AAPC Wireless Forum 2007 — Various Photos

scott forsythe
Scott Forsythe — AAPC President
SelectPath d/b/a Contact Wireless
Englewood, Colorado
brake parchman
Gary Brake (L) & Louis Parchman (R)
AAPC Board of Directors
National Pager Services - United Communications
bruce deer
Bruce Deer — past AAPC President
former SkyTel President
bruce deer
Bruce receives a plaque for a job well done
A nice guy — liked and respected by all
bill eisele
Bill Eisele (Mr. “E”) — AAPC Board of Directors
Indiana Paging Network
mike lyons
Mike Lyons — AAPC Board alternate
Indiana Paging Network
linda hoover
Linda Hoover — AAPC Executive Director
Wilmington, North Carolina
ken hardman
Ken Hardman, Esq. — AAPC General Counsel
Moir & Hardman - Washington, DC
ron mercer
Ron Mercer — Speaker
Wireless Consultant par excellence
roy pottle
Roy Pottle — AAPC Board of Directors
American Messaging Services
dr dietmar gollnick
Dr. Dietmar Gollnick — Speaker
e*Message Wireless Information Services
Berlin, Germany
derek banner
Derek Banner — Speaker
European Mobile Messaging Association
London, England
mark crosby
Mark Crosby — Speaker
Enterprise Wireless Association
dr bernie dahl
Dr. Bernie Dahl — Keynote Speaker
Surviving, Then Thriving
tim jones
Tim Jones — AAPC Secretary/Treasurer
SouthernNet Association—MPW Paging
trace morris
Trace Morris — Speaker
Morris Wireless - Greenville, South Carolina
stephen oshinsky
Stephen Oshinsky — Speaker
PTC Chair - AAPC Board Member - SkyTel
cathy rammelsberg
Cathy Rammelsberg — Speaker
St. Luke's Hospital - Cedar Rapids Iowa
jim weichman
Jim Weichman — Speaker
City of Richmond, Virginia
mark youungblood
Mark Allen Youngblood — Speaker
Duke Energy - Charlotte, North Carolina
PTC — Paging Technical Committee meeting

Sincere apologies to all the beautiful people who didn't get their picture taken or whose eyes were closed.


Thank You.

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