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FRIDAY - DECEMBER 12, 2008 - ISSUE NO. 339

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Dear Friends of Wireless,

My family (the Dye family) immigrated to Illinois in 1851. They came down the Ohio River on a raft to (old) Shawneetown, and then traveled overland to Fairfield in Wayne County. They eventually homesteaded near Cisne, Illinois. In fact, this little town was founded by my great-great-great grandfather, and a man named Levi Cisne.

So, I not only grew up in Illinois, but my roots go back 158 years in this state.

I am very proud that Illinois is my home state but very embarrassed at this week's news. I just finished reading the 78-page Criminal Compliant filed against Governor Rod Blagojevich by the FBI. As you probably have heard already, Governor Blagojevich was put in jail briefly on Tuesday, and accused of several very serious crimes.

Corrupt politicians are nothing unusual in today's world; what is different here in the United States is, that when we catch them we usually put them in jail.

Out of the last eight governors elected in Illinois five of them have faced criminal charges and four have spent time in jail. (One of them is still there.) [source]

What's that old saying about power corrupting? It happens in government and business.

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Please note that Prism Paging has moved their corporate headquarters to a new high-tech facility. Their new address follows:

Prism Systems International, Inc.
11175 Cicero Drive
Suite 100
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
Tel: 678-242-5290
Fax: 678-242-5201

Their ad has been updated, and there is a LETTER TO THE EDITOR from their president, Jim Nelson.

Now on to more news and views.

brad dye
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 aapc logo AAPC Bulletin • 866-301-2272
The Voice of US Paging Carriers

global paging convention

Save the Date!

June 17 – 19, 2009

Montreal, Canada

Plan now to join the American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC) and the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA) for the first annual Global Paging Convention.

If your work involves paging then you cannot afford to miss this event. You will learn new marketing strategies (that work), new services that are selling, new vertical markets that have been successfully opened, and cost reductions that will improve your bottom line.

This premier event will draw an international crowd of paging industry representatives and make a significant contribution to the global success of the paging industry. Carriers, manufacturers, suppliers, and resellers from all over the world will be together for two days to display their products and services and learn from educational sessions and network with one another.

Montreal is a worldwide destination of choice with an international flavor. It is Quebec's largest city, located only hours away from New York, but dining on the busy French-influenced streets, listening to a mangle of Quebecois French, English, and other languages, you'll soon realize you've come as close to Europe as you can without taking a transatlantic flight.

Vendor opportunities will be available soon at Registration will be available in January.

Premier Sponsor

PRISM Paging

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American Association of Paging Carriers
European Mobile Messaging Association

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PRISM Paging

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isc technologies
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Tel: 866-301-2272
AAPC Regulatory Affairs Office
Suite 250
2154 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20007-2280
Tel: 202-223-3772
Fax: 202-315-3587

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Congress Slams Kevin Martin For Abuse Of Power

from the good-thing-they-waited-until-he-was-done dept

by Mike Masnick
Tue, Dec 9th 2008 4:10pm

FCC boss Kevin Martin is nearing the end of his tenure at the FCC, looking ready to jump into a lucrative industry job or (some have speculated) explore the possibility of running for elected office. We've been among his many critics over the year — specifically for his rather blatant efforts to side with the telcos, even when his views are exactly the opposite for telcos when compared to cable companies. The worst, however, may have been his awkward attempt to not just bury an analysis that showed that a la carte cable would be more expensive — but to come out with a totally different report claiming the opposite.

Congress has now released a report slamming Martin for widespread abuses of power during his chairmanship, noting his efforts to force the FCC to bury the original report and publish the new report. He ordered the group to rewrite the report with the opposite findings and demoted the guy who wrote the original report. The Congressional report also noted that Martin had failed to properly oversee various telco slushfunds. You know all those extra "fees" the telcos charge? Basically it all goes into a big fund controlled by the telcos (not the gov't) with almost no oversight. The Congressional report specifically dings Martin for his oversight (or lack thereof) of the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund. Apparently, Martin ignored plenty of evidence that the telcos were overcharging, and let them just keep collecting. And, on top of that the FCC did little to actually audit the program.

It's also worth noting that Congress decided to release the report without holding hearings, noting: "due to the climate of fear that pervades the FCC . . . we found that key witnesses were unwilling to testify or even to have their names become known." Good thing they got that figured out just about a month before he's leaving office . . .

Source: techdirt

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unication Is It Possible To
Improve On The
Alpha GOLD?


three colors
  • Greater SPL (louder alert audio)
  • Increased cap codes:
    • Elegant = 8 (32 Functional Addresses)
    • Legend = 16 (64 functional Addresses)
  • 16 Alert Tone Options
  • New Vibrate Alerting Options
  • Selectable Alert per Functional Address
  • Simultaneous Vibrate+Alert feature (just like cell phones)
  • On/Off Duty—allows User to determine which Functional Addresses they want to be alerted on
  • Wide Band and Narrow Band

Unication USA 817-303-9320

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House report finds leadership breakdown at FCC

December 10, 2008
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a scathing report released Tuesday, congressional investigators outlined a pattern of mismanagement, dysfunction and abuse of power at the Federal Communications Commission under the agency's Republican chairman, Kevin Martin.
The report — the result of a nearly yearlong, bipartisan investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee — accuses Martin of manipulating data and suppressing information to influence telecommunications policy debates at the agency and on Capitol Hill.

The report charges that the commission has become politicized and failed to carry out some important responsibilities under Martin's leadership. It also blames him for undermining an open and transparent regulatory process.

In addition, Martin is accused of micro managing commission affairs, demoting agency staffers who did not agree with him and withholding information from his fellow commissioners. "Chairman Martin's heavy-handed, opaque, and non-collegial management style has created distrust, suspicion and turmoil among the five current commissioners," the report says.

Robert Kenny, a spokesman for Martin, said the committee "did not find or conclude that there were any violations of rules, laws or procedures." Martin is widely expected to leave the commission after the White House changes hands.

Martin's legacy at the FCC will be "a blueprint of what not to do," said Bart Stupak, D-Mich., who chairs the House Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

"The findings suggest that, in recent years, the FCC has operated in a dysfunctional manner and commission business has suffered as a result," said Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell, D-Mich., who will be relinquishing the reins of the panel to California Democrat Henry Waxman next year.

But the top Republican on the committee, Joe Barton of Texas, greeted the report's findings with skepticism.

"A congressional investigation has established that the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission doesn't play well with others," said Larry Neal, who serves as deputy Republican staff director for the committee under Barton. "The inquiry was supposed to pin down some weightier matters. Evidently that didn't pan out."

Among the findings of the 110-page report:

  • Martin manipulated the findings of an FCC inquiry into the potential consumer benefits of requiring cable companies to sell channels on an individual — or "a la carte" — basis. The House investigation concludes that Martin undermined the integrity of the FCC staff and may have improperly influenced the Congressional debate on the matter by ordering agency employees to rewrite a report to conclude that a la carte mandates would benefit consumers.
  • Martin tried to manipulate the findings of an annual FCC report on the state of competition in the market for cable and other video services to show that the industry had a big enough market share to permit additional government regulation. When the full commission voted to reject that conclusion, Martin suppressed the report by withholding its release.
  • Under Martin's leadership, the FCC's oversight of the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund, which pays for special telecommunications services for people with hearing or speech disabilities, was overly lax. This resulted in overcompensation of the companies that provide these services by as much as $100 million a year — costs that were ultimately passed along to phone company customers.

Kenny said Martin makes no apologies for his "commitment to serving deaf and disabled Americans and for fighting to lower exorbitantly high cable rates that consumers are forced to pay." He added that Martin remains confident that pricing channels on an individual basis would bring down cable rates.

The House report is a significant victory for the cable industry, which has fought Martin's efforts to impose a la carte requirements and other regulatory changes. At Martin's urging, the FCC in October opened an investigation into the industry's pricing policies, including its practice of moving analog channels into more expensive digital tiers of service.

Among the companies being investigated are Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc. and Cox Communications Inc.

Gene Kimmelman, vice president for federal policy at Consumers Union, which helped bring attention to the cable pricing practices now being probed, said the issues highlighted by the House report are not new or unique to Martin.

"The FCC processes have been an enormous problem for years," Kimmelman said. "This is just more of the same."

Source: Associated Press via Google
US House of Representatives 110-page Report here

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shooting alert

The new RAVENAlert answers the need for a fast, intelligent, and dependable indoor alerting device. Features include:

  • High volume audible alert.
  • Large backlit screen.
  • Clear voice via new text to speech technology.
  • Compact Size. 5.5 X 5 inches
  • Easy wall mount or sits upright on any flat surface
  • Battery or line powered
  • Vast grouping capability
  • FLEX or POCSAG in all frequency bands
  • UL Listed


Public Schools
Industrial Facilities
Military Bases
Fire Departments

The new RAVEN-500 series of high decibel alerting products allows for dynamic alerting and voice messaging for indoor and outdoor areas. Perfect for athletic fields, indoor gymnasiums, large retail stores and outdoor common areas.


raven logo

Phone: 623-582-4592

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Motorola cut to junk by Standard and Poor's

Posted Dec 7th 2008 11:10AM by Zac Bissonnette
Filed under: Bad news, Motorola (MOT)

motorola logo Standard & Poor's has slashed Motorola Inc.'s (NYSE: MOT) credit rating to junk status, saying that continued operational challenges will lead to weak cash flows.

"Revenues and profits in the first part of the year will be challenged by a narrower, somewhat-dated product portfolio," S&P's Bruce Hyman said in a statement. "Standard & Poor's also expects about 10 percent fewer handsets to be sold worldwide in 2009 at lower average prices than in 2008."

On December 1, BloggingStocks' Doug McIntyre wrote that "As hard as it would have been to imagine a year ago, Motorola may still have to dump its cell operation and perhaps put it into Chapter 11. Its fate is that grim. It needs to escape its employee and creditor obligations to make it."

The company's November 2012 notes are trading at a yield of 8.02% — hardly a sign of a company in severe distress.

But everything the company needs to do to turn itself around will be made more difficult by a weak credit rating in an environment where it's tough for company's with good credit ratings to secure access to capital.

But the one thing we can see from this is that Carl Icahn's complaint that the company was under-leveraged may not have been the case.

Source: BloggingStocks

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gtes logo gtes logo

GL3000 Paging Terminals - C2000 Transmitter Controllers
GL3200 Internet Gateways - Transmitter Equipment


GTES is the only Glenayre authorized software support provider in the paging industry. With years of combined experience in Glenayre hardware and software support, GTES offers the industry the most professional support and engineering staff available.

GTES Partner Maintenance Program
Glenayre Product Sales
Software Licenses, Upgrades and Feature License Codes
New & Used Spare Parts and Repairs
Customer Phone Support and On-Site Services
Product Training


   Sales Support - Debbie Schlipman
  Phone: +1-251-445-6826
   Customer Service
  Phone: +1-800-663-5996 or +1-972-801-0590
   Website -

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sun telecom logo


sun st800



ST800, Sun Telecom's Best Selling Numeric Pager. Built for today's life style, the ST800 is rugged yet stylish and blends well with all day-to-day activities.

Michelle Choi
Director of Sales & Operations
Sun Telecom International, Inc.
Telephone: 678-541-0441
Fax: 678-541-0442

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flex logo FLEX is a registered trademark of Motorola Inc.

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Omega Pharma E-Waves Phone Chip promises to save your brain from being cooked

December 10, 2008, 3:00 pm
by Toby Knight

martine Worried about having the insides of your head cooked like an egg in a microwave? No?

Oh. Well, Belgian non-prescription health products company Omega Pharma say that they have a solution for you anyway.

The E-Waves Phone Chip is designed to prevent you from sustaining damage from the radiation emitted by your mobile phone.

Omega Pharma say that the chip offsets the electromagnetic radiation from the phone - reducing headaches and other symptoms - and neutralizes the heating effect associated with holding a phone up to your head.

Cynics might say that this is a load of pseudoscientific nonsense that only an idiot would believe, but that’s because they haven’t heard the official explanation of the theory behind the chip’s operation. From the Omega Pharma site - “the E-Waves Phone Chip beams a quantum physical information wave that is in counter-phase with the harmful components of the electromagnetic waves.”

You see? Now who is the idiot, eh?

As you can see in the picture, the Flemish actress Martine Jonckheere is an enthusiastic advocate of the E-Waves chip, having participated in a test that did not result in her brain melting, despite some anecdotal evidence that her judgment may have been impaired.

Source: Electricpig

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Sound of sirens signals end of RNLI tradition

END OF AN ERA: Seahouses RNLI station mechanic John Hanvey fires a maroon watched by Terry Wainwright D.L.A. and lifeboat station manager Ian Clayton. This was the last time it was fired, to mark the eleventh hour on Armistice Day.

Published Date: 10 December 2008

SIRENS were sounded at Seahouses harbour last week as the local lifeboat crew searched for a suitable way of signalling a call-out.

Until recent years, exploding flares known as maroons had been fired by most lifeboat stations when their lifeboats were called out on service.

Once the initial call-out signal for a lifeboat crew, they were replaced by the radio pager or bleeper as a means of alerting the crew.

They were still used - albeit in a quieter form - as a signal to local shipping and the local community that a lifeboat was launching 'on service', and a back-up to the pager system.

However, they were withdrawn initially on health and safety grounds due to some issues with their use, while latterly there have been problems obtaining them from the manufacturers.

Ian Clayton, Seahouses lifeboat station operations manager, said: "We have been experiencing problems getting the slipway clear so we are looking at alternative warning devices to let people know the boat has been called. We hope they weren't too alarmed by the sirens."

It was just last month that maroons were fired from Seahouses lifeboat station for probably the last time, on Remembrance Day.

The RNLI has recently withdrawn the use of the exploding flares which were fired by most lifeboat stations when their vessels were called out on service.

They generated terrific public interest and support for the RNLI, and the public have complained profusely around the country since they have been withdrawn.

Seahouses lifeboat station has traditionally fired two firework type rockets, similar to RNLI maroons, at 11am on November 11, and again at 2 minutes after 11am, to mark the two minute silence for Remembrance Day.

This year the local authority could not obtain these fireworks, and asked the RNLI if they could fire two RNLI Maroons in their place.

At Seahouses, two maroons which were at the end of their shelf life, were available, and the lifeboat operations manager agreed to have these fired as requested by Berwick Borough Council, particularly as this was the 90th Remembrance ceremony.

For Seahouses, this was probably the very last time the maroons would be fired from the station, marking the end of a lifeboat tradition there.

Source: Berwick Advertiser

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prism paging

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Critical Response Systems

Over 70% of first responders are volunteers
Without an alert, interoperability means nothing.

Get the Alert.

M1501 Acknowledgent Pager

With the M1501 Acknowledgement Pager and a SPARKGAP wireless data system, you know when your volunteers have been alerted, when they’ve read the message, and how they’re going to respond – all in the first minutes of an event. Only the M1501 delivers what agencies need – reliable, rugged, secure alerting with acknowledgement.

Learn More

  • 5-Second Message Delivery
  • Acknowledged Personal Messaging
  • Acknowledged Group Messaging
  • 16 Group Addresses
  • 128-Bit Encryption
  • Network-Synchronized Time Display
  • Simple User Interface
  • Programming/Charging Base
  • Secondary Features Supporting Public Safety and Healthcare

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The Best in Paging Is Also the Biggest!


Zetron’s Model 2700:
Our largest-capacity paging terminal.

  • Supports over 1,000,000 subscribers.
  • Fully redundant design features RAID-1-mirrored, hot-removable disk drives.
  • Supports remote access to Windows®-based user-management software.
  • Supports E1 trunks, T1 trunks, analog trunks, and dial-up modems.
  • Includes extensive voice-messaging features.
  • Provides Ethernet interface for e-mail and paging over the Internet.
  • Provides an ideal replacement for Unipage or Glenayre™ systems.
  • When used with the Model 600/620 Wireless Data Manager, a simulcast network can be connected to the Model 2700 over Ethernet links.

Contact Zetron today to discuss your paging needs.

Zetron, Inc.
P.O. Box 97004
Redmond, WA 98073-9704 USA
Phone: 425-820-6363
Fax: 425-820-7031

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$500.00 FLAT RATE

TAPS—Texas Association of Paging Services is looking for partners on 152.480 MHz. Our association currently uses Echostar, formerly Spacecom, for distribution of our data and a large percentage of our members use the satellite to key their TXs. We have a CommOneSystems Gateway at the uplink in Chicago with a back-up running 24/7. Our paging coverage area on 152.480 MHz currently encompasses Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Kansas. The TAPS paging coverage is available to members of our Network on 152.480 MHz for $.005 a transmitter (per capcode per month), broken down by state or regions of states and members receive a credit towards their bill for each transmitter which they provide to our coverage. Members are able to use the satellite for their own use If you are on 152.480 MHz or just need a satellite for keying your own TXs on your frequency we have the solution for you.

TAPS will provide the gateways in Chicago, with Internet backbone and bandwidth on our satellite channel for $ 500.00 (for your system) a month.

Contact Ted Gaetjen @ 1-800-460-7243 or left arrow CLICK TO E-MAIL

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Novatel Announces 'Smart Hotspot'

Mifi Is 3G Modem, Router, Little Linux PC In One

By Sascha Segan

PC Magazine

Novatel on Tuesday announced the MiFi, an "intelligent mobile hotspot" that combines a 3G modem, router, and embedded Linux-based PC to create clouds of Internet connectivity wherever you go.

About the size of a deck of cards, the MiFi gets rid of all of the confusing configuration issues around setting up 3G connections and WiFi routers. The device has a processor and Linux-based OS built in, which can run various applications, including security programs, VPNs, and drivers for home appliances.

"I could take MiFi over to my grandma's house and have it beam pictures [from the Web] over to the WiFi-enabled digital picture frame I gave her," said Novatel chief marketing officer Rob Hadley. "I want to have an application for MiFi where, when I'm traveling, it alerts me to changes in gate information."

Other consumer applications could include auto-email-sync, where the MiFi caches email on its own MicroSD storage card that you can then download when you pop open your laptop. The device will have 40 hours of standby battery life and about four hours of continuous connection time on a charge, Hadley said.

All of these applications would be beamed down to the MiFi over the air; for consumers, using the MiFi would appear to be a 'one-touch' experience, Hadley said.

Cellular PC Cards and USB modems have been popular for years, and there are also several devices that bridge 3G networks to Wi-Fi networks, such as the Kyocera KR1 router. Sprint even officially supported cellular-to-Wi-Fi routers for a while. But none of those routers have yet offered the ease of configuration or the built-in applications that the MiFi promises.

The MiFi will start out supporting EVDO Rev A and HSDPA, the major technologies in the US. It could be sold though wireless carriers, but thanks to the new "open network" initiatives from Verizon Wireless and AT&T, it could appear branded by retailers or other companies, with unusual service plans. Hadley said to look at devices like the Amazon Kindle and the Peek, a budget-priced email device running on T-Mobile's network, for ideas.

"Because of the intelligence in MiFi we can help [operators] come up with usage models and applications possibly resulting in a lower rate plan for the end user," he said.

From a less user friendly perspective, the MiFi's intelligence also would let wireless carriers lock down the device easily, imposing things like usage caps or limits on approved applications.

The MiFi will cost "under $200" when it debuts in the first half of 2009, Hadley said. We'll learn more about the product at the upcoming CES trade show in early January.

Source: PC Magazine

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daviscomms usa

Contract Manufacturing Services
We offer full product support (ODM/OEM) including:

  • Engineering Design & Support
  • Research and Testing
  • Proto-typing
  • Field services
  • Distribution

Services vary from Board Level to complete “Turn Key”
Production Services based on outsourcing needs.

product examples

Daviscomms – Product Examples

Manufacturer of the Bravo Pager Line and TMR Telemetry Modules

For information call 480-515-2344 or visit our website
E-mail addresses are posted there!

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Motorola's Emergency Strategy

It's launching the APX 7000, a multi-band radio to coordinate communication between police, medical technicians, and firefighters

By Matt Vella

motorola apx7000

Chaos in the wake of large-scale catastrophes is by now all too familiar. In disasters from New Orleans to Mumbai, police officers, medical technicians, and firefighters from neighboring communities rush to help. But a jumble of incompatible communications equipment makes coordination difficult, if not impossible. Instead of helping, technology can hinder and potentially cost lives.

That disturbing reality was on the minds of Motorola (MOT) designers when, three years ago, they began working on an all-new set of communications gear for emergency responders. The result is the APX 7000 (pronounced "apex"), a multi-band radio that can communicate with the dozens of various frequencies used by police officers, medical technicians, firefighters, and other government agencies such as the Homeland Security Dept. and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The device, which can cost up to $5,000, will be widely available in the second quarter of 2009.

Worlds apart from the slim RAZR phone most consumers associate with Motorola, the APX is a thick slab of black rubber that fits snugly in the hand. Under a set of chunky knobs on the radio's top sits a color display that looks much like a conventional cell phone. The design, says Bruce Claxton, Motorola's senior director of design integration, is the result of extensive user research. "We sent designers into burning buildings," exclaims Claxton, adding quickly, "in controlled situations, of course."

First responders, notes Claxton, live "lives of boredom punctuated by moments of terror." To create the APX accordingly, his team of nearly 300 designers and engineers developed a method to study how users' behavior changes when panic and fear are possibly overwhelming. The research included hundreds of hours of observation and interviews, sending designers to fire-fighting training, and to ride along with police officers to analyze their every movement. They even installed a Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser in the company's Plantation (Fla.) research lab to run simulations.

The APX is in fact a half-dozen devices in one, including a cell phone, a PDA, GPS receiver, and a number of traditional radios. Software inside the APX automatically detects which frequencies are being used by emergency personnel to enable communication. Today, first responders routinely carry two radios in order to communicate with one another. Motorola says this device is also backwards compatible with even decades-old technologies in use by police and fire departments around the country, including the company's last generation of P25 products.

Motorola also designed the radio to be up-gradable, either through a built-in hardware expansion slot, or software updates available for download. Potential new applications include GPS-enabled location tracking or the ability to upload mug shots of, say, potential suspects directly from the radio. Says Bob Schassler, corporate vice-president for Motorola's government and public safety division: "these devices have life spans of between 10 and 15 years, so we're trying to make the APX as future-compatible as possible."

Claxton credits two years of ethnographic research with a number of design innovations. The radio's T-shape, for example, allows users to fit the APX neatly in the palm of the hand while providing enough room for the knobs on top to be turned with thick gloves like those worn by firefighters. Under observation, users instinctively ran their hands down the length of the antenna in order to locate the radio. But then they had to fumble to unclip the device in order to find the emergency SOS button. With the APX, designers placed a recessed emergency SOS button close to the base of the antenna to save both time and user stress.

According to Teresa Bozzelli, chief operating officer and managing director of research firm Government Insights, "the market for such devices is highly visible and highly funded," especially in the wake of events such as September 11 and Hurricane Katrina. Technology budgets for the NYPD and LAPD, for instance, are more than $200 million a year; smaller cities like Washington and Philadelphia spend about $75 million. Says Schassler: "we expect to sell about 90,000 units annually."

Motorola is desperate to shore up its business to offset a flagging consumer cell-phone division. In early December, the company took another hit as ratings agency Standard & Poor's downgraded Motorola to junk status on worries over the impact of the global financial crisis on mobile phones. (Like BusinessWeek, S&P is a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies.) The company has already pledged to shed some 9,000 jobs and explore spinning off its mobile phones unit.

Schassler says the APX program could serve as an incubator for innovations bound for consumer gear. Communications devices like the pager were initially designed for emergency personnel before being marketed for professionals such as doctors and eventually the public at large. But Schassler won't say exactly which of the APX's elements could make it to consumer devices. For now, Motorola will stick to marketing its devices to front-line emergency responders including firefighters, medical technicians, and police officers.

Watch a video demonstration of the APX 7000, from Motorola's Bob Schassler and Bruce Claxton.

Source: BusinessWeek

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make your minitor II like new again


Finally, Minitor II housings available
As low as $19.95
Pieces sold separately

Repair of Minitor II pagers
$45.00 per pager
$60.00 for repair and new housing with 90-day warranty

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When Will We Finally Address Continuity Shortcomings?

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
By Norman J. Ornstein
Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The federal government continues to fail to address issues of the continuity of government. With the attacks in Mumbai as the most recent wake-up call, the time for developing contingency plans is now.

Resident Scholar
Norman J. Ornstein

The past few weeks, which gave us a terrible attack in India and grave warnings about potential attacks at home, should have sent a jolt into our political process and our Congressional leadership.

First came Mumbai, where terrorists launched what was, no doubt, a highly sophisticated and well-planned mission, prepared over years and executed with precision. But it was also decidedly low-tech in terms of the weapons involved—AK-47s, variations of which are available over many store counters, along with grenade launchers and the like. Yet look at the havoc wreaked and the lives lost.

Second was the report of the so-called WMD Commission, led by two sober and estimable former Members of the Senate, Bob Graham (D-Florida) and Jim Talent (R-Missouri). The commission said directly that we can expect an attack, using nuclear or biological weapons of mass destruction, somewhere in the world within the next five years.

The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 is woefully inadequate to the modern threats we face, and Congress needs urgently to reconsider it.

Last month, I was a part a "tabletop" exercise—call it a war game—conducted through the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The title was "The Morning After," and the exercise was predicated on a plausible scenario of a terrorist attack using WMD. I, as a faux member of the National Security Council, and my colleagues, drawn from inside and outside government, were given the information that would be available in the immediate aftermath of such an attack, updated through the next day or two. We were charged with making decisions about how to respond—not just to the attack itself, but how to deal with the victims, the surrounding population, the rest of the world, the challenges to the governing structure and so on.

Three such exercises were done using three chillingly plausible scenarios among many. It was not difficult to immerse oneself in the scene and to think about the challenges for policymakers at the federal, state and local level. In our review, it was also not difficult to see how many gaps we have in our ability to respond to the unknown, with limited resources and limited information, and to realize how, no matter how thorough the advance planning, plans can go out the window on the first contact with the enemy and the reality.

But it also reinforced for me how thoroughly irresponsible Congress has been over the past seven years when it comes to providing some of the basic insurance needed to minimize the impact of the kinds of attacks we might expect, to devote the resources to protect the country and to make sure we can respond adequately in the aftermath of something horrific.

Of course, I am first referring to my long-standing hobbyhorse, the continuity of government. This is not just about making sure we have a Congress up and running, or effectively reconstituted, after a devastating attack on Washington. In the scenarios, one can also see serious challenges involving presidential succession. The White House and other parts of the executive branch have done extensive work on continuity of government and continuity of operations for the executive, much of it classified or secret—but they can't do anything about the core element of presidential succession, which is set by the Constitution and law.

The fact is, the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 is woefully inadequate to the modern threats we face, and Congress needs urgently to reconsider it. At the same time, we could have very serious questions of legality and struggles among important actors, in the fog of war and the aftermath of a devastating attack, over who is or should be acting president, and whether a rump group could actually serve as a legitimate Congress, including perhaps choosing a Speaker who would become acting president. Here, we need a functioning Supreme Court to make key judgments of legitimacy, and there is no plan to reconstitute the court if it falls below its statutory quorum of six justices.

It is also clear that in the event of something as horrible as a nuclear bomb, which would set off a radiation plume covering a substantial area around the attack itself, the public would be in panic mode, and our ability to respond--by taking care of the people directly killed or injured, keeping calm, minimizing further death or injury and maintaining public order--would make Hurricane Katrina look like a minor exercise in comparison. Making sure we have adequate communications vehicles for emergency responders is one thing (still not settled, by the way). But also making sure that if the electrical grid is knocked out, cell towers downed and the Internet disabled, government actors could communicate with the public--and the public would have some means to receive those communications.

What to do? Obviously, Congress needs to deal soon with Congressional, presidential and Supreme Court succession. Let me be very blunt here. September 11, 2001, should have been a wake-up call. If United 93 had not been delayed and left on time, its passengers would not have known they were on a suicide mission, and the plane would likely have hit the Capitol Dome that morning, wreaking havoc and perhaps destroying Congress for many months, leaving the country with a form of martial law. Sadly, we did nothing constructive to make sure we could reconstitute a full and robust representative body quickly when the next attack occurred.

Now consider Mumbai. Imagine a nice warm day, and five taxis pull up near the Capitol and 10 guys with backpacks get out, pull out AK-47s and grenades and go after anybody walking from the Cannon and Longworth buildings to the Capitol as they move quickly to storm the entrances. The Capitol Police are armed and trained, and there is a lot of security, but if one, two or more of them got inside, they could create the same kind of devastation in a short period of time that the terrorists did in Mumbai. In other words, we can't rely only on deterring a plane attack, or a dump truck trying to get a car bomb near the Capitol; even a low-tech attack could create a disaster.

But we need more than security, or even the kind of continuity action I and others have long advocated. I would make it mandatory that top Congressional leaders, including the chairmen and ranking members of Armed Services, Homeland Security and many other committees attend or create their own tabletop exercises. Believe me, you can only understand the scope and nuance of some of the problems and gaps in policy and resources we have by going through such exercises. It is now mandatory, by executive order, that all Cabinet officers do several of these exercises each year. The same should be true of party and committee leaders in Congress.

Second, we need serious attention paid to the larger swath of communications issues triggered by the kinds of attacks that could disable most of our modern methods of communication for extended periods of time, and to create clear contingency plans. It can include something as simple as providing portable generators to enable radio communications from government leaders at all levels, and providing hand-cranked portable radios to designated citizen leaders in neighborhoods who can hear the emergency communications and then deliver them face-to-face to their neighbors if necessary. One small step would help: The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee should recreate its Subcommittee on Telecommunications so that there is a clear focal point for these issues, among the many that the telecom area faces.

These problems are no longer in the realm of theory. How many more wake-up calls before we get some minimal action to protect the country and system?

Norman J. Ornstein is a resident scholar at AEI.

Source: AEI American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

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White House Opposes FCC Free Wireless Internet Plan

The Wall Street Journal

DECEMBER 10, 2008, 7:03 P.M. ET

WASHINGTON — Bush administration officials are trying to put the brakes on the Federal Communications Commission's plan to encourage a free, national wireless Internet plan, which the agency could approve next week.

Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez sent a letter to the agency's Republican chairman Wednesday afternoon expressing the administration's displeasure with the idea.

"The administration believes that the (airwaves) should be auctioned without price or product mandate," Mr. Gutierrez wrote. "The history of FCC spectrum auctions has shown that the potential for problems increases in instances where licensing is overly prescriptive or designed around unproven business models."

Outgoing FCC Chairman Kevin Martin hopes to win approval for his plan next week, at one of the last FCC meetings he will chair.

Mr. Martin has proposed auctioning off some airwaves for a new, national wireless broadband service next year. The winner of the auction would be required to offer free wireless Internet access across the country within a few years on a portion of those airwaves.

The free, advertising-supported service wouldn't necessarily be speedy — it would be faster than dial-up, slower than most cable broadband offerings — and would come equipped with a smut-filter to keep children 18 and younger from viewing porn and other racy fare. The winner of the auction could offer a higher-speed subscription service on the rest of the airwaves.

Mr. Martin's proposal is similar to a plan proposed by the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers-backed startup M2Z Networks. The FCC is scheduled to vote on the plan Dec. 18.

The wireless phone industry is strongly opposed to the plan and raised questions about the ability of any new wireless provider to raise enough capital to build out a new national wireless network. Free speech advocates, meanwhile, have raised concerns about the smut-filter.

Mr. Martin says the plan could result in a new competitor in the wireless broadband market and could help solve broad concerns about the lack of affordable high-speed Internet service across the U.S. The free wireless Internet plan is one of several proposals Mr. Martin has championed in the past year to encourage the spread of high-speed Internet service.

"We're reviewing the letter and it seems very similar to what (the Commerce Department) had put forth recently. We agree that market forces should help drive competition but we also believe that providing free basic broadband to consumers is a good thing," said Robert Kenny, an FCC spokesman.

President-elect Barack Obama has also raised concerns about the U.S. falling behind other developed nations in broadband availability and said on Saturday that he planned to include broadband build-out as part of his economic stimulus plan.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Motorola courts university crowd with Wi-Fi, Good messaging

December 11 2008 - 5:59 am ET
Gary E. Salazar
RCR Wireless News

Motorola Inc. is gaining traction with schools and universities moving toward wireless networks by providing technology that helps keep students and faculty connected, enhancing learning and production.

Divisions of Motorola are working together to package 802.11n Wi-Fi and its touted messaging service to public schools, colleges and universities around the world.

So far, the Illinois-based company has outfitted schools and universities in Texas, California, Ohio and India.

Wireless Wi-Fi and messaging are becoming important aspects for school districts and colleges and is expected to be a fruitful area for business for wireless vendors such as Motorola, said Manish Raii, director of product marketing for Motorola’s enterprise wireless LAN.

“We have seen early adoption of the technology by some hospitals where cellphones are banned,” he said of 802.11n Wi-Fi. “They are using Wi-Fi handsets to communicate. In the next three to four years, this technology is expected to take off at colleges and schools. There will be rapid adoption, and we are beginning to see that demand.”

Plenty of room to grow

Earlier this year, ABI Research projected that 802.11n Wi-Fi would be available on 99% of college campuses by 2013. The research firm also said robust growth in Wi-Fi and voice over Wi-Fi will also occur in primary and secondary schools. The growth is remarkable considering 802.11n Wi-Fi is found on only 2.3% of North American universities today, according to ABI.

According to Stan Schatt, VP and research director for ABI, equipment revenue in the global higher education market will increase from $137 million in 2007 to $837 million in 2013, and the global K-12 market will grow from $47 million in 2007 to $644 million in 2013.

Reasons for the adoption are Wi-Fi is becoming a recruitment requirement for college students, and schools are embracing an “anytime-anywhere learning” philosophy. Increased security is also in demand, especially video surveillance. Schools are also placing greater importance on providing network computers to as many students as possible.

Raii said Motorola has technology that can set up a single Wi-Fi network to serve a variety of users and the cost associated with using wireless technology rather than traditional wireline is beneficial in the long run.

Motorola said it can build a network that can provide different access points for students, visitors and faculty and staff. Schools that also invest in the technology will see their investment payoff within three to 12 months, Raii said.

Raii added that a reason why the company offers such a wide variety of services is because of the acquisition of Symbol Technologies two years ago. Symbol focused on manufacturing mobile data capture and delivery equipment.

“In the last couple of years, we have brought together a strong portfolio of services,” Raii said.

To outfit a campus or school with Wi-Fi coverage, Motorola uses wireless bridge technology that provides reliable and secure connectivity.

Motorola recently outfitted Manipal University in Manipal, India, to connect its campuses with Wi-Fi.

Good messaging included

For the messaging aspect, the company is offering its Good Mobile Messaging Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension solution. Earlier this year, the solution was approved for use by agencies within the U.S. Department of Defense.

Motorola Good Technology Group is on the list of a small group of vendors that has passed rigorous government standards regarding sending secure information through wireless devices.

The solution works with all wireless devices that use Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile software.

“We feel like we have a strong security story, which is important within education,” said Mark Williams, director of government sales for Motorola.

Schools that use the messaging solution provide e-mail, calendars and contacts to staff when they are out of the office.

Meade Middleton, a Motorola territory account manager, said school districts that decide to use the messaging solution do so based on the security aspect and it is easy to manage.

Meade has worked to set up the solution in school districts in Cleveland; San Bernadino, Calif.; and Catawba County, N.C.

“These schools want something that works, is secure and is easy to manage,” Meade said.

Source: RCR Wireless News

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BloostonLaw Update

Published by the Law Offices of
Blooston, Mordkofsky, Dickens, Duffy & Prendergast, LLP

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Public Emergency Notification & Volunteer Alerting

The EA1 is the solution for remotely activating public warning signage. Examples include tornado sirens, flash flood warnings, fire danger, Amber Alert, icy roads, etc. The EA1 can also send text messages to scrolling signs. This can occur in conjunction with the activation of audible alarms and visual strobes. This is ideal for public notification in buildings, schools, hotels, factories, etc. The group call feature allows for any number of signs or flashing lights to be activated at the same time over a wide geographic area. In addition, the EA1 Emergency Alert is the perfect solution for low cost yet highly effective alerting of volunteer fire fighters in their home. When activated the EA1 will emit an audible alarm and activate the power outlet on the units faceplate. A common setup is to simply place the EA1 on a table and plug a lamp into the faceplate. When paged from dispatch or any touch tone phone the EA1 will awaken the fire fighter to a lit room. As an option the EA1 can be ordered with a serial cable, allowing for attachment of a serial printer. When paged the alphanumeric message will be printed out at the same time the alarm sounds and the outlet is activated. The EA1 is an ideal complement to alphanumeric belt pagers common to volunteers.

nighthawk sign

Firehouse Automation

The FAS-8 is designed for activating one or more relays in a firehouse and if desired, printing the alphanumeric message to a serial printer. For this application the FAS-8 is set to activate upon receiving the proper paging cap code sent from 911 dispatch. Up to eight different devices can be activated all with individual time functions. The most common devices to turn on include the PA amplifier, audible wake up alarm, and house lights. The most common device turned off is the stove. The FAS-8 can accept up to 8 different cap codes and have separate relay and time functions per cap code. This allows for different alerting to be accomplished at the same physical location depending upon which cap code is sent. This can be very helpful when fire crews and medical crews are housed in the same building.



Put the innovative technology of Nighthawk to work for you. For more information on any of our products or services, please contact us. Nighthawk Systems, Inc.
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HP to offer notebook battery that maintains its capacity

By Wolfgang Gruener
TG Daily
Wednesday, December 10, 2008 12:55

Palo Alto (CA) – Hewlett-Packard (HP) will begin offering a notebook battery that promises to recharge much faster than traditional batteries and, more importantly, maintains its capacity over three years. Provided by Boston Power, the new “green” battery will become available as an option in 2009, the battery manufacturer said.

HP will be selling Boston Power’s “Sonata” batteries as the HP will offer the batteries as the "Enviro” Series, and they have a good chance to become a popular accessory, if the technology can keep its promise.

Other than traditional lithium-ion batteries, which typical give up capacity and over their life, the Sonatas will not, at least not for three years, the manufacturer claims. Boston Power is confident enough about its technology to include a 3-year warranty with its batteries – which is the longest notebook battery warranty we are aware of.

The fact that users will not have to replace their battery of the lifetime of a notebook means that the Sonata device “is good for the environment,” Boston Power said. The company also claims that the batteries can be recharged to 80% of their capacity in just 30 minutes. Additionally, the devices use less reactive chemicals and apply multiple redundant protective controls.

There was no information how much capacity the batteries for HP will offer and how expensive the devices will be.

Mac users can purchase Sonata batteries already today through accessory company Quickertek, which has been selling an external battery based on this technology for the Macbook and Macbook Pro for some time now. Quickertek claims that the external battery provides about eight to twelve hours of extra battery life for Apple notebooks.

Source: TG daily

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From: Jay Dunn
Date: December 8, 2008 5:34:45 PM CST
To: Brad Dye
Subject: Joe Cavanaugh


I do not know if you knew Joe Cavanaugh, old SkyTel guy, but he passed away yesterday and I thought I would let some of those who might have known him know. Please pass on if you want. Thanks.

Jay Dunn

black line

Joseph C. Cavanaugh

Arrangements for visitation:

Saturday, December 13, 2008, 2 – 4 pm
(prayer service at 3:30 pm)

Murphy Funeral Home
4510 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22203

(Location: Near Ballston Common Mall and Ballston Metro Station on the Orange Line. Two blocks from intersection of Wilson and Glebe Road.)

Light refreshments at Tutto Bene Restaurant after visitation hours. Location: 501 N Randolph Street (at Glebe Road), Arlington, VA. 703-522-1005

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to:

Marianist Mission
4435 E. Patterson Road
Dayton, OH 45430

A memorial Eucharist liturgy will be held in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday, January 10, 2009. The Eucharist will be at 4 pm, with reception following, at Queen of Apostles Chapel on the Mount St. John/Bergamo property. Details to follow.

(Sent in by an anonymous reader.)

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From: Jim Nelson
Subject: News update from Prism Paging
Date: December 5, 2008 4:35:41 PM CST
To: Brad Dye

Important News from Prism Systems International, Inc. We’ve moved!

I am pleased to announce we have moved our Corporate Headquarters and our Prism Paging systems company to a more spacious high tech facility. The new location allows greater expansion of our business and product lines as planned for 2009.

During the month of December we will have the existing and new offices open while you get accustomed to our new contact information. Please see the new address and telephone numbers for our new offices below. You may address correspondence to Prism Paging as well as Prism Systems International, Inc. at the same address.

Prism Systems International, Inc.
11175 Cicero Drive
Suite 100
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
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Joshua's Mission is an organization providing financial, educational, spiritual and morale boosting support to Marines wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and their families.

Joshua's Mission is to help a Marines family members financially to defer the cost of transportation, lodging, meals, and other expenses involved in travel to the hospital where their Marine is being treated.

Pat Merkel AKA Patricia M. Merkel, the founder of Joshua's Mission, Inc. is a licensed and ordained minister, as well as a volunteer Chaplains Aide at the local Veterans Hospital in Decatur, GA. working with the Veterans. Pat has been a local female business owner in the Atlanta, GA. area for the past 21 years with customers throughout the United States and has over 20 years of business management and sales experience in the Telecom Industry in other companies in Georgia and New York.

Joshua's Mission is an IRS certified 501 c(3) Non Profit organization located in the State of Georgia. Federal EIN 41-2204065. All donations are tax deductible.

Joshua's Mission, Inc.
PMB 171
375 Rockbridge Rd. N.W. S-172
Lilburn, Ga. 30047

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Do you have a product or service that you would like to promote in this newsletter?

If you have any wireless equipment that you would like to buy or sell, please let me know. I don't charge individuals for listing something for sale. If a sale is made through this newsletter, I ask the seller to send me a 10% commission, much the same as the voluntary payments that are requested on the Internet for shareware. There is no cost to the buyer. This policy has remained unchanged for several years.

There is a charge for companies wanting to advertise products in the newsletter and on my web site. There is no obligation for payment of a commission for this kind of advertising.

For more details, and pricing on the various advertising options please click here left arrow CLICK HERE

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From: Terry Jones
Subject: Equipment Needed
Date: December 11, 2008 11:21:02 AM CST
To: Brad Dye


We we looking at your newsletter and came upon the section that says that you would help put a buyer in contact with sellers for wireless equipment. We are looking for a Glenayre Dual 550MB drive card. The Glenayre part number is 140-2125. I am already speaking with Preferred Wireless for a dual 1.1G drive card.



Terry Jones
Technicien, Services des Réseaux/Network Services Technician
Communications Métro-Montréal Inc./Metro-Montreal Communications Inc.
(514) 342-3211 poste/ext. 246
(514) 342-7737 télécopieur/fax

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This Week's Science Lesson


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This Week's Science Lesson

sdr receiver

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“The trite saying that honesty is the best policy has met with the just criticism that honesty is not policy. The real honest man is honest from conviction of what is right, not from policy.”

— Robert E. Lee

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