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Why ReFLEX is better

September 8, 2001

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Table of Contents Brad Dye's Paging Information Resource

PCS Messaging

Why Wireless Now?

Interest in Wireless Data

What is Messaging?

What about Messaging Things?


Benefits of ReFLEX Simulcast

OK, I see some benefits

Why is ReFLEX better?

Why is ReFLEX best?

ReFLEX Subscribers in Service in the US

Open Architecture via Internet Standards

Network Comparisons

More Network Comparisons

What about other protocols?

I thought they might not be as good

OK, so other protocols have problems

Data transmission will be perfect

ReFLEX is Messaging

People will carry two devices

The ReFLEX Industry

The Simple Facts

ReFLEX Networking

What are we telling you?

What's in a ReFLEX network?

What is the Network Reference Model?

What's the Input Node's Role?

What's the Home Node's Role?

What's the Output Node's Role?

How does this help me?

What is WCTP?

OK, How's it work?

Tell me more

The Transport Model

Looks simple enough.

Device Flexibility

What're the Operations?

I understand, what others?

What about Enterprises & Security?


Messaging Attributes?

What's the Status?

Oh yeah, Version Control

Future Plans for WCTP

Show me a WCTP/UAR Stack model:

UAR? FLEXsuite?

What is FLEXsuite?

What are the FLEXsuite protocols?

More FLEXsuite protocols

What about the FLEXsuite Protocol Stack?

What does UAR do for me?

How does this get my data to my application?

For Example

Wow! This will work for me. How do I learn More?

How to get it

How get more stuff


What is Content Routing?

Content routing with UAR

What about End-to-End Routing?

UAR for End-to-End routing

Author of this presentation: Allan Angus, PE

E-mail: Allan Angus

Other information:
This is a presentation explaining why the ReFLEX protocol as implemented in current NPCS systems is superior to other types of wireless messaging. It was written by Allan Angus of WebLink Wireless in Dallas, Texas. This information was prepared for the September 2001 PCIA convention in Los Angeles.

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When PowerPoint converts a slide presentation into HTML files and "gif" images for display on the Internet, some of the slides don't come out very well. This is especially true with the smaller fonts and fine lines in the drawings. Every effort was made to make this transfer as clear as possible. If you can't read some of the fine detail in these slides using your browser, the original presentation can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. When you open the presentation in PowerPoint, you can view or print the materials in greater detail.

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