Dear Friends,

In my haste to get the newsletter out, I transposed some of the numbers while cutting and pasting from the Arch and Metrocall quarterly reports. The correct numbers are:

First quarter 2004 loss in US public paging subscribers
  One-way Two-way Total
Metrocall: -221,811 -17,711 -239,522
Arch: -246,000 -13,000 -259,000
Combined: -467,811 -30,711 -498,522

I received the following from a friend at Verizon. I am very happy to correct this omission.

Verizon Wireless has provided, and continues to provide, nationwide paging service. With approximately 1.5 million paging subscribers (with both one-way and 2-way pagers), coverage in all 50 states (including the top 150 U.S. markets and beyond), they had positive growth in their 2-way paging business in the fourth quarter of 2003, and consistent profitability even as other nationwide carriers filed for bankruptcy, Verizon Wireless is, and continues to be, a major nationwide player in the paging industry.

I don't want people to think that Verizon Wireless paging no longer exists—especially considering they have been a consistently profitable company and a relative success story even in the face of adverse paging industry news.

Best regards,

Brad Dye