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February 9, 2018

This Week's Headlines

  • Texas company plans 160m band Wireless Power Transfer
  • The Internet of Lifesaving Things: Smarter Cities, Smarter Response
  • Dominica Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Cites Amateur Radio's Role after Maria
  • Exclusive: Intel's new smart glasses hands-on
  • Inside Towers
    • Super Bowl Parade Makes Carriers Run a “Philly Special”
    • Mexico is Short On Towers and Long On Demand
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • REMINDER: CPNI Reports are Due March 1
    • FCC Releases CAF Phase II Documents; Applications Due March 30, Auction to Begin July 24
    • FCC Issues Tentative Agenda for February Open Meeting
    • Commissioners Clyburn and O’Rielly Post Rate-of-Return Expense Table
    • FCC to Testify at House Committee Budget Hearing
    • Senate Passes Kari’s Law—To Ensure 911 from Multi-Line Telephone Systems
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • BloostonLaw Contacts
  • Request for Part 5 Experimental License
  • Experimental License
    • Burch Falkner
    • John Denver
    • Honky Tonk Women • Playing For Change • Live Outside


February 2, 2018

This Week's Headlines

  • I have included another article this week about Hedy Lamarr
  • Extreme Networks Appoints Maryam Alexandrian-Adams to Board of Directors
  • Texting Comes to Health Care
  • How Inventive “Genius” Hedy Lamarr Became a Hollywood Tragedy
  • For Sale – Apollo Pilot XP A28 Alpha Numeric Pagers w/Charging Cradle
  • Broadcast Electronics merger to spark growth [Quincy, Illinois]
  • Inside Towers
    • Wireless carriers are prepared for record mobile data use in and around U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this weekend for the Super Bowl. Nearly 70,000 fans will be in the stadium and another one million visitors are expected to use their smartphones and other mobile devices in the area.
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Feb 1, 2018 Live 911 Call Data Reports
    • Commissioners Dismiss Debate on Federal Ownership of Nationwide 5G Network
    • FCC Adopts Items at Open Meeting
    • Paperwork Reduction Act Comment Sought on CAF II Application Form
    • FCC Proposes $18.7 Million Fine for Alleged Rural Healthcare Program Fraud
    • Comment Deadline Established for National TV Multiple Ownership NPRM
    • President Trump Nominates FTC Commissioners
    • FCC Enters $27M Settlement with FiberTower; Clears Way for AT&T Purchase
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Failure to List Felony Convictions and Respond to Commission Inquiry Leads to License Revocation
    • ENERGOUS Receives FCC Certification for Over-the-Air Wireless Charging
    • Lithia Toyota of Grand Forks Lighting Fixtures Cause Harmful Interference to Cell Site – Citation Issued
    • Chairman Pai Releases Summary of 1st Year Accomplishments
    • FCC Grants Waiver for Sale of Maritime Survivor Locating Device
    • Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Announce Recommended Practices During 911 Outages
    • FCC Terminates Stale Proceedings
    • FCC Seeks PRA Comments in Connect ion with Grandfathering Provisions for Incumbent Licensees
    • Petition for Rule Making to Allow Unlicensed Operation in 95-1,000 GHz Band
  • Oldies but Goodies: Old Technologies That are Still Serving People Today
    • The Beep is Reliable
    • Martin Luther
    • Skin Deep featuring Buddy Guy • Playing For Change • Song Across America


January 26, 2018

This Week's Headlines

  • PSSI (Product Support Services, Inc.) has been a long-time advertiser in this newsletter. I didn't realize until this week, the wide variety of paging equipment that they can refurbish. They not only work on practically all types of one-way and two-way pagers, but also several types of infrastructure as well. As I put together their new advertisement in this issue, it brought back memories of many pagers, that I am sure, still play an important part in today's paging services. It certainly makes business sense to refurbish instead of replace.
    • Rick McMichael has some equipment for sale — left over from the inventory of his business that he recently sold.
  • Shocking video shows iPhone battery bursting into flames after man bites it
  • Cheap, data-driven [paging] tool identifies sickest hospital patients
  • Hedy Lamarr Documentary Highlights Radio Invention
    • Video: “How Hedy Lamarr Changed the World with Radio”
  • PSSI Repair Pricing
  • Inside Towers
    • Lawmakers Set to Yank Some Alert Origination Power Away from States
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Reminder: New 214 Service Discontinuance Notice Rules are In Effect
    • FCC Issues Official Agenda for January Open Meeting
    • FCC Broadband Committee Releases Draft State Model Code for Accelerating Broadband Deployment
    • Montana Signs Net Neutrality Executive Order
    • Comment Sought on ISP Disclosure Requirements
    • Lockbox For Manual Filings with Wireline Bureau is Closing
    • House Announces New Broadband Bills
    • The Latest Threat to Cellular Devices: “Good Morning!”
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • Ulrich Rohde, NlUL, Receives Wireless Innovation Forum Leadership Award
    • Blooston, Mordkofsky, et al
    • Bono
    • Hawai'i Aloha • Song Across Hawai'i • Playing For Change Collaboration


January 12, 2018

This Week's Headlines

  • Catching Up: A Double Feature this week
  • Editorial: My Excuses
  • Gunshot Detection Solution SENTRI II Successfully Deployed in Baltimore by Beeper Communications and Mantaro Networks
  • Throwback Thursday—RCR Wireless News
  • Harris Corp. insists 9-1-1 [Paging] system works
  • Inside Towers
    • Pai Shares Draft of 2018 Broadband Deployment Report
    • Pai on HI: ‘We Want to Understand How This Mistake Occurred’
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update (3 issues)
    • FCC Aiming for July Start to CAF Phase II Auction
    • FCC Issues Tentative Agenda for January Open Meeting
    • FCC Releases Full Text of Order Repealing Net Neutrality
    • PRA Comment Sought on Pole Attachment Complaint Process; Network Change Notification Revisions
    • Commissioner Carr Renominated to Full Term at FCC
    • Comment Deadline Established for “Twilight Towers” Exception
    • President Trump Signs Executive Order to Expedite Rural Broadband Facility Location
    • FCC Adjusts Maximum Forfeiture Amounts for Inflation
    • AT&T Walks Away from Huawei Smartphone Deal
    • REMINDER: High Cost HUBB Filing Due March 1
    • FCC Issues Statement on Proposal to Provide $500 Million in Additional Funding for Rural Broadband
    • Robocall Blocking Rules Effective February 12
    • FCC Provides Guidance on Lifeline Reimbursement Payment Process
    • Lawsuits Filed Against Repeal of Net Neutrality
    • FCC Announces Fourth Meeting of BDAC
    • Congress Asks GAO to Review Plan to Transfer USF Funds to US Treasury
    • House Republicans Introduce Broadband Resolutions
    • Senate Passes Bill to Conduct Study of USF Filing Requirements
    • Comment Deadlines Established for Electronic Delivery of MVPD Communications Proceeding
    • Google Announces Plans to Expand Undersea Cables to Support Cloud Services
    • HUBB Filing Not Required for CAF-BLS Recipients 80% Deployment
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • Rich List 2018—The 250 Wealthiest People In Ireland
    • Dan and Linda Kiely—#179
    • Never Give Up
    • Baja Musical Arts Initiative • Tijuana, Mexico • Playing For Change Foundation


January 5, 2018

This Week's Headlines

  • It's cold and snowing here in Southern Illinois but not nearly as much as other parts of the country. We only have a light dusting of snow on the ground with no problems getting around on the roads. Good luck to everyone where the snow is deep and the temperatures much colder. I found some very good articles for you to read this week. I hope you enjoy them.
  • Voxpro founders have final say—Cork’s dynamic duo Dan and Linda Kiely are making a big noise in tech support with a €145m takeover deal
  • Lessons from a Wildfire: Critical Messages
    • By Igor Gluic
  • Inside Towers
    • Maryland conservative think tank Free State Foundation called out mayors this week who oppose the FCC’s recent vote to roll-back Net Neutrality rules
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • HAC Report Deadline Approaching – January 16, 2017
    • REMINDER: CAF Phase II Eligible Locations Available for Review
    • FCC Issues Handset Requirements for Mobility Fund Phase II Challenge Process; Portal Access
    • Portions of Wireline Broadband Deployment Order Effective January 29
    • REMINDER: CPNI Reports Due March 1, 2018
    • FCC Issues $100,000 Fine for Failure to File Form 499-Q
    • FCC TTY to Real-Time Text Transition Rules Receive OMB Approval
    • ENERGOUS Receives FCC Certification for Over-the-Air Wireless Charging
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Reminder: Antenna Tower Marking and Lighting Compliance is Critical
    • FCC Announces Procedures for Registration of Fixed Satellite Service Earth Stations Entitled to Protection from 3.5 GHz Citizens Band Radio Service
    • FCC Seeks Comment on Waiver Request to allow use of 76-77 GHz Band Radar in Mines and Tunnels
    • Sprint Cited for Improper Operation of its Transmitters
    • Lumenier Settles Investigation into Improper Marketing of RF Devices for $180K
    • FCC Streamlines Rules for Classification of Private Mobile and Commercial Mobile Radio Services
    • FCC Enters Into Memorandum of Understanding with FTC Over Consumer Protection
    • FCC Grants Tennessee Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security Waiver
    • Amendments to Caller ID Rules Effective January 2
    • FCC Updates Emergency Alert System to Include Blue Alerts
    • FCC Grants Clark County, Washington 800 MHz Expansion Waiver
    • FCC Denies Washington State DOT 800 MHz Rule Waiver
    • FCC Seeks Comment on Echodyne Request to Use Ground Based 24.45-24.65 GHz Radar
    • FCC Grants Long Beach, California Extension to Complete Construction of 700 MHz System
    • FCC Rules that Transmission of GPS Coordinates is not Radiolocation Communications
    • BloostonLaw Contact Information
  • Spok Holdings: The Story Is Playing Out, Even If It Doesn't Look Like It
    • Life is too short.
    • Djigui • Salif Diarra Band • Playing For Change • Live Outside



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