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April 21, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Fake News: To borrow a phase being frequently used by President Trump, there is a lot of “Fake News” about paging too. I just read another piece about one of the many new “ultimate” pager apps. They keep posting fake news about how this so-called “outdated technology” is costing U.S. hospitals billions of dollars annually.
  • Real News: Emergency Communications Driving Increase in Amateur Radio Operators

  • IEEE EMC Society 2017 Meeting — April 19, 2017
  • Q&A: Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs discusses the Tricorder XPRIZE and the winners
  • Inside Towers
    • Siting Hurdles Knocked Down in Unanimous FCC Vote
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • FCC Form 481 Due July 3
    • FCC Releases Incentive Auction Data; Forward Auction Deadlines Established
    • Chairman Pai Writes USAC about “Serious Flaws” in E-Rate Administration
    • FCC Releases Official Agenda for April 20 Open Meeting
    • FCC Proposes $400,000 Fine for Illegal Operation on NYPD Radio Channels
    • Effective Dates for Video Relay Order and Comment Deadlines for VRS FNPRM/NOI Established
    • Verizon Purchases $1 Billion in Fiber from Corning
    • FCC Approves Time Warner Sale of Atlanta TV Station
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Blooston Law Contacts
  • Motorola addressing issues with new paging system for emergency responders [using Unication Pagers]
    • I wish that I had done more.
    • On and On • War & Pierce • Playing For Change


April 14, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Editorial: “A Lesson Learned”
  • Microsoft blocks Kaby Lake and Ryzen PCs from Windows 7, 8 updates
    • Windows 10 or bust
  • RadioShack Again Files for Bankruptcy
  • The FCC just sold a chunk of the wireless spectrum to T-Mobile
  • Inside Towers
    • Auction Results Reaction: Telcos Love Outcome, Broadcasters More Muted
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • Comment Deadline Extended for Mobility Fund Phase II FNPRM; Form 477 Confidentiality
    • Chairman Pai Announces Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee Members, First Meeting
    • Democratic Senators Introduce Bill to Create Broadband Privacy Rules
    • Commissioner Clyburn Criticizes Chairman for Failing to Release Key Portion of Business Data Order
    • House Introduces Broadcast Ownership Diversity Bill
    • Chairman Pai Proposes Office of Economics and Data
    • Chairman Pai Terminates FCC Proceeding to Allow Cellphones on Airplanes
    • Hacker Sets Off All 156 Emergency Sirens in Dallas
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Blooston Law Contacts
  • Putting BlackBerry's $815 Million Arbitration Award Into Perspective
    • Music
    • Diaraby • Playing For Change • Live Outside


April 7, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • An, copied verbatim from the FCC's website, is about a recent ruling that effects Paging Service Providers.
  • FCC Releases Guidance for E9-1-1 Location Accuracy Benchmarks
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Life and Livelihoods
  • Deaf community weighs in on need for emergency communications
  • Inside Towers
    • IWCE 2017 “As Relevant As Ever,” Drew Over 7,000 Attendees
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • REMINDER: Study Area Boundary Recertification Due Next Month
    • President Trump Signs Order Overturning Broadband Privacy Order; Status of CPNI Report Up in the Air
    • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for April Open Meeting
    • D.C. Circuit Vacates FCC Order on Opt-Out Notices for Solicited Faxes
    • FCC Adopts World Radiocommunication Conference Frequency Allocations
    • FCC Provides Guidance to CMRS Providers on E911 Location Compliance
    • Comment Deadlines Established on Separations Freeze FNPRM
    • Chairman Pai Announces Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force
    • Deadlines
    • Post-Auction Procedures, File Formats Available for Incentive Auction Results
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Blooston Law Contacts
  • At F.C.C., Obama-Era Rules on Chopping Block
    • “One race, Many cultures, One place.”
    • One Love (Live In Madrid) — Playing For Change


March 31, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Organ donation on the rise in area Mehreen Shahid
  • BlackBerry's profit beats expectations, shares surge
  • 6 Things You Didn’t Know About GPS
  • Inside Towers
    • FirstNet Partners with AT&T to Build Wireless Network for First Responders
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • FCC to Release Form 477 4G Speed Data from Individual Carriers – MUST OPPOSE BY APRIL 12 — If You Want Your Information Kept Confidential
    • Mobility Fund Phase II Order Published in Federal Register, Effective April 27
    • FCC Reforms Cellular Rules
    • FCC Issues NPRM and NOI on Service Provider Authority to Block Robocalls
    • FCC Issues VRS Order and FNPRM
    • FCC Proposes to Eliminate International Services Reporting Requirements
    • FCC Seeks Comment on State of Mobile Wireless Competition
    • House Passes Resolution to Repeal FCC Broadband Privacy Order
    • D.C. Court of Appeals Denies Petition for Review of VoIP Numbering Access
    • FCC Takes Action to Curb Inmate Use of Contraband Devices
    • FCC Expands Channel Sharing Opportunities
    • AT&T Expected to Receive FirstNet Contract Tomorrow
    • FCC Issues Consumer Advisory on “Can You Hear Me” Scam
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • Blooston Law Private Users Update
    • FCC Issues Consumer Alert on RoboCall Phone Scams – Initiates Docket on Methods to Eliminate RoboCalls
    • FCC Revises Form 605 — Application for Authorization in the Ship, Aircraft, Amateur, Restricted and Commercial Operator, and General Mobile Radio Services
    • North Carolina Obtains Waiver of Inter-Category Freeze
    • Court Rules in Favor of First Net in Rivada Mercury Suit; AT&T Contract Award Expected, Deployment Could Begin in June
    • Chairman Pai Nominated to a Second Term by President Trump
    • FCC to Investigate AT&T 911 Outage
    • Blooston Law Contacts
  • Microsoft adds new calling features to Skype for Business
    • Charles R. Swindoll
    • “Take Me Home, Country Roads” • Playing For Change • Song Around The World •


March 24, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Check out the great new advertisement from STI Engineering about their Paging Transmitters.
  • People are talking about hackers 'ransoming' Apple — here's what's actually going on
  • Man sentenced to 28 years for slaying of beeper store owner
  • New WikiLeaks docs show how the CIA hacks iPhones and MacBooks
  • Notice to All Leavitt Customers for Motorola Items
  • Inside Towers
    • FCC Says It Appears Network Reconfiguration Caused 911 Outages
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • REMINDER: Form 499-A Due April 1
    • FCC Waives Cost Surrogate Requirements Again
    • FCC Proposes to Extend Jurisdictional Freeze
    • 2017 Access Charge Tariff and Tariff Review Plan Filing Procedures Established
    • Version 3.0 of Network Outage Reporting System Released
    • FCC To Hold Open Meeting on March 23
    • Senate On The Verge of Broadband Privacy Repeal Vote
    • Senators Introduce Broadband Measurement Legislation
    • AM Rebroadcasting Rule Changes Effective April 10
    • Court Rules in Favor of First Net in Rivada Mercury Suit; Deployment Could Begin in June
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Blooston Law Contacts
  • Amateur Radio Gains a Champion in FAA Tower Safety Rules Controversy
    • Andrea Cumpston of EWA
    • Procrastination
    • Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay • Playing For Change©
      • With lyrics • Legendado HD •


March 17, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Swissphone Webinar
  • Last week I published an e-mail in the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR from Joost Eerland in the Netherlands saying he needed a programming cradle for Commtech 7900R. He received at least two offers for help; one from Steve Donohue at ISC Technologies here in Illinois, and one from Larry Murphy at Automated Alert & Response Systems in Ireland who sent him the cradle he needed.
  • Don't miss the announcement, and the new ad from Phil Leavitt of Leavitt Communications. Phil has been a loyal, and long-term supporter of this newsletter.
  • Twitter got hacked — even a BBC account. Do this one thing to protect yourself
  • IEEE EMC Society 2017 Meeting Notice — April 19th, 2017 “Man-Made Noise and the Impact to Radio Communications — The Changing Environment”
  • International Crystal Mfg. Closing Down
  • Letter to To All Leavitt Customers for Motorola Items
  • Inside Towers
    • Township Council Wants 24 Small Cells in a “Cantennae”
    • FCC to Speed Tech Decisions; Spectrum Frontiers May Benefit
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • Accessibility Recordkeeping Compliance Certification
      Due April 10
    • Comment Deadlines Established for Mobility Fund Challenge Process
    • Resolutions Introduced to Nullify Broadband Privacy Order
    • Chairman Pai Calls for FCC to Administer Broadband Funding
    • Comment Deadline Established for ATSC 3.0 Transition
    • FCC Announces Proposed Second Quarter 2017 USF Contribution Factor
    • Chairman Pai Announces Investigation Into 911 Outage
    • Danae Wilson Appointed Tribal Representative to FCC
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • Hamming it up: Whether used for hobby or emergency, ham radio is booming form of communication
    • Happiness
    • Teach Your Children • Playing For Change Band • Live in Brazil


March 10, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Just in case you thought so, Burch Falkner didn't die.
  • With Claims of C.I.A. Hacking, How to Protect Your Devices
  • Carriers Offer Privacy Plan for 9-1-1 Indoor Location Database
  • Google's big Hangouts revamp: Now you get separate Meet and Chat apps
  • Inside Towers: CCA Urges FCC to Streamline Deployment With Reduced Siting Fees
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • Form 477 Filing Interface Reopened; Data Now Due March 24
    • FCC Releases Broadband Privacy Stay Order
    • FCC Releases CAF Phase II Weights Order
    • Chairman Pai Nominated to a Second Term by President Trump
    • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for March Open Meeting
    • FCC Initiates Docket on Methods to Eliminate Robocalls
    • FCC Releases Form 477 Data on Fixed Broadband Deployment as of June 30
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Burch Falkner
    • Joost Eerland
    • Eric Clapton on the Blues
    • Weary Blues — California Feetwarmers
      Playing For Change
      Live Outside


March 3, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Blackberry CEO on security, future of the company
  • ‘Paging Dr. VT320, paging Dr. VT320’
  • Spōk Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Operating Results; Software Bookings Increase from Prior Quarter
  • Procedural Concerns Lead EWA to File Application for Review
  • What is the Second Law of Thermodynamics?
    • This is a good “academic description” of how and why you feel like you do as you become an old person.
  • Inside Towers: Repack Questions: Is 39 Months Enough Time? Is $1.75B Enough?
  • Blooston Law
    • Telecom Update Special Edition
      • High Cost Universal Service Broadband (HUBB) Filing Deadlines Extended
      • FCC Extends Form 477 Filing Deadline Indefinitely Due To Technical Difficulties
    • Telecom Update Vol. 20, No. 10
      • REMINDER: Accessibility Recordkeeping Certification Due April 1
      • FCC Stays Broadband Privacy Rules
      • FCC Establishes Rules for CAF Phase II Auction
      • FCC Extends Enhanced Transparency Exemption for Small Providers, and Larger Ones Too
      • FCC Allots $450 Million Per Year for Mobility Fund Phase II
      • FCC Eliminates or Streamlines Accounting Requirements
      • FCC Seeks Comment on ATSC 3.0 Adoption
      • FCC Expands AM Rebroadcasting Location Rules
      • Commissioner O’Rielly Details Delegated Authority Proposal
      • Informal Working Groups for 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference Announce Meetings
      • Deadlines
      • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Private User Update
      • 2-for-1 Regulation Rollback Does Not Apply to FCC; Agency May Comply Anyway
      • FCC Continues Enforcement Against Pirate Stations
      • FCC Grants Waivers for Travelers Information Stations
      • Verizon Shaves $350 Million Off Yahoo Purchase Price Over Data Breaches
      • FCC Amends Rules to Permit Railroad Police access to Public Safety Interoperability Channels
      • FCC Chairman Touts Virtues of FM Chip Activation, But FCC Won’t Regulate
      • FCC Rescinds “Midnight Regulations” En Masse
      • Information Collections Associated with Changes to Maritime Radio Services Rules Effective February 27
  • ATSC 3.0: What you need to know about the future of broadcast television
    • Who On Earth Dreams These Up?
    • We Are Family | Playing For Change Foundation


February 24, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Thanks for the many “get well soon” messages. This was certainly not one of those colds that “lasts for one week with medicine or seven days without medicine.” I am into my third week and just now starting to feel human again.
  • Two funny items this week. The THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK is a ridiculous poem, and the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR includes a story from Burch Falkner.
  • Vodafone, the last major pager network supplier in the UK is selling out.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Cloudbleed, the Latest Internet Security Disaster
  • Lakewood beeper store operator illegally moved millions
  • HAARP Goes Classical During New Experimental Campaign
  • Inside Towers: Neutrality Reporting Waiver Restored for Small ISPs After Fractious FCC Vote
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • REMINDER: Deadline to File Geocoded Location Data is March 1
    • International Bureau Reminds Circuit Capacity Holders of March 31 Reporting Deadline
    • WTA Files Petition for Extension of High Cost USF Broadband Portal Filings
    • Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Talks May Be Rekindled Soon
    • FCC Announces Agenda for February Open Meeting
    • FCC Settles TRS Fund Investigation for $9.1 Million
    • Comment Deadlines Established for Petitions for Reconsideration of Broadband Privacy Order
    • Verizon Shaves $350 Million Off Yahoo Purchase Price Over Data Breaches
    • Chairman Touts Virtues of FM Chip Activation, But FCC Won’t Regulate
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Robin Gape (G8DQX)
      • The late Dave Powis, G4HUP
    • Burch Falkner
      • Obituary, Announcement was made today of the passing of . . .
    • A ridiculous poem — “One fine day . . .”
    • North Korea Lets Loose a Weapon of Mass Destruction
—— February 17, 2017

No Issue This Week

The first issue of this newsletter came out on February 7, 2002. Last week’s issue was dated February 10, 2017 and that was issue number 744. That’s an issue “almost” every Friday for fifteen years. I haven’t missed very many Fridays, but I am going to take a sick day this week. There are so many cases of the flu and flu-like symptoms going around here in the Midwest that many of the schools have been closing. I was tested for the flu and it came back “negative” so I guess it could have been worse. I am a lot better than I was but still not over whatever bug I have. Hope to see you again next week.

Best regards,

Brad Dye


February 10, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • We have been following, with great interest, the issue of privacy on our Smart Phones. I have published several exclusive and excellent articles by Rex Lee exposing this loss of our privacy. Here is another article that came out yesterday on this important topic.
  • Android privacy assistant seeks to stop unwanted data collection
  • Visit American Messaging at HIMSS17 Conference and Exhibition
  • The Next Five Years: What to Expect From the Internet of Things
  • Inside Towers: Rep. Blackburn’s Task: Reorganizing the FCC
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • Comments on Dormant Proceeding Termination
      are Due March 6
    • FCC Rescinds “Midnight Regulations” En Masse
    • FCC Revokes Lifeline Broadband Designations
    • Chairman Pai Implements Two Process Reform Measures
    • FCC Seeks Comment Regarding Possible Elimination of Rules Under RFA
    • FCC Seeks Comment on TCPA Rulemaking Petition
    • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for February Open Meeting
    • Congress Introduces “New Deal Rural Broadband Act”
    • Chairman Pai Appoints Commissioner O’Rielly to Chair Federal-State Joint Board on USF
    • FCC Files Motion to Hold Lifeline Reform Order Cases in Abeyance
    • Senate Democrats Vow to Defend Net Neutrality
    • NTCA Files Petition for Limited Waiver of Geolocation Information Filing
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
    • Ron Mayes VHF—Motorola NUC HI power TXs for sale
    • Burch Falkner—A peek into the future
    • The Super Bowl
    • Super Bowl 51 Winning Touchdown


February 3, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Did you know that guajira guantanamera in Spanish means Cuban country girl from Guantánamo? Check out the THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK and the VIDEO OF THE WEEK near the end of this newsletter. If you don't like my choice of music videos please let me know.
  • My connection to the Internet was not working for a while this afternoon, so I have shortened this issue a little bit. Still . . . I think there is enough important news about various wireless topics to capture your interest. Not the least being the headline, “American Messaging Services acquires the paging assets of Critical Alert Systems.” Wow, that one really caught me by surprise
  • My experimental activities for the past couple of weeks have been with GPD DOs.
  • American Messaging Services, LLC acquires the paging assets of Critical Alert Systems, LLC.
  • Samsung taking these steps to make Galaxy S8 safe
  • Reliable, rugged, affordable communications: Paging solutions remain tried and true
  • Inside Towers: Cell Towers Integral in Florida County’s ‘Great Tornado Drill’
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • Geolocation Data for New Broadband Deployment Due March 1
    • CAF ETCs Must File Geocode Broadband Location Data by March 1, 2017
    • FCC Allows State of New York to Distribute CAF Phase II Support
    • FCC Chairman Circulates Order Waiving Enhanced Transparency Requirements for Small Providers
    • FCC Eliminates Certain Public Inspection File Rules for Cable Operators and Broadcasters
    • Senate Committee to Hold Hearing on Unnecessary Regulations
    • 2-for-1 Regulation Rollback Does Not Apply to FCC; Agency May Comply Anyway
    • Chairman Pai Forms Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • Blooston Private Users Update
    • Meet Your New FCC, Led by Chairman Ajit Pai
    • Failure to List Felony Convictions Leads to Hearing to Revoke Licenses
    • House Passes Nine Communications Bills
    • Trump Transition Team Reportedly Aims to Strip FCC of Consumer Protection Powers
    • FCC Issues $25K Fine Against Individual for Caller ID Abuse
    • Essex Telecom Enters into $28K Consent Decree Rebranding Improper Use of 3550-3650 MHz Band
    • Ron Mayes about HIPPA
    • Frank Moorman about Motorola's expungement of NSO accounts
    • Guantanamera
    • A new Playing For Change Song that features children performing alongside PFC Guantanamera | Playing For Change | Song Around The World


January 27, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • Donald Trump names Republican Ajit Pai to head FCC
  • New BlackBerry smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 CPU coming soon?
  • Google Chrome Makes Reloads Faster
  • Claim made for hydrogen 'wonder material'
  • iOS 10.3 beta to let users share iCloud data
    to advance Apple AI
  • InsideTowers: New Administration Plans on Spending $1.5 Trillion on Broadband Infrastructure
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • Initial E911 Location Accuracy Live Call Data Reports
      Due Feb. 3
    • Meet Your New FCC, Led by Chairman Ajit Pai
    • Initial E911 Location Accuracy Live Call Data Reports Due Feb. 3
    • FCC Authorizes $454 Million in Revised A-CAM Support Offers
    • Forward Auction Meets Final Stage Rule, Moves Forward Toward Conclusion
    • House Passes Nine Communications Bills
    • FCC Announces Agenda for January 31 Open Meeting
    • Trump Nominee Ross Pledges To Free Up Government Spectrum
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • Sprint Customers In Durham Can Now Text Photos To 911
    • Steve Donohue reports another shocking anti-paging article
    • 25 Empowering Worry Quotes
    • A new Playing For Change Song that features children performing alongside PFC musicians on the Bobby McFerrin classic, “Don't Worry Be Happy.” Perfect message and a great song.


January 20, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • I hope to hear from more readers with opinions on the health and wellbeing of the Paging Industry.
  • FCC Reports 8 States, Puerto Rico Divert 9-1-1 Fees During 2015
  • Microsoft to make Windows 10 upgrades free for more Windows 10 subscription plan users
  • New iPads Might Not Launch Until Sometime in the Second Half of 2017
  • This article doesn't agree with the preceding one, but the dates are different.
    Apple Inc. Planning New iPad Launches in 1st Half of 2017
  • THE IPHONE X-FILES iPhone 8 rumours suggest gadget will be named iPhone X to mark its 10th anniversary
  • InsideTowers: Carriers Beef Up Networks for Super Bowl With Permanent Upgrades
  • Editor's Note: I couldn't resist posting this off-topic news about “El Chapo”
    U.S. Prosecutors Offer Glimpse of Case Against Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • REMINDER: Enhanced Transparency Rules Effective January 17
    • Some of Broadband Privacy Order In Effect – For Now
    • Initial Indoor E911 Location Accuracy Reports due February 3
    • Trump Team Reportedly Aims to Strip FCC of Consumer Protection Powers
    • Comments on A-CAM Funding Increase Due February 13
    • Comment Sought on Eighth Annual State Collection of 911 Charges Report
    • FCC Proposes to Close Inactive Dockets
    • FCC Releases White Paper on Cybersecurity Risk Reduction
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • Sprint Customers In Durham Can Now Text Photos To 911
    • John Scott
    • Happiness
    • Dona Georgina—Playing For Change—Live Outside—From Brazil


January 13, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • New Windows 10 build is a monster update
  • Industry expert Graeme Hull signs contract with Swissphone Wireless
  • Blackberry is quietly trying to make a comeback— but not with phones
  • Wireless Communication, For Safety’s Sake
  • A super-cool science story about a really cold thing
  • Consumer Reports now recommends Apple’s new MacBook Pro after software update
  • Samsung foldable phone could become reality this year, finally
  • California Supreme Court reaffirms work-free employee rest breaks in case against guard services firm
  • FCC Eliminates Annual CPNI Certification Requirement
  • InsideTowers: “The Rain Turtle” and Other Tower Superstitions…Happy Friday the 13th!
  • Union Pacific Emergency Response Communication Center Recognized for Excellence
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • Lifeline Recertification Program
    • FCC Clarifies Standalone Lifeline Broadband Requirement
    • Forward Auction Stage 4 Expected to Begin January 18
    • Carriers Seek Delay on Modernizing Wireless Emergency Alerts
    • Commissioner Rosenworcel Renominated
    • AT&T Begins Shutdown of 2G GSM and EDGE Networks
    • FCC Announces January Open Meeting Tentative Agenda
    • Failure to List Felony Convictions Leads to Hearing to Revoke Licenses
    • FCC Announces Tribal Workshops
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • New Emergency Communication Tower Coming To Newington
    • Brotherly Love
    • War/No More Trouble/Playing for Change/Song Around The World
      (my favorite music video)


January 6, 2017

This Week's Headlines

  • I hope the new year is starting off as well for you as it is for me.
  • Editorial: Positive thinking is a valuable skill, but it requires practice.
  • Did you know that in the 13th century there was a city in Southern Illinois that was bigger than London or Paris at that time?
  • KillDisk cyber sabotage tool evolves into ransomware
  • Noise Floor: Where Do We Go From Here?
    • Very important article sent to me by John Parmalee, K5VGM /WI2XLJ
  • FBI dispute with DNC over hacked servers may fuel doubt on Russia role
  • Inside Towers
    • American Tower’s Focus is on its 20,000 Lease Agreements
  • InfoRad® — When a Failure to Communicate is Not an Option®
  • Blooston Law Telecom Update
    • HAC Report Deadline Approaching – January 17, 2017
    • Commissioner Rosenworcel’s Term Officially Ends
    • FCC Adopts Voluntary Wireless Network Resiliency Cooperative Framework
    • PSHSB Releases Initial Findings Regarding 2016 EAS Test
    • Total Call Mobile Settles Lifeline Fraud Investigation for $30 Million; Gets Banned from Lifeline
    • Birch Communications Settles Deceptive Marketing Investigation for $6.1 Million
    • Deadlines
    • Calendar At-A-Glance
  • FCC: Chairman Tom Wheeler issued the a statement on President Obama’s reappointment of Jessica Rosenworcel to serve a second term on the Commission.
    • Denis Gignac
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Chinese Fire Dragon Celebrating New Year



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