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The Dye Family Tree
Name: Laurens DUYTS

Came to America in 1639 aboard the ship "De Brant van Troyen" or "Fire of Troy" from Denmark (Now Germany) Sailed from the Hoorn after April 1639, arrived New Amsterdam before 16 June 1639. He paid for his passage by working for a Mr. Jonas Bronck, clearing farm land which is now the Bronx in NYC.

E. B. O'Callaghan's Calendar of Historical Manuscripts (CHM) in the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany NY shows Laurens Duyts in the Register of the Provincial Secretary dated 21 July 1639.

58   Ytie JANSEN 48
Born: Holstein, Denmark 1610   Olderburg, Germany 1610
Died: Bergen, Bergen County, New Jersey about Jan. 16, 1668   New York 1658
Name: Hans Laurentszen DUYTS 62   Sarah Hance VINCENT Fountain  
Born: New Amsterdam, New York Sep. 23, 1644   New York before 1660
Died: Staten Island, Richmond County, New York after 1708   New York about 1740
Name: John Laurens DEY 64   Anne BROWN  
Born: Staten Island, New York about 1680   New York before 1700
Died: Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey before March 8, 1751   Middlesex County, New Jersey about Dec. 1763
Name: Vincent DEY 72   Sarah ARTEPE 70
Born: Eastern Division County, New Jersey 1724   Sommerset, New Jersey January 9, 1727
Died: Prince William County, Virginia August 4, 1796   Prince William County, Virginia October 2, 1797
Name: Daniel DYE (Sr.) 77   Abigail HUTCHINSON 76
Born: Middlesex County, New Jersey July 31, 1747   New Jersey 1754
Died: Monroe County, Ohio January 24, 1825   Monroe County, Ohio July 29, 1830

David DYE (Sr.)
Operated a ferry across the Ohio river.

50   Lucy TUEL  
Born:   July 9, 1780      
Died: Monroe County, Ohio the winter of 1838   Monroe County, Ohio  
Name: William DYE
William “Billie” Dye who went to Southern Illinois from Ohio after residing in Pennsylvania for a time. He later moved to Logan, Kansas where he is buried.
72   Mariah MITCHELL 67
Born: Monroe County, Ohio November 9, 1807   Pennsylvania July 27, 1809
Died: Logan, Phillips County, Kansas July 17, 1880   Cisne, Illinois August 27, 1876
Name: Jesse Lindsey DYE
Lindsey Dye, a son of “Billie” went down the Ohio river to Shawneetown, Illinois in 1851. He spent the first winter in the home of Barnabas McDannel, the father of “Uncle Jimmie” McDannel in Wayne County. It was in the home of Lindsey that his grandson Warren Crippin was reared after the death of Warren’s mother whose maiden name was Emma Dye. Lindsey married Axey Ann Emmons and is buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery near Cisne, Illinois. His second marriage was to Mary Ann Spriggs on March 10, 1870. She died on March 1, 1912. His third wife was Jessie Grove.
80   Axey Ann EMMONS 32
Born: Monroe County, Ohio August 25, 1834   Columbia County, Ohio October 27, 1837
Died: Geff, Illinois August 3, 1914   Cisne, Illinois December 16, 1869
Name: Thomas Harrison DYE
Thomas Harrison Dye with his young wife and in company with his uncle Thos. Dye and a group of others emigrated from Wayne County Illinois to Logan, Phillips Country, Kansas via wagon train in the early part of the year 1877—28 days en route. They homesteaded there and remained until their two oldest children were born. They then returned to Wayne County Illinois where they reared their family on a farm near Cisne.
83   Mary CARPENTER 80
Born: Wayne County, Illinois March 28, 1857   Wayne County, Illinois February 10, 1858
Died: Wayne County, Illinois February 18, 1940   Alton, Illinois May 18, 1938
Name: Fred Henry DYE
Farmer, school teacher, and excellent mechanic.
74   Clara Jane SANFORD
A devout Christian lady.
Born: Logan, Kansas July 6, 1878   Wayne County, Illinois February 13, 1879
Died: Cisne, Wayne County, Illinois October 7, 1952   Cisne, Wayne County, Illinois May 5, 1962
Name: Wilbur Fred DYE
Retail furniture store manager—liked to hunt quail and shoot skeet.
75   Inez Eileen HANKS 88
Born: Cisne, Wayne County, Illinois February 25, 1912   Salem, Illinois April 13, 1912
Died: Hollywood, Florida June 23, 1985   Miami, Florida December 27, 2000
Name: Bradley Fred DYE 65   Unmarried
Born: St. Louis, Missouri April 25, 1942      
Died: Living in Fairfield, Illinois        
The Dye Coat of Arms

dye coat of arms

This Coat of Arms is obviously a fake, but it looks nice. My daughter, Allison gave it to me as a Christmas present in 2002. The Dyes in my family tree are not related to the ones who came to America from England but are decedents of the original immigrant Laurens Duyts who came to America from Holstein, Denmark, now a part of Germany. The Duyts surname was later changed to Dey, and then even later, to Dye.

Please notify me of any errors or omissions. I would appreciate hearing from anyone having any of the missing dates. —Thanks, Brad Dye.


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