The Class of 1960
Lincoln Community High School
Lincoln, Illinois


Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thank Leigh Henson once again for his major contribution to the history of our 1960 class at Lincoln Community High School. Authoring a web site like his is no simple feat. It takes many hours of hard work. Leigh has done a very good job. Why don't we all join in and help by supplying him with more information of interest to the whole group? I thought I would make a small contribution to the "cause" by posting some of the photos that I took in October 1995 in Lincoln during our 40th class reunion. I attended the reunion with my sister Pam, and unfortunately for us, it was the first time we had been back in 40 years. I will be scanning and posting to this site as I come across more old photographs from Lincoln. Some of you may recall that my nickname in high school was "Flash" and that I took photos for the Lincolnite yearbook. Well, I am still at it.

It was absolutely wonderful to see so many friends from our school days at the reunion. I am really sorry that we didn't have more time to talk one-to-one. It was also sad to learn that so many have already passed away. I only spent four years in Lincoln, just enough time to go through the four classes in high school. I remember well the old school building and our move to the new building. My teachers and classmates made impressions on me that remain to this day. Thank you all for your friendship.

Now, let's get caught up on what has been going on with our lives. Please visit this little corner of my web site that I have dedicated to the LCHS class of '60—from time to time—and let me know what you think. We can all help each other with that valuable commodity that we seem to be losing—MEMORY! (Sorry, we can't do anything about the hair.) The first question for the group memory is: were you at Lincoln Lakes the day Kenson Fuller drove his Jeep over the ice? The second one is, whose nickname was "Pork Chop?"

Lincoln Lakes a really beautiful place to grow up. The Lincoln Newspaper building.
This is where Ken Fuller drove his Jeep on the ice, except this photograph was obviously taken in the fall. The Lincoln City Hall - still a beautiful building.
The Lincoln Public Library. The Lincoln Post Office.
The park in front of the "Rec." The Lincoln Court House.
Downtown Lincoln. Another Court House shot
Another Downtown shot. A side shot of the Junior High School.
More Downtown. From behind the Junior High School.
The "old" Lincoln Community High School. The Lincoln Hospital.
A front shot of the Junior High School. Downtown near the Rec.

Formerly our home at Lincoln Lakes.

We lived here in the late 50's and moved away in 1960, the same year I graduated from Lincoln Community High School. Why anyone would think that I claim to still live here is beyond me—but someone did. I hope this clarifies the issue. THE DYE FAMILY MOVED OUT OUT OF THIS HOUSE ALMOST 50 YEARS AGO!

Another shot of our former home at Lincoln Lakes.

We lived here in the late 50's and moved away in 1960, the same year I graduated from Lincoln Community High School. Why anyone would think that I claim to still live here is beyond me—but someone did. I hope this clarifies the issue. THE DYE FAMILY MOVED OUT OUT OF THIS HOUSE ALMOST 50 YEARS AGO!

Avery & Comstock Furniture Store used to be here (my dad was the manager).

One more of the former Dye home.

We lived here in the late 50's and moved away in 1960, the same year I graduated from Lincoln Community High School. Why anyone would think that I claim to still live here is beyond me—but someone did. I hope this clarifies the issue. THE DYE FAMILY MOVED OUT OUT OF THIS HOUSE ALMOST 50 YEARS AGO!

Another friend, Bonnie (Cecil) Farmer having a good time at the 40th reunion. The Lakes, near the island.
The Rec. parking lot (Can you name any of these buildings?). My sister, Pam (Dye) Goldfaden with
Barb (Geary) & Chuck Cicci at the 40th reunion.
Our after-school hang out place was here.
( I think, help me out on this - which building, and what was it called?)
The IGA Grocery Store (I worked here on opening day as the produce boy).
My junior and senior photos.  
Linda (Sparks) Barrick responded with:
"Re: photo of 'hang out' the building with the green above the door & windows was Boss Drug—to the left of the building with the RCA sign is a bank parking lot—That is where Leonard's Cafe used to be—Thought you would like the info. . ."
My mom ran a Beauty Shop in this building. The other side was a warehouse for Avery & Comstock furniture store where my dad worked.

A later message: "I'm not sure how long Boss Drug has been at the 114 N. McLean St. address, but I would guess probably at least 20 yrs. Regarding the note I sent you previously—the old hang out photo is a picture of the Boss Drug on McLean St., next to it is Pelc Radio & TV & to the left of it (North) is the parking lot for a bank—Leonard's Cafe moved to that location after the A & P bought the property where they used to be, across from your Mom's shop on Hamilton -- When Champion Federal was looking for a new location, they bought the corner of N. McLean & Pekin from the Leonard's and tore down the restaurant—The Leonard's then retired" [ Thank you Linda for your help. ]


1. First Baptist Church
(Front View of Church)

5. First Baptist Church
(Rear View of Church)


My friend Jon Diers in high school.

Jim Leathers memorial brick in a Lincoln park.

jim leathers

Click on photo to enlarge.

A few of Lincoln's beautiful churches—notes

Several people have sent in names of the churches. Thanks to Traycee (Richhart) Pirkle, and Merle (Helton) Ryan, Class of 62. The latest is from Janet (Kerpan) Southerlan. "Tonight, I put on my thinking cap?! and believe these to be the names of the churches pictured. The Baptist church is First Baptist Church. #5 is St. John's United Church of Christ. #6 is Lincoln Christian Church. If memory serves me correctly, Albert Eckstein's father was the pastor of First Baptist. Carol Barth's dad was pastor of St. John's and L. H. Appel served the Christian church for many years. Tom Burns' dad was the minister of the First Presbyterian church for l8 years of the 20 I lived in Lincoln. The First Methodist Church manse was across the street from where we lived on Ottawa and Delavan so I knew the Stauffer family (Bob and Sylvia) and the Pattisons (Carl and Donna). Rev. Stauffer and Rev. Pattison were in Lincoln for several years. These pictures are great! —Janet."

NOTE: A digital camera was used for these photographs—the Nikon Coolpix 990 - on full automatic.

Brad building a new type of ham radio (SSB) from a kit. Brad the teenager.
Brad and Ronnie Leathers the two "big" fishermen. Fellow Lincoln ham radio operators in 1958
Brad and grandmother in California. The summer between junior and senior year. Brad with his (mostly) homemade ham radio station.
Four generations on my mother's side. Brad with his two favorite things before discovering girls, fried chicken and ham radio. You can see that famous 1955 Plymouth in the background. The car in which a lot of us learned how to drive, and a few other things as well.
BRAD NOW: WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? And how did it happen so quickly? It seems like just last year that I was dancing with those beautiful Lincoln girls at the "Rec." and zipping around town in my dad's white '58 Buick convertible. Brad and his Weimaraner "Greta" the gray ghost.

Brad and friend in South America.

Brad the cowboy in South America.

The Lincolnite staff -- in 1959 (Brad and Leigh are in this photo.) I am sure Mr. Bass would be pleased to know that we are collaborating on a modern, on-line version of the Lincolnite yearbook, and that we are trying to bring our old class back together over the Internet, as well as trying to record some of our history as it occurred along the way.
Leigh Henson

Leigh's hobby is fishing.

Some say the highest form of flattery is to give a "roast" for a friend. A roast is sort of like a negative toast—but done in good humor. The person being honored should have a good sense of humor and the comments should not be too negative or embarrassing. So — I have "roasted" my friend Leigh Henson with the following. He accepted it like the gentleman and scholar that he is.

Roasting Dr. Leigh Henson

It has come to my attention that a certain Professor Henson has been lurking about on Facebook. I have known him for over 50 years, from my days at Lincoln Community High School. I feel that it is my civic duty to expose him. He used to be a very nice guy in high school but this life-long pursuit of fishing has ruined his credibility. He has circulated a "doctored" photo of a fish that he caught a few years ago. Somehow he made the fish look much bigger than it really was. The following photos will prove that the real fish as he caught it was barely big enough to use for bait. I am sorry to do this, but I must.

crappietrue soze

The one on the right is the original photo, showing the true size of the fish caught by Dr. Leigh Henson as described in my exposé above.

Nelson Teichmann

Nelson is a VERY proud father, and with good reason. Here is a photo from his daughter Natalie's graduation party.

nelson teichmann




My good friend Nelson Teichmann our 50th class reunion.

Bob Madigan From on 6/1/01
Sen. Bob Madigan was at the Logan County Safety Complex this morning to distribute new portable defibrillators to 45th District sheriff departments. Pictured: Mason County Sheriff Richard Walker, Sen. Bob Madigan, Woodford Sheriff Bill Myers, Tazewell Sheriff Robert M. Huston, DeWitt County Deputy T.H. Collins and Logan County Sheriff Tony Soloman.

LCHS Class Reunions


There are 6 LCHS Class Reunion Photos here.

The 25th, the 30th, the 35th, the 40th, 45th, and the 50th reunions.

LCHS 50th Class Reunion Photo added - October 2010 - also names of deceased classmates.

September 2005 Can you believe that they replaced our beautiful High School with this ordinary-looking building?

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Leigh Henson's Mr. Lincoln, Route 66, & Other Highlights of Lincoln, Illinois

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A true story—Brad's secret love. This is one of my best memories. (She never knew.)

People have asked me some personal questions about my life, specifically about my brother's death as well as my church work. I have decided to answer them, and have written a brief autobiographical sketch. If you would like to read the first part, please click here.

Best regards,

Brad Dye
LCHS class of 1960

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