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  • Introduction to paging
    • What is a pager and what is a page?
    • Early paging systems
    • The one my grandmother used to page my grandfather
  • The evolution of analog paging
    • Tone-only paging
    • Tone & Voice paging
    • Numeric Display paging—a story about the man who invented the Numeric Display pager
    • Technology limitations
  • The switch to digital technology
    • What does digital mean?
    • Numeric Display
    • Alphanumeric Display
      • TAP, PET, and iXO alpha-entry systems
      • TDD—for the hearing impaired
  • Paging protocols
    • System loading
      • Two-tone sequential
      • 5/6 tone
      • Decimal digital
    • Total number of subscribers on a system
    • The need for more speed and more subscribers
      • Golay—GSC
      • POCSAG
      • FLEX™
    • Two-way Paging
      • ReFLEX™ two-way text and telemetry—the last effort or the re-birth of paging?
        • The value-added pyramid
        • The quick evolution of two-way paging
      • InFLEXion™ voice paging—why it flopped
      • New stuff coming out soon.
  • Pager management
    • Capcodes
    • Frequencies
    • Billing and Inventory issues
    • Subscriber IDs
  • Paging Systems
    • Local Area coverage
    • Wide-Area paging
      • Regional paging
      • National paging
      • International paging
    • Networking Systems and History—proprietary and open systems
    • What is "simulcast" and why is it better?
    • Sequential Zoning and its limitations
    • What is "roaming" and how does it work?
    • Paging system design—the components—you don't have to be an engineer to understand this part!
  • Paging Operators
    • Subscriber Paging
      • RCCs and PCPs
      • Why all the bankruptcies and what happened to the business? Where did we go wrong?
    • On-site Paging
      • Industrial complex requirements
      • Hospital requirements
      • Other special purpose paging systems
  • Ancillary Offerings
    • Voice Mail
    • Operator dispatch services
    • Telephone Answering services
    • E-mail and the effect of the Internet on paging
      • Notification
      • Complete message
      • True e-mail with two-way paging
      • Instant Messaging
    • Information Services and Mail Drops
      • News
      • Weather
      • Sports
      • Horoscopes
      • Daily jokes, etc.
    • Paging in other countries
      • Latin America
      • Asia—the BIG successes in:
        • Singapore
        • Hong Kong
        • PRC
        • Taiwan (how I sold the world's largest paging system in 1986)
      • Europe
      • The Middle East
  • Telemetry Applications
    • One-way telemetry
      • Electrical Load shedding—Early Motorola systems—the energy crunch
      • LED signs—my pet project
      • Tele-remote control
        • Irrigation control
        • Outdoor sign lighting
        • Stolen car recovery
    • Two-way telemetry
      • All the above plus much more
      • Error correction and retransmission
      • Automatic registration and roaming
      • Interrogation
      • Brad's list of million-dollar ideas
  • How to sell pagers and paging
    • Sell the sizzle and not the steak
    • To sell John Smith what John Smith buys, we must see through John Smith's eyes.
    • Cost justification and ROI
    • Customer's hot points
    • The right pager for the job—some things pagers can't do.
    • Under promise and over perform—how to be a superstar
    • The importance of happy customers and repeat business
    • Integrity
  • Is Paging Dead?
  • What comes next?
    • People paging people
    • People paging things
    • Things paging people
    • Things paging things
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