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FRIDAY - JANUARY 16, 2009 - ISSUE NO. 343

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Dear Friends of Wireless,

We are having some real winter-weather here in Central Illinois this week. It has been down to -10º F. and adding in the wind chill factor that has equaled -35º at times. Good weather to stay inside with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some chili for supper. That's a strange custom we have here, we refer to the three daily meals as "breakfast," "dinner," and "supper." I don't know if they call the mid-day meal "dinner" in other parts of the country, but they do here. I think that comes from farmers having their big meal in the middle of the day. They need the extra energy while working so hard in the fields. I don't know what my grandfathers would think if they could see modern-day farmers riding in giant air-conditioned tractors, with computers, cell phones, stereos, and GPS equipment.

Speaking of Illinois, I got a good e-mail joke the other day from my friend Jim Nelson. He is from Illinois, although I don't know if he will admit it. Ha.

illinois license plate

For our readers outside of the USA. This license plate has the photos of one former Illinois Governor and the current Governor. The former one is in prison, and we hope the current one will be going there soon. Our license plates are made in prison by the inmates. The phrase at the bottom of the plate says, "Where our Governors Make Our License Plates" — a new slogan for our state?

Interesting news this week as our old federal government goes out and the new one gets ready to come in. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin will be stepping down and Julius Genachowski will be taking his place. Read more about it below.

I would like to welcome Canamex Communications Corporation to our much appreciated list of advertisers. Check out their sharp new ad below.

Now on to more news and views.

brad dye
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Editorial Policy: The opinions expressed here are my own and DO NOT reflect the opinions or policies of any of the advertisers, supporters, contributors, the AAPC (American Association of Paging Carriers, or the EWA (Enterprise Wireless Alliance). As a general rule, I publish opposing opinions, even when I have to substitute "----" for some of the off-color words. This is a public forum for the topics covered, and all views are welcome (so far). Clips of news that I find on the Internet always include a link to the source and just because I report on a given topic or opinion doesn't mean that I agree with it.

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 aapc logo AAPC Bulletin • 866-301-2272
The Voice of US Paging Carriers

global paging convention

Letter from AAPC President

Thank you for your membership and continued support of the American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC). As you know, AAPC is the national association dedicated to representing and advancing the paging industry and other paging-related technologies. Your membership dues enable us to provide a unified front to ensure that paging continues to survive through our regulatory and advocacy efforts. Representing a smaller carrier, I know we must constantly evaluate where our dollars are spent. I urge you to continue your participation in AAPC, as it is critical to our overall success.

As an association, we highlight paging to end users and the FCC, as a time-tested and proven technology that is deployed extensively throughout the United States, providing the most affordable and reliable solution for emergency wireless communications. As a result of AAPC Counsel Ken Hardman’s outstanding watchdog efforts, we have protected the industry from potentially harmful FCC rules and made great progress advocating in the best interest of paging carriers. The major regulatory accomplishments include:

  • Successfully urging the FCC to continue its freeze on the level of annual regulatory fees paid by paging carriers and to consider lowering those fees in the future
  • Successfully fighting an attempt by AT&T and Verizon to push Universal Service Fund (USF) assessment rules through the FCC this year that would have drastically increased USF fees paid by virtually all paging carriers
  • Successfully urging the FCC to adopt Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS) rules encouraging paging carrier participation in CMAS

AAPC has had a good year, welcoming several new members. As part of our affiliation with EWA, we co-hosted a successful conference in Scottsdale, Arizona last month, and those that attended appreciated several educational sessions and networking opportunities. We also launched the “First Page,” a quarterly article in Enterprise Wireless magazine that focuses solely on paging and related technologies.

We are very excited to announce the first Global Paging Convention, June 17 – 19, at the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal, Canada, which we are hosting with our European counterpart, the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA). This will be a paging-focused event and will attract a global audience comprised of carriers, manufacturers, suppliers, and resellers. If you are in the industry – you will not only want to, but need to be at this premier event. If you only get to attend one event – plan now for June in Montreal. Remember to check for details.

The value of AAPC membership has never been more evident than during the last year. With your continued involvement and support, AAPC is on the front line promoting your business and our industry. Thank you for a productive 2008. I’m looking forward to your continued participation and support in the new year.

scott forsythe's signature
Scott Forsythe
President, AAPC

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Thank you to those members who have already paid their 2009 membership fees. Your continued support and participation is greatly appreciated. You should have already received your 2009 invoice. If you did not receive yours or you wish to join and need an application, please contact Linda at left arrow


Thanks to our Gold Vendor member!

PRISM Paging

Thanks to our Silver Vendor Members!
isc technologies
ISC Technologies, Inc.
recurrent software
Recurrent Software Solutions, Inc.
Unication USA

Thanks to our Bronze Member Vendors!

AAPC Executive Director
441 N. Crestwood Drive
Wilmington, NC 28405
Tel: 866-301-2272
AAPC Regulatory Affairs Office
Suite 250
2154 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20007-2280
Tel: 202-223-3772
Fax: 202-315-3587

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FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski: Obama Selects Former Harvard Classmate

Reuters — January 12, 2009 10:39 PM

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has selected Julius Genachowski, a technology executive and former classmate from Harvard Law School, to lead the Federal Communications Commission, a Democratic source said on Monday.

Genachowski served as chief counsel for former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, the chairman under former President Bill Clinton, and held various positions at IAC/InterActiveCorp, as well as other technology posts.

Source: The Huffington Post

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NOTIFYall Zetron Inc.  

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unication Is It Possible To
Improve On The
Alpha GOLD?


three colors
  • Greater SPL (louder alert audio)
  • Increased cap codes:
    • Elegant = 8 (32 Functional Addresses)
    • Legend = 16 (64 functional Addresses)
  • 16 Alert Tone Options
  • New Vibrate Alerting Options
  • Selectable Alert per Functional Address
  • Simultaneous Vibrate+Alert feature (just like cell phones)
  • On/Off Duty—allows User to determine which Functional Addresses they want to be alerted on
  • Wide Band and Narrow Band

Unication USA 817-303-9320

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call to order nowquikpager

The same reliable QUIKPAGER that you have used for years!

Stand-alone remote alphanumeric entry device with internal modem to dial-up and connect to paging terminals to deliver messages in TAP protocol.

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Combine your commercial paging service with onsite paging using the same QUIKPAGER keyboard!


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PageRouter Networks
Give your customers the power of PageRouter to unify messaging and increase productivity.
In operation at Hospitals and Factories since 2004


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Canamex Communications Corporation
Providing technology to the paging industry since 1989




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Motorola plans another round of layoffs

January 14, 2009 6:40 PM PST

Motorola announced Wednesday that it plans to cut another 4,000 jobs, or about 6 percent of its workforce, and warned that weaker-than-expected handset sales would lead to a fourth-quarter loss.

Motorola said 3,000 jobs would be eliminated from its handset unit, while another 1,000 jobs would be cut from the rest of the company. The cuts announced Wednesday are in addition to 3,000 job cuts Motorola announced in October as part of a broader restructuring that also halted the launch of many upcoming phones.

"The actions we are taking today in our Mobile Devices business will allow us to further reduce our cost structure and positions us for improved financial performance in 2009," Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive officer of Motorola, said in a statement. "Together with these actions and the announcements made in the fourth quarter, the Mobile Devices business expects to recognize annual cost savings of approximately $1.2 billion in 2009."

"Additionally, we are making good progress in developing important new smart phones for 2009 and are pleased with the positive response from our customers to these new devices," he said.

Motorola expects the latest cost-cutting to result in $700 million in new savings, which when combined with a previously announced plan for $800 million in cuts, brings the total projected savings to $1.5 billion for 2009. The company also warned that its fourth-quarter revenue would come in between $7 billion and $7.2 billion, short of the $7.5 billion analysts had been expecting.

Motorola, which has seen its global handset market share steadily decline, reported sales of 19 million phones, down from 25.4 million in the third quarter and 40.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Jha, who had been a top executive at Qualcomm, was hired last August to turn around the company's struggling handset business. But even with good leadership Motorola's battle for survival will likely be made more difficult by the current state of the world economy.

Motorola recently postponed the planned spin-off of the handset division into its own company.

Source: CNET News

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shooting alert

The new RAVENAlert answers the need for a fast, intelligent, and dependable indoor alerting device. Features include:

  • High volume audible alert.
  • Large backlit screen.
  • Clear voice via new text to speech technology.
  • Compact Size. 5.5 X 5 inches
  • Easy wall mount or sits upright on any flat surface
  • Battery or line powered
  • Vast grouping capability
  • FLEX or POCSAG in all frequency bands
  • UL Listed


Public Schools
Industrial Facilities
Military Bases
Fire Departments

The new RAVEN-500 series of high decibel alerting products allows for dynamic alerting and voice messaging for indoor and outdoor areas. Perfect for athletic fields, indoor gymnasiums, large retail stores and outdoor common areas.


raven logo

Phone: 623-582-4592

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Chapter 11 bankruptcy: What now for Nortel?


January 14 2009 - 11:09 am ET
Gary E. Salazar
RCR Wireless News

Mike Zafirovski, Nortel CEO, addressed the company's bankruptcy filing in a video posted on Nortel's Web site.


Click here to watch Zafirovski's video.

Upon its filing for bankruptcy, the future for Nortel Networks Corp. looks cloudy, as analysts now speculate whether the company can stay in business, sell assets or even be bought out by a competitor.

The Canadian telecommunications giant filed for bankruptcy today for protection from creditors in Canada, United States and Europe.

Mike Zafirovski, Nortel CEO and president, said in a video message on the company’s Web site that the current economic climate, high debt and an expensive cost structure pushed the company into seeking legal protection as it restructures its operations.

The company’s stock has also been trading for less than a $1 for numerous weeks and today was trading at about 30 cents.

Zafirovski said the filing marks the start of a comprehensive business and financial restructuring that is aimed at providing “financial footing” for the company.

“Ultimately, I believe that this process will enable Nortel to become a more financially sound and competitive company,” Zafirovski said in his video message. “A company that will continue to deliver winning technology and solutions to a global marketplace that is hungry for innovation and communications.”

The Canadian government said it will support Nortel’s efforts to restructure. Tony Clement, minister of industry, said in a statement that Export Development Canada has agreed to provide up to $30 million in short-term financing through its existing bonding facility.

“The government in Canada appreciates the importance of the telecommunications industry to our economy and will continue to work with Nortel,” Clement said.

Potential purchasers

Analysts were not surprised by Nortel’s decision to seek bankruptcy and offered opinions on how the company can move forward.

“Nortel has lost confidence in the service provider community,” said Nadine Manjaro, an ABI Research analyst. “It is sad because Nortel has been a great company for many years.”

Manjaro said Nortel remains strong when it comes to the enterprise, but has suffered because the company attempted to win business from service providers. This has area has not taken off as the company has lacked a clear strategy and operators have changed choices in technology.

Manjaro said the company can return to the marketplace if it focuses on its enterprise offerings and continues to develop its unified communications unit.

“Hopefully, they will put a strategy around those areas and build back the company,” she said.

Maynard Um, UBS analyst, wrote in a note following the announcement that a potential sale of Nortel to Hauwei Technologies Co. Ltd. would pose a threat to European vendors, who now dominate the global market. L.M. Ericsson is positioned at the top followed by Nokia Siemens Network, Alcatel-Lucent and Hauwei, according to ABI Research.

Hauwei “would gain significant market access in North America and might also open the door for Verizon Wireless’ LTE vendor selection” if it purchased Nortel, according to Um.

Um also wrote that large mergers and acquisitions in the equipment industry have rarely led to margin improvements in the past, but such a move by Ericsson is a “distinct possibility.”

However, Um wrote that Nortel is not a strategic fit for Ericsson because Ericsson has a good chance of being tapped by Verizon Wireless for its LTE rollout without assistance from Nortel.

Um said that while that it is too early to tell how Nortel will emerge from bankruptcy, it may well remain independent and continue operating.

Crushing debt

Ronald Gruia, a Frost & Sullivan principal analyst, said Nortel was forced to enter into bankruptcy because of its debt and cash flow. He said the company’s board of directors met Tuesday to discuss a pending $107 million interest payment. The payment is part of a $1 billion bond the company is due to pay in 2011. The company also has a pension deficit that has been reported to be between $2.3 billion and $2.8 billion.

Gruia said the board decided to act now. The company ended 2008 with $2.4 billion, which could decline to $1.6 billion by the middle of this year. The company needs $1 billion to operate.

By seeking bankruptcy protection, Nortel “now has the opportunity to restructure their business and dispose some of their assets,” Gruia said.

Nortel has been trying to sell its Metro Ethernet Networks business unit and may also look to spin-off its enterprise segment, he said.

“It is a buyers market,” Gruia said. “Nortel needs to stay focused and not pull the trigger on the first offer they get.”

According to published reports. Nortel has received offers for its Ethernet unit that range from $1 billion to hundreds of millions.

Scaring partners, customers

With the bankruptcy filing, Nortel may lose some of its customers because of its uncertain future, Gruia said. Competitors will also reach out to the company’s customers.

“It is difficult for companies to work with a company that they are unsure will be around,” he said.

Gruia said Nortel may offer discounts to keep customers.

Zafirovski said Nortel remains committed to serving its customers 100%.

Already, some of the company’s partners are distancing themselves. Network and equipment testing company Catapult Communications Corp. said it “has no material financial exposure as a result of bankruptcy filings by Nortel.” The company said Nortel accounted for less than 2% of its revenue in fiscal 2008.

Nortel also announced that it amended its current supply agreement with Flextronics International Ltd. The amendment calls for Nortel to purchase $120 million of existing inventory by July 1 and to make quarterly purchases of “other inventory and to terms relating to payment and pricing.”

Singapore-based Flextronics said in a statement it has been “proactively engaged in executing a risk mitigation plan with respect to its relationship with Nortel for a period of several months,” and that last month it hired The Blackstone Group as its financial advisor in evaluating its relationship with Nortel.

Flextronics stock was down more than 11% on the news to $2.66 per share.

Following Nortel’s bankruptcy announcement, Standard & Poor’s Rating Services lowered its long-term corporate credit rating for Nortel six notches to “D” to “B-.” The service also said it lowered the issue ratings on all of Nortel’s unsecured notes to “D.” As of last September, Nortel has about $4.5 billion of debt. The rating service also lowered the issue-level ratings on Nortel’s $750 million preferred shares outstanding to “D” from “C.”

Since 2005, Nortel has been undergoing a transformation and Zafirovski said the company has made strides with a number of accomplishments. However, the company reported it lost $3.4 billion in the third quarter and announced plans to cut jobs and preserve cash.

Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Nortel’s rating last month just days after the company reportedly sought legal counsel regarding protection from its creditors and received a delisting notice from the New York Stock Exchange.

Because of the current economic crisis, other infrastructure companies may be on the same path as Nortel, Manjaro said.

Carriers are cutting back their spending on infrastructure and CDMA vendors are facing a lean year because build out for 3G networks is approaching maturity.

“This may mark the beginning of other companies filing for bankruptcy,” Manjaro said. “It’s survival of the fittest.”

Article updated substantially Jan. 14 to include additional commentary and analysis.

Source: RCR Wireless News

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gtes logo gtes logo

GL3000 Paging Terminals - C2000 Transmitter Controllers
GL3200 Internet Gateways - Transmitter Equipment


GTES is the only Glenayre authorized software support provider in the paging industry. With years of combined experience in Glenayre hardware and software support, GTES offers the industry the most professional support and engineering staff available.

GTES Partner Maintenance Program
Glenayre Product Sales
Software Licenses, Upgrades and Feature License Codes
New & Used Spare Parts and Repairs
Customer Phone Support and On-Site Services
Product Training


   Sales Support - Debbie Schlipman
  Phone: +1-251-445-6826
   Customer Service
  Phone: +1-800-663-5996 or +1-972-801-0590
   Website -

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sun telecom logo


sun st800



ST800, Sun Telecom's Best Selling Numeric Pager. Built for today's life style, the ST800 is rugged yet stylish and blends well with all day-to-day activities.

Michelle Choi
Director of Sales & Operations
Sun Telecom International, Inc.
Telephone: 678-541-0441
Fax: 678-541-0442

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flex logo FLEX is a registered trademark of Motorola Inc.

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Vale u/g coal miner chooses new digital communications and tracking system

Vale-owned coal mine chooses tracking system that can monitor and record the movements and position of equipment, particularly during longwall moves, and to improve overall communications.

Author: John Chadwick
Posted: Friday, 09 Jan 2009


Australian coal miner, Integra Coal has chosen Mine Site Technologies' (MAT) for site wide digital communications and tracking for both its open pit and underground mines. A description of the underground part of the installation follows.

Located 8 km north of Singleton in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Brazilian mining giant Vale, operates the Integra Coal complex. These two mines produce a mixture of premium coking, semi-soft and thermal coals for the export market.

The underground mine was looking for a tracking system that would monitor and record the movements and position of equipment, particularly during longwall moves. It can take several weeks to move a longwall and during this period there are a multitude of external factors and unforeseen delays which make it exceptionally difficult to keep track of stored item locations.

The mine also wanted to improve communications by introducing a two-way mobile solution to complement the one-way paging functionality of their existing PED System. This was required to streamline communications with maintenance and repair personnel whilst they are on the move underground. If there was a major equipment malfunction this would take priority and the closest maintenance staff would need to be identified and directed to remedy this immediately.

Additionally, from a safety perspective, Integra management wanted to streamline access control procedures in ventilation zones, by limiting the number of personnel to within the limits governed by available emergency breathing apparatus. Similarly, more accurate monitoring and controlling access of vehicles into ventilation zones was seen as advantageous from an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) perspective.

At the heart of the solution are:

  • 20 of MST's ImPact Wireless Network Switches (WNS), each with one or two Wi-Fi radio cards and a four-port fibre switch
  • 17 ImPact Wireless Access Points (WAP), operating from PoE links to their nearest WNS unit.

This basic network infrastructure offers Wi-Fi access, active RFID tag reading and VoIP telephony capability. Additionally power distribution to the communication infrastructure is simplified by using composite power/fibre cable between access points. This custom designed cable contains up to four optic fibres and two power cores, allowing a single power supply to power a number of WNS units.

To allow tracking of the longwall components and development implements, each of these components has an active RFID tag attached, allowing its position to be recorded every time it passes either a WNS or a WAP. This ensures the process of location and identification for each component is greatly simplified.

To identify personnel the mine is upgrading its entire cap lamp fleet and has chosen to invest in 300 of MST's lightweight ICCL's (Integrated Communications Cap Lamps) with integrated RFID tag and PED text message receiver. The ICCL solves both the problem of locating and communicating with underground personnel in one integrated unit, whilst the reduced weight of the Lithium Ion battery offers OH&S improvements by reducing each miner's belt weight. People can be located quickly and easily with the tracking system and operational dispatch messages can be sent directly to the required person via the PED one way pager, ensuring efficient communication.

This tracking and communication cycle will be enhanced further once MST's VoIP telephone handset is approved for use in coal mines, by allowing more complex two-way communication to occur when required. The Wi-Fi network has been set up to provide seamless VoIP coverage along the travel road from the surface to the longwall, as the ImPact WNS units provide continuous Wi-Fi coverage along the underground roadways.

Apart from the introduction of the VoIP telephones following their approval, the installation will be extended into hazardous zones areas within 12 months after the Intrinsically Safe version of the Impact WNS units become available.

John Chadwick is editor/proprietor of International Mining magazine -

Source: Mineweb

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Motorola Combines WiMax, WiFi, Ethernet, VoIP In One Device

The Motorola wi4 WiMa CPEi 775 will be available only to carriers initially and will not be offered for retail markets.

By W. David Gardner
January 6, 2009 05:10 PM

Motorola (NYSE: MOT) this week unveiled an Internet access device that combines WiMax, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, VoIP, and ATA for carriers that are seeing a market for multi-service networking.

The Motorola wi4 WiMa CPEi 775 will be available only to carriers initially and will not be offered for retail markets.

Unveiled Tuesday, the device is available immediately for shipment to carriers in an ultra thin form factor in a variety of colors. The second generation CPEi 775 device incorporates adaptive switching techniques, making for easy installation, because it does not need to be rotated for optimal signal strength.

"As mobile WiMax networks proliferate globally, service providers are looking for ways to leverage the speed and performance of WiMax for more advanced services," said Charles Riggle of Motorola Home & Networks Mobility unit, in a statement. "It takes considerable know-how to put two different radio technologies together in a single package with internal antennas and not suffer from interference or degraded throughput." Riggle is senior director of strategy and business development of WiMax Devices at the Motorola unit.

Combination WiMax-Wi-Fi modems are beginning to make their appearance as WiMax deployments begin to spread. Last month, Sprint (NYSE: S) unveiled its U300 combo plug-in WiMax-Wi-Fi modem for laptops. The Sprint device, available for $149 with a two-year service agreement and a monthly charge of $80, has been available for a few weeks. The Sprint device is made by Franklin Wireless.

The Motorola combo device, however, carries no retail price and carriers offering the CPEi 775 model will set a retail price for the combo device or include it in service plans.

The newest piece of the Motorola device — its WiMax capability -- is WiMax Forum Wave 2 ready in the 3.5 GHz band and includes support for the 5 MHz, 7 MHz and 10 MHz bandwidths.

Source: InformationWeek

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prism paging

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Critical Response Systems

Over 70% of first responders are volunteers
Without an alert, interoperability means nothing.

Get the Alert.

M1501 Acknowledgent Pager

With the M1501 Acknowledgement Pager and a SPARKGAP wireless data system, you know when your volunteers have been alerted, when they’ve read the message, and how they’re going to respond – all in the first minutes of an event. Only the M1501 delivers what agencies need – reliable, rugged, secure alerting with acknowledgement.

Learn More

  • 5-Second Message Delivery
  • Acknowledged Personal Messaging
  • Acknowledged Group Messaging
  • 16 Group Addresses
  • 128-Bit Encryption
  • Network-Synchronized Time Display
  • Simple User Interface
  • Programming/Charging Base
  • Secondary Features Supporting Public Safety and Healthcare

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The Best in Paging Is Also the Biggest!


Zetron’s Model 2700:
Our largest-capacity paging terminal.

  • Supports over 1,000,000 subscribers.
  • Fully redundant design features RAID-1-mirrored, hot-removable disk drives.
  • Supports remote access to Windows®-based user-management software.
  • Supports E1 trunks, T1 trunks, analog trunks, and dial-up modems.
  • Includes extensive voice-messaging features.
  • Provides Ethernet interface for e-mail and paging over the Internet.
  • Provides an ideal replacement for Unipage or Glenayre™ systems.
  • When used with the Model 600/620 Wireless Data Manager, a simulcast network can be connected to the Model 2700 over Ethernet links.

Contact Zetron today to discuss your paging needs.

Zetron, Inc.
P.O. Box 97004
Redmond, WA 98073-9704 USA
Phone: 425-820-6363
Fax: 425-820-7031

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$500.00 FLAT RATE

TAPS—Texas Association of Paging Services is looking for partners on 152.480 MHz. Our association currently uses Echostar, formerly Spacecom, for distribution of our data and a large percentage of our members use the satellite to key their TXs. We have a CommOneSystems Gateway at the uplink in Chicago with a back-up running 24/7. Our paging coverage area on 152.480 MHz currently encompasses Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Kansas. The TAPS paging coverage is available to members of our Network on 152.480 MHz for $.005 a transmitter (per capcode per month), broken down by state or regions of states and members receive a credit towards their bill for each transmitter which they provide to our coverage. Members are able to use the satellite for their own use If you are on 152.480 MHz or just need a satellite for keying your own TXs on your frequency we have the solution for you.

TAPS will provide the gateways in Chicago, with Internet backbone and bandwidth on our satellite channel for $ 500.00 (for your system) a month.

Contact Ted Gaetjen @ 1-800-460-7243 or left arrow CLICK TO E-MAIL

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American Messaging Services, LLC and Raven Systems, Inc. Announce Partnership

Lewisville, Texas – January 15, 2009 - American Messaging Services, LLC and Raven Systems, Inc. are pleased to announce a joint marketing agreement to sell Raven System’s state of the art emergency and mass notification service, RAVENAlert. Unlike any other form of mass notification or system today, RAVENAlert has the ability to simultaneously notify recipients of a pending disaster or other emergency situation in less than one minute and to “geo target” messages to specific locations affected by a particular event.

RAVENAlert devices mount to a wall or sit on any flat surface and by utilizing the wireless messaging network of American Messaging a specified group of devices can simultaneously receive and broadcast messages. Myron Anduri, President of Raven Systems noted “broadband networks like those of the large wireless carriers and out dial telephone systems deliver messages sequentially, therefore the more messages to be sent, the longer it takes to deliver messages to all intended recipients or devices”. He went on to note “this fundamental issue, which in almost all emergency situations has delayed timely notification of emergency and other affected personnel, led us to American Messaging and its paging network”.

J. Roy Pottle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Messaging said “the fact that paging networks deliver messages simultaneously, rather than sequentially, makes these networks perfect for mass notification. For over forty years paging networks have delivered individual messages to multiple recipients simultaneously due to the unique grouping capability of paging.” Each RAVENAlert device can be programmed with as many as forty two thousand common addresses, or groups, and each group or RAVENAlert device programmed with that common address, regardless of the number of devices, will simultaneously receive messages sent to that common address.

The ability to send emergency or other critical notifications using the unique grouping capability associated with American Messaging’s network together with the RAVENAlert device provides the fastest possible method to simultaneously send and receive intelligent, location specific messages to a particular or defined group. In addition, follow up information can be sent according to the progress of a situation. It is the ideal solution for public buildings, residences, hospitals and schools, as well as outdoor public alerting.

Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, American Messaging Services, LLC is the second largest paging company in the United States, serving over 1.0 million customers on its nationwide messaging network.

Raven Systems, Inc. has extensive experience in electronics, digital paging, and software and hardware development. Raven Systems, Inc. provides state of the art products and valued expertise in the field of emergency mass notification. Raven Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

For inquiries please contact Jenna Richardson, VP Product Development at (623) 581-0740 or

american messaging logoraven systems
Source: American Messaging

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daviscomms usa

Contract Manufacturing Services
We offer full product support (ODM/OEM) including:

  • Engineering Design & Support
  • Research and Testing
  • Proto-typing
  • Field services
  • Distribution

Services vary from Board Level to complete “Turn Key”
Production Services based on outsourcing needs

product examples

Daviscomms – Product Examples

Manufacturer of the FLEX & POCSAG 1-Way Bravo Pager Line and Telemetry Modules

For information call 480-515-2344 or visit our website
E-mail addresses are posted there!

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Onset Technology's Expanded METAmessage Advanced Paging Solution Adds Wi-Fi For Enhanced Reliability

January 15, 2009

WALTHAM, Mass. —(Business Wire)—

Onset Technology, a leading developer of enterprise wireless solutions, today announced the launch of its expanded METAmessage Advanced Paging solution. Advanced Paging now targets healthcare enterprises with paging features on smartphones transmitting on reliable cellular data lines as well as over secure Wi-Fi connections. As a result, healthcare workers can shed multiple devices while IT departments realize substantial cost-savings.

Healthcare workers rely on pagers for immediate and reliable communications that cut through the clutter of email and texts, often in life or death situations. They also use smartphones for voice calls, email, texts, instant messaging and web access, features not available on pagers. Many healthcare workers are employed by multiple clinics and offices, and often acquire separate pagers for each workplace. As a result, they often carry multiple pagers as well as a smartphone and medical equipment. Onset reduces this hassle and cost by combining the best features of paging and mobile phones on a single, reliable smartphone.

The new release of Advanced Paging builds off earlier installations with enterprises which support extensive field operations, including Enbridge Inc., operator of the world's longest crude oil and liquids pipeline system. Onset has added Wi-Fi access to Advanced Paging to ensure sustained communications even within large healthcare complexes. Wi-Fi networks are increasingly standard in hospitals and medical practices, and can dramatically improve building penetration and reception.

"Reliable communications are essential for our business," said Lyle Magdalinski, Technical Analyst at Enbridge Pipelines, Inc. "In the two years since we've installed Advanced Paging, we've had terrific service without interruption. Best of all, Onset's solution has already paid for itself."

METAmessage Advanced Paging can integrate with existing paging solutions or function as a standalone solution, and is the only available solution which integrates with native paging protocols for two-way paging. Doctors can respond immediately to pages via text or by clicking on a voice link embedded in the page; previously, they had to respond on a separate device. Doctors can also review medical files or x-rays immediately on their smartphones. Administrators who send pages can now track when messages are received and opened and respond accordingly, translating into faster and more effective communications.

"Cellular carriers have invested heavily to improve the reliability and reach of their networks," said Kitty Weldon, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility with Current Analysis. "Moreover, as the market has moved from pagers to cellphones, paging companies can no longer afford to maintain their networks as they did before, much less expand them. Onset's Advanced Paging software, integrating cellular data transmissions and Wi-Fi, provides a reliable and convenient enterprise paging solution for uninterrupted patient care."

Rafi Kaminer, CEO of Onset Technology, commented: "Advanced Paging represents the future of healthcare communications. Doctors can do everything they need to do on a single smartphone, while enterprises maintain reliable communications and save money. It's a win-win for workers and IT departments alike."

Onset Technology is a Research In Motion (RIM) (NSDQ: RIMM) Platinum Partner, and has fully integrated METAmessage Advanced Paging with all BlackBerry® smartphones. Advanced Paging is also available for Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian.

About Onset Technology:

Onset Technology develops smartphone software solutions for paging, wireless messaging compliance, data loss prevention, emergency communications and mobile device management. Onset's METAmessage Wireless platform serves more than 1,400 enterprise, government, healthcare and emergency services clients globally. Onset Technology was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Waltham, Mass., with a research and development center in Herzliya Pituach, Israel, and offices in New York, Washington, and Santa Cruz, Calif.

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.

Source: TMCnews

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make your minitor II like new again


Finally, Minitor II housings available
As low as $19.95
Pieces sold separately

Repair of Minitor II pagers
$45.00 per pager
$60.00 for repair and new housing with 90-day warranty

United Communications Corp.
Serving the Emergency Service Market Since 1986
motorola paging 888-763-7550 Fax: 888-763-7549
62 Jason Court, St. Charles, MO 63304
motorola original

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January 16, 2009
Contact: Joe Farren


Wireless Industry Continues Efforts to Boost Networks in Preparation for Presidential Inauguration

WASHINGTON, DC – As the 2009 Presidential Inauguration quickly approaches, wireless companies are continuing their ongoing efforts to enhance, increase and optimize their network capacities in and around Washington, D.C. to accommodate the expected surge in demand.

“For months, wireless carriers have been working hard to prepare for what could be an unprecedented Inauguration week,” said Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association®. “Companies are going to extraordinary lengths investing significant amounts of time and money, and are doing everything within their power to boost network capacities in Washington, D.C. for this historic event.”

In anticipation of record-breaking crowds and huge spikes in wireless traffic, carrier companies are deploying additional technicians to monitor their networks and work with all government agencies involved in the Inauguration events, and they are taking all available steps to address capacity issues. Some of these steps include:

  • Adding new radio channels to augment existing cell sites.
  • Provisioning additional portable sites, such as COWS (Cells on Wheels) and COLTS (Cells on Light Trucks) to increase network capacity.
  • Expanding backhaul capacity and connections with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to ensure maximum capacity for wireless users within the physical limits of spectrum and the sites available to carriers.
  • Enhancing in-building wireless coverage at key locations throughout Washington, D.C.

“Despite all the industry’s efforts to increase network capacity, it’s really important for the public to understand that unusually large crowds can generate congestion and communications delays,” Largent continued. “Think of a wireless network like a highway. Even though we’re building more lanes, if millions of people jump on the road at the same time, there could be a traffic jam. For this reason, we want to remind Inaugural event attendees to do their part in decreasing network demand by texting instead of placing voice calls, and holding off on sending cell phone pictures or video until after the events are over.”

Below are several helpful tips for visitors to the nation’s capital to implement throughout next week’s Inaugural activities:

  • Text, Don’t Talk. Text messages and e-mails can get through wireless networks when it is too congested to make voice calls.
  • Snap and Save, Send Later. Sending cell phone photos and video require large amounts of bandwidth on mobile networks. Feel free to snap photos with your cell phone, but wait until leaving the Inaugural events to send them to friends and family.
  • Have a Back-Up Plan. Establish a rendezvous place and time to connect with your party, or try moving to an area where there is less congestion.

Listen as Steve Largent explains the upcoming Inauguration Day network challenges, offers tips to D.C. residents and visitors, and discusses spectrum allocation needs.


CTIA is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers.

Source: Virtual Press Office

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  • January 11, 1997—Telstar 401 suffers a short in the satellite circuitry—TOTAL LOSS May 19, 1998—Galaxy 4 control processor causes loss of fixed orbit—TOTAL LOSS September 19, 2003—Telstar 4 suffers loss of its primary power bus—TOTAL LOSS March 17, 2004—PAS-6 suffers loss of power—TOTAL LOSS
  • January 14, 2005—Intelsat 804 suffers electrical power system anomaly—TOTAL LOSS


Allow us to uplink your paging data to two separate satellites for complete redundancy! CVC owns and operates two separate earth stations and specializes in uplink services for paging carriers. Join our list of satisfied uplink customers.

  • Each earth station features hot standby redundancy UPS and Generator back-up Redundant TNPP Gateways On shelf spares for all critical components
  • 24/7 staffing and support

cvc paging cvc antennas For inquires please call or e-mail Stephan Suker at 800-696-6474 or left arrow black line


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notify all

NOTIFYall Group Text Messaging Service delivers your text message to an unlimited number of cell phones, pagers, PDAs, or e-mail on any service, anywhere, anytime!

learn more

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FCC's Martin heads to Aspen Institute

Mark A. Kellner
Friday, January 16, 2009
The Washington Times

fcc chairman martin J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin, a Republican appointee, abused his power and created an ideological climate, according to a report Tuesday by a House committee's Democrats.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin will end his nearly four-year tenure as head of the agency Tuesday and head to the Aspen Institute, the telecommunications think tank announced Thursday.

Mr. Martin, 42, will be a senior fellow in the Aspen Institute's Communications and Society Program, the D.C.-based research group announced.

Mr. Martin, a Republican, spent nearly eight years as an FCC commissioner. He joined the agency from the Bush White House, where he had served as a special assistant to the president for economic policy and was on the staff of the National Economic Council. There, he focused on commerce and technology policy issues.

Mr. Martin said his philosophy during his FCC tenure "has been to pursue deregulation while paying close attention to its impact on consumers and the particulars of a given market, to balance deregulation with consumer protection."

Michael J. Copps, a Democratic member of the FCC, regarded Mr. Martin as a valued colleague.

"Over the years, Kevin and I had some very candid discussions — with the bark off, as [President] Lyndon Johnson used to say — as we sought common ground on contentious matters," Mr. Copps said Thursday. "We quickly discovered that we could talk candidly, respect confidences, and, not infrequently, find ways to move the commission's business forward. When our discussions did not yield agreement, we disagreed without ever being disagreeable."

Mr. Martin is the fourth FCC chairman to join the Aspen Institute. The first were Democrats Reed Hundt (1993-97) and William Kennard (1997-2001), followed by Republican Michael Powell (2001-05).

black line

Here is a 13-page FCC document with all the details of Chairman Martin's resignation and of his accomplishments during his tenure.

Source: The Washington Times

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black line wipath header

Intelligent Solutions for Paging & Wireless Data

WiPath manufactures a wide range of highly unique and innovative hardware and software solutions in paging and mobile data for:

  • Emergency Mass Alert & Messaging Emergency Services Communications Utilities Job Management Telemetry and Remote Switching Fire House Automation
  • Load Shedding and Electrical Services Control

black line PDT3000 Paging Data Terminal pdt 2000 image

  • FLEX & POCSAG Built-in POCSAG encoder Huge capcode capacity Parallel, 2 serial ports, 4 relays
  • Message & system monitoring

black line Paging Controlled Moving Message LED Displays

welcom wipath

  • Variety of sizes Indoor/outdoor
  • Integrated paging receiver

black line PDR3000/PSR3000 Paging Data Receivers paging data receiver

  • Highly programmable, off-air decoders Message Logging & remote control Multiple I/O combinations and capabilities
  • Network monitoring and alarm reporting

black line Specialized Paging Solutions paging data receiver

  • Emergency Mass Alerting Remote telemetry switching & control Fire station automation PC interfacing and message management Paging software and customized solutions Message interception, filtering, redirection, printing & logging Cross band repeating, paging coverage infill, store and forward
  • Alarm interfaces, satellite linking, IP transmitters, on-site systems

black line

Mobile Data Terminals & Two Way Wireless  Solutions

mobile data terminal
  • Fleet tracking, messaging, job processing, and field service management Automatic vehicle location (AVL), GPS
  • CDMA, GPRS, ReFLEX, conventional, and trunked radio interfaces
radio interface

black line

WiPath Communications LLC
4845 Dumbbarton Court
Cumming, GA 30040
4845 Dumbbarton Court
Cumming, GA 30040
Web site: left arrow CLICK
E-mail: left arrow CLICK
Phone: 770-844-6218
Fax: 770-844-6574
WiPath Communications

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Preferred Wireless
preferred logo
Equipment For Sale
2 Aluminum Equipment racks
1 Hennessy Outdoor Shelter, 60" tall x 40" deep x 35" wide, w/AC Unit
1 GL3000L Terminal (e-mail for list of cards)
2 GL3000ES Terminals (e-mail for list of cards)
2 GL3100 RF Director (e-mail for list of cards)
Link Transmitters:
1 Glenayre QT6994, 150W, 900 MHz Link TX
1 Glenayre QT4201, 25W Midband Link TX
3 Motorola 10W, 900 MHz Link TX (C35JZB6106)
2 Motorola 30W, Midband Link TX (C42JZB6106AC)
VHF Paging Transmitters
8 QT-100C, 100W VHF, TCC, RL70XC
3 Motorola VHF PURC-5000 125W, ACB or TRC
3 Motorola VHF PURC 5000 350W, ACB or TRC
UHF Paging Transmitters:
10 Glenayre UHF GLT5340, 125W, DSP Exciter
4 Motorola UHF PURC 5000, 110W, ACB or TRC
2 Motorola UHF PURC 5000, 225W, ACB or TRC
2 Motorola UHF Nucleus 125W NAC
900 MHz Paging Transmitters:
1 Glenayre GLT 8600, 500W
35 Glenayre GLT-8500, 250W, C2000, w/ or w/o I20
10 Motorola PURC 5000, 300W, DRC or ACB

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Too Much To List • Call or E-Mail
Preferred Wireless
Rick McMichael
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left arrow OR HERE
Preferred Wireless

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satellite dish ucom logo

Satellite Uplink
As Low As

  • Data input speeds up to 38.4 Kbps Dial-in modem access for Admin Extremely reliable & secure
  • Hot standby up link components

Knowledgeable Tech Support 24/7

Contact Alan Carle Now!
1-888-854-2697 x272

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minilec service logo


motorola logo Motorola Authorized Service Center for Paging and Cellular.

Ask for Special Newsletter Pricing.

Please call: 800-222-6075 ext. 301 for pricing.

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E-mail:  left arrow
Minilec Service, Inc.
Suite A
9207 Deering Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Minilec Service

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InfoRad Wireless Office

black line Wireless Messaging Software

AlphaPage® First Responder (Windows 2000, XP, Vista). When the message matters, AlphaPage® First Responder is the fast, reliable, and secure solution Emergency Management Professionals choose. AlphaPage® First Responder is designed for the modern professional who requires full-featured commercial wireless messaging capabilities that include advanced features such as automated Route-on-Failure, custom message templates, and secure messaging with SSL encryption. AlphaCare™ extended premium support plans are also available. For more information on all InfoRad Wireless Messaging software solutions, and fully supported free demos, please click on the InfoRad logo.

InfoRad logo left arrow CLICK HERE

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InfoRad Wireless Office

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black line easy solutions

Easy Solutions provides cost effective computer and wireless solutions at affordable prices. We can help in most any situation with your communications systems. We have many years of experience and a vast network of resources to support the industry, your system and an ever changing completive landscape.

  • We treat our customers like family. We don't just fix problems...
    • We recommend and implement better cost effective solutions.
    We are not just another vendor — We are a part of your team.
    • All the advantages of high priced full time employment without the cost.
  • We are not in the Technical Services business...
    • We are in the Customer Satisfaction business.

Experts in Paging Infrastructure
Glenayre, Motorola, Unipage, etc.
Excellent Service Contracts
Full Service—Beyond Factory Support
Contracts for Glenayre and other Systems starting at $100
Making systems More Reliable and MORE PROFITABLE for over 28 years.

Please see our web site for exciting solutions designed specifically for the Wireless Industry. We also maintain a diagnostic lab and provide important repair and replacement parts services for Motorola and Glenayre equipment. Call or e-mail us for more information.

Easy Solutions
3220 San Simeon Way
Plano, Texas 75023
Vaughan Bowden
Telephone: 972-898-1119
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Hark Technologies

black line

hark logo

Wireless Communication Solutions

isi image

ISI-LX Internet Serial Interface with Protocol Conversion

  • Converts Serial TAP message to SNPP, SMTP, or WCTP Pass through Serial Data to TCP/IP and TCP/IP back to Serial Supports Ethernet or PPP Connection to Internet w/Dial Backup
  • Includes 4 Serial Ports for Multiplexing Traffic
isi image

IPG Internet Paging Gateway

  • No Moving Parts Such as Hard Drives or Fans to Fail Supports 10Base-T Network Connection to Internet Accepts HTTP, SMTP, SNPP, and WCTP from Internet
  • Sends TAP or TNPP to Your Paging Terminal


  • Inexpensive method of automating your paging monitoring Uses standard paging receiver
  • Available in 152-158 POCSAG or 929 FLEX (call for others)
omega image

Omega Unified Messaging Server

  • Full Featured Internet Messaging Gateway TAP Concentrator and TNPP Routing Functions w/TNPP over Internet Serial Protocols Supported: GCP, SMDI, SMS, TAP, TNPP Internet Protocols Supported: AIM, HTTP, SMPP (out only), SMTP, SNPP, and WCTP Full Featured, Easy-to-use Voice/Fax/Numeric Mail Interface One Number For All Your Messaging
  • Optional Hot-swap Hard Drives and Power Supplies Available
Please see our web site for even more products designed specifically for Personal Messaging carriers. For example, the Omega Messaging Gateway and E-mail Throttling Gateway (anti-spam).
Hark Technologies
3507 Iron Horse Dr., Bldg. 200
Ladson, SC 29456
Tel: 843-285-7200
Fax: 843-285-7220
E-mail: left arrow CLICK HERE
Hark Technologies

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U.S. group calls for cell-driving bans nationwide

Jan 13, 2009 10:23 am
by Stephen Lawson
IDG News Service

The nonprofit National Safety Council on Monday called on all U.S. states to ban the use of cell phones while driving.

No state has completely banned cell-phone use while driving, though 23 have passed some form of restriction, according to John Ulczycki, the NSC’s executive director of communications and public affairs. The group believes it will take years to reach its goal, but it has gone through similar efforts. The NSC has spent years pushing for stronger laws on seatbelt use and drunken driving, he said.

The group said cell phone use contributes to 6 percent of all crashes, referring to a study by the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis. That represents 636,000 crashes, 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 deaths each year, plus a financial cost of $43 billion, the NSC said, citing the Harvard study.

Almost all driving laws in the U.S. are set by states. Car cell-phone bans have been advancing in recent years. Eighteen states, plus the District of Columbia, have banned teen-aged drivers from using phones while driving, according to the NSC. But only six have banned the use of handheld phones for everyone, and they have all allowed the use of hands-free systems. That isn’t good enough, according to the NSC.

“Hands-free laws are giving people a placebo, in effect,” Ulczycki said. A law that allows people to make hands-free calls sends a message that this is safer, but research is beginning to indicate that it’s not, because either kind of call distracts the driver from the road, he said. Laws allowing hands-free use may even increase the accident rate if drivers make more calls in the false belief that they are safe, Ulczycki added.

Calling while driving should concern businesses, too, because crashes can cause injuries and raise costs, maybe even opening up employers to liability, Ulczycki said. An NSC survey indicated 45 percent of its member companies have banned the practice for their employees. For 85 percent of them, the policies haven’t affected productivity, the group said. Member companies come from a wide range of industries and join the group to take advantage of safety education and training, Ulczycki said.

The mobile phone industry group CTIA disagreed with the NSC’s position. It cited situations where cell-phone use could be critical, such as when children need to tell parents they are waiting somewhere to be picked up.

“We believe that safe, sensible and limited use of a cell phone when you’re behind the wheel is possible,” wrote John Walls, CTIA’s vice president of public affairs, in a blog post Monday. “If someone is driving irresponsibly because of cell phone use, they should be cited for that. And under current law, they can be.”

Source: iPhoneCentral

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black line nighthawk logo



Nighthawk Systems Inc. manufactures low cost and reliable remote control products for fire house alerting, volunteer alerting, activation of warning signs and sirens, and a number of applications for public safety. The Company manufactures the EA1 and the FAS-8 which have been designed specifically for these applications. Both products are paging based and will work with any public or private paging network. They are available in all VHF, UHF, and 900 MHz paging frequencies. The products can serve as the primary notification system or an excellent, low-cost backup to existing systems.

Public Emergency Notification & Volunteer Alerting

The EA1 is the solution for remotely activating public warning signage. Examples include tornado sirens, flash flood warnings, fire danger, Amber Alert, icy roads, etc. The EA1 can also send text messages to scrolling signs. This can occur in conjunction with the activation of audible alarms and visual strobes. This is ideal for public notification in buildings, schools, hotels, factories, etc. The group call feature allows for any number of signs or flashing lights to be activated at the same time over a wide geographic area. In addition, the EA1 Emergency Alert is the perfect solution for low cost yet highly effective alerting of volunteer fire fighters in their home. When activated the EA1 will emit an audible alarm and activate the power outlet on the units faceplate. A common setup is to simply place the EA1 on a table and plug a lamp into the faceplate. When paged from dispatch or any touch tone phone the EA1 will awaken the fire fighter to a lit room. As an option the EA1 can be ordered with a serial cable, allowing for attachment of a serial printer. When paged the alphanumeric message will be printed out at the same time the alarm sounds and the outlet is activated. The EA1 is an ideal complement to alphanumeric belt pagers common to volunteers.

nighthawk sign

Firehouse Automation

The FAS-8 is designed for activating one or more relays in a firehouse and if desired, printing the alphanumeric message to a serial printer. For this application the FAS-8 is set to activate upon receiving the proper paging cap code sent from 911 dispatch. Up to eight different devices can be activated all with individual time functions. The most common devices to turn on include the PA amplifier, audible wake up alarm, and house lights. The most common device turned off is the stove. The FAS-8 can accept up to 8 different cap codes and have separate relay and time functions per cap code. This allows for different alerting to be accomplished at the same physical location depending upon which cap code is sent. This can be very helpful when fire crews and medical crews are housed in the same building.



Put the innovative technology of Nighthawk to work for you. For more information on any of our products or services, please contact us. Nighthawk Systems, Inc.
10715 Gulfdale, Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone: 877-764-4484
Fax: 210-341-2011

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pat merkel ad left arrow Click to e-mail left arrow Paging Web Site
Joshua's Mission left arrow Helping Wounded Marines Homepage
Joshua's Mission left arrow Joshua's Mission Press Release



R.H. (Ron) Mercer
217 First Street South
East Northport, NY 11731
ron mercer

Cell Phone: 631-786-9359

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Complete Technical Services For The
Communications and Electronics Industries
Design • Installation • Maintenance • Training

Ira Wiesenfeld, P.E.
Consulting Engineer
Registered Professional Engineer

Tel/Fax: 972-960-9336
Cell: 214-707-7711
7711 Scotia Dr.
Dallas, TX 75248-3112

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outrnet custom apps If you see someone in the field (like salespeople, technicians, and delivery people) using paper forms, their company could probably save a pile of money, and get much better timeliness, accuracy and efficiency, by using converting to Outr.Net's Wireless Forms. Custom applications for as little as $995, delivered in just a few days.Outr.Net has a web page on Wireless Forms for Timeports at: left arrow Their latest newsletter is: "Business Development in Mobile Data" left arrow

Please call me so we can discuss your need or your idea. Or contact me by e-mail for more information left arrow

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Jobs to take leave of absence until June

Jan 14, 2009 3:53 pm
by Philip Michaels and Dan Moren

Apple CEO Steve Jobs told employees that he will be taking a leave of absence until June to deal with lingering health issues. Chief operating officer Tim Cook will handle day-to-day operations in Jobs’ absence.

Jobs informed employees of his decision in an e-mail sent Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, the curiosity over my personal health continues to be a distraction not only for me and my family, but everyone else at Apple as well,” Jobs told employees. “In addition, during the past week I have learned that my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought.”

Wednesday’s announcement comes a little more than a week after Jobs released a statement revealing that he was dealing with a “hormone imbalance” that had affected his health, including causing him to lose weight through last year. At the time, Jobs said that the treatment required to combat the condition would be ongoing over the next few months, but that he would inform the board of directors if he felt he could no longer fulfill his duties as CEO.

Jobs told employees in his Wednesday e-mail that a leave of absence would allow him to “take myself out of the limelight and focus on my health, and to allow everyone at Apple to focus on delivering extraordinary products.”

Though Cook will handle day-to-day operations, Jobs said he would remain involved in “major strategic decisions” throughout his absence.

“Obviously it’s tough news for Apple because it won’t have Steve’s leadership, but I don’t think it will have that much of an impact or disruption on Apple in the short term,” said Tim Bajarin, president of consulting firm Creative Strategies.

Bajarin also noted that Apple has a solid leadership team in place. “All of the products Apple has been working on that will be released in the next 18 months are already cast in stone and were developed with Steve’s leadership and direction,” he added.

Michael Gartenberg, vice president at Jupitermedia, agreed that Apple's product development would be unlikely to be hampered by Jobs' absence from the company he co-founded three decades ago. “As much as we identify Steve with Apple, he doesn't sit in the garage at night and bring these products to market on his own. I don’t think we will see much of an impact,” Gartenberg said.“ Apple is in good hands in terms of its day to day operations.”

But Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates, said Jobs’ absence would be notable. “Steve Jobs is more critical to Apple’s operations than most CEOs are. Arguably he embodies Apple. He is Apple,” Kay said.

In addition to his value as an innovator and a “tremendous motivator,” Jobs’ skills at negotiating with companies have been invaluable for Apple in the past few years, said Andy Hargreaves, an analyst with Pacific Crest Securities.

“Convincing a company like AT&T to partner with Apple on a product unseen, convincing the music industry that this is the wave of the future and they have to get on board” were both significant accomplishments, he said.

Jobs is a cancer survivor, having been treated for a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2004. During that time, he also stepped down from his day-to-day CEO role, with Cook taking over his duties.

“The last time this happened Cook did just fine, and there is no reason to think he won’t do fine again,” Gartenberg said.

Cook is thought to be a good choice to run the company during Jobs’ absence, although Kay said that he’s not the person who will develop Apple’s next iconic product.

“Tim Cook’s the guy who makes the trains run on time. He’s not the creative genius,” Kay said. “Even though in some sense he is an excellent manager and is the backstop for Steve … that’s not going to do anything except make the trains run on time. That’s not going to decide what the train should look like in five years.”

Still, Jobs’ absence is unlikely to affect short-term product plans, which will already have been decided, Kay noted.

Rumors had circulated about the Apple CEO’s health for much of 2008, especially after Jobs looked gaunt during several public appearances. For the most part, Apple declined to comment on the rumors, with the company adamant that Jobs’ health was a private matter. Jobs, however, did make light of the situation at Apple’s September iPod unveiling, opening his presentation with a slide reading “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Apple’s stock price has fluctuated wildly on any reports regarding the health of its CEO. After a December Web report claimed that Jobs’ health was “rapidly declining,” for example, Apple shares fell as much 2 percent.

On Wednesday, Apple’s shares closed down at $85.33, down 2.71 percent on the day. While trading was suspended for Apple’s announcement, shares had dropped in after hours trading by as much as 7.8 percent as of 2:30 p.m. PT.

“Wall Street has been asking for honesty from Apple and they’re getting it,” Bajarin said.

Updated at 2:17 p.m. PT to add more background detail on the announcement.
Updated at 2:30 p.m. PT to add comments from analyst Tim Bajarin.
Updated at 3:33 p.m. PT to add comments from Michael Gartenberg.
Updated at 5:05 p.m. PT to add comments from Roger Kay and Andy Hargreaves, provided from IDG News Service.

Jim Dalrymple of and Nancy Gohring, Agam Shah, and James Niccolai of IDG News Service contributed to this report.

Source: Macworld

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