the Federal Communications Commission, and other factors impacting the parties ability to consummate the transactions and realize the cost savings discussed. We assume no obligation to update or supplement such forward-looking statements.

Source: TMCnet


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Patent Pending

Designed with the ISP, Data Center, or Co-location facility in mind, the NH8 allows you to reboot locked up equipment from 8 individual time delay programmable outlets. The 15 amp power outlets are activated remotely allowing for full power-off reboots and remote site equipment management. All Nighthawk products are shipped to you pre-programmed to paging signals in your region and ready to install immediately.



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GTES has recently made the strategic decision to expanding its development activities to include wireless location technologies; a market that researchers forecast could reach $3.6 billion by 2010. In support of this new strategic direction, GTES has developed SHERLOC™ a complete one-stop wireless location service, providing the flexibility of being protocol neutral and network agnostic. Targeted at business customers who need to track their high-value shipments or better manage their service or delivery fleets, SHERLOC™ is a hosted application that combines configuration flexibility with ease of use.

GTES is offering SHERLOC™ services both directly and through authorized resellers. If your company has an interest in finding out how location services can enhance your revenue stream, and has the contacts and expertise to make you successful in the location marketplace, please contact us for further information at and select “Reseller Opportunities,” or call us at 770-754-1666 for more information.
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GTES is the only Glenayre authorized software support provider in the Paging industry. With over 200 years of combined experience in Glenayre hardware and software support, GTES offers the industry the most professional support and engineering development staff available.

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  • Replace Outdated, UNLICENSED Paging Terminals
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See the Prism Paging video

Streaming Video from the
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  • System Design, Integration/Interface Specials, Pre-install Staging/Configuration
  • On-Site Installation, Documentation and Technical/Administrative Training
  • RF Coverage Prediction, “Drive Test” Verification & Simulcast Delay Optimization
  • Domestic and International Project Support

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We at Unication have listened and delivered.


M90™ Messenger™—Our newest ReFLEX 2-Way Advanced Messaging solution. Finally the Industry has a true replacement for the Motorola T900 but with more features and improved RF performance.

  • One-Way Pagers
    • Alpha Elite and Alpha Gold—Our top of the line FLEX™ / POCSAG, 4-line alphanumeric pagers with an identical user interface and comparable RF performance to the Motorola Elite and Gold pagers.
    • NP88—Our newest numeric FLEX / POCSAG pager with the best backlight in the Industry.
  • Telemetry
    • We offer RF and decoding solutions.
alpha elitealpha goldnumeric

About Unication Co., Ltd.

  • A Taiwan company founded in 1992 with extensive experience designing and manufacturing paging and broadband products.
  • An ODM to major telecommunications companies.
  • More than 300 associates worldwide with Engineering Design Centers in Taipei, China and Vancouver, BC.  The engineering team has years of experience in wireless systems, embedded SW, RF design and protocols for infrastructure and pagers.
  • Our Accelerated Life Testing facility ensures the highest quality of products for our customers.
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified
  • Fully licensed by Motorola for product design technology and the FLEX Family of Protocols.
  • Sales and Engineering support office in Arlington, Texas.
unication logo

  Contact Information

  Kirk Alland
  Unication USA
  1901 E. Lamar Blvd
  Arlington, TX 76006
  (817) 926-6771

Unication USA
Hark Technologies

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Wireless Communication Solutions

isi image

ISI-LX Internet Serial Interface with Protocol Conversion

  • Converts Serial TAP message to SNPP, SMTP, or WCTP
  • Pass through Serial Data to TCP/IP and TCP/IP back to Serial
  • Supports Ethernet or PPP Connection to Internet w/Dial Backup
  • Includes 4 Serial Ports for Multiplexing Traffic
isi image

IPG Internet Paging Gateway

  • No Moving Parts Such as Hard Drives or Fans to Fail
  • Supports 10Base-T Network Connection to Internet
  • Accepts HTTP, SMTP, SNPP, and WCTP from Internet
  • Sends TAP or TNPP to Your Paging Terminal


  • Inexpensive method of automating your paging monitoring
  • Uses standard paging receiver
  • Available in 152-158 POCSAG or 929 FLEX (call for others)
omega image

Omega Unified Messaging Server

  • Full Featured Internet Messaging Gateway
  • TAP Concentrator and TNPP Routing Functions w/TNPP over Internet
  • Serial Protocols Supported: GCP, SMDI, SMS, TAP, TNPP
  • Internet Protocols Supported: AIM, HTTP, SMPP (out only), SMTP, SNPP, and WCTP
  • Full Featured, Easy-to-use Voice/Fax/Numeric Mail Interface
  • One Number For All Your Messaging
  • Optional Hot-swap Hard Drives and Power Supplies Available

Please see our web site for even more products designed specifically for Personal Messaging carriers. For example, the Omega Messaging Gateway and Email Throttling Gateway (anti-spam).

Hark Technologies
3507 Iron Horse Dr., Bldg 200
Ladson, SC 29456
Tel: 843-285-7200
Fax: 843-285-7220
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Hark Technologies

Bush to DHS: Update EAS

Date posted: 2006-06-27

President Bush wants public warning systems - including the Emergency Alert System - updated and Congress has set aside $25 million over three years to do it.

An EAS observer told RW Online, "The first and most important thing to spend the money on should be a nationwide needs assessment of the EAS infrastructure to see what works, what is broken and what has never been built."

In an executive order, the White House ordered Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, along with along with the Defense Department, the Commerce Department and the FCC, to update public alert mechanism, including EAS and integrate public warnings with other devices, such as cell phones, pagers and PDAs.

The money spearheaded for the issue will be used for pilot studies, such as sending alerts as text messages to pagers, according to the DHS.

The plan by Bush closely tracks suggestions made by EAS proponents over the past few years. Indeed, the SBE, in comments to the FCC as part of the pending EAS proceeding, supported infrastructure to bring about state and regional coordination improvements by embedding alerts in the digital stream, thereby opening the door for warnings to not interrupt programming, according to one EAS observer.

NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton told RW Online, "We support strengthening the EAS system, to the extent that it's flexible, reasonable and works within the constraints of the existing system."

Source: RW Online

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