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Advertising Options:

Please click on the paypal button to purchase your advertising selection using your PayPal account, or directly with your credit card — although it is convenient to use, you don't need a PayPal account — this is a new feature. All advertisements generally run for a minimum of six months or at least 26 issues. This is good for me and good for you. Good for me because most of the work is setting up the initial ad. Good for you because running for six months will give you a good idea about the effectiveness of your advertisement. Building valuable name or brand recognition takes time.

The basic categories of ads in the newsletter, and on the web site are:

  • Poster ads
  • Single column ads
  • Double column ads

Posters are small, one-column ads of varying sizes and prices.

All the other ads fall into two configurations, called “full size” and “extra large.”

  • Single-column width of no more than 340 pixels (wide)
  • Double-column width of no more than 714 960 pixels (wide)

The height of both these “full size” ads should all be around 900 to 1,000 pixels high so that most viewers will not have to scroll up or down to see the whole ad.

For example, the size of an “extra large” ad (not a poster) should be no more than 714 960 pixels wide, and approximately the same height.

I like to receive the text and graphics as separate files so that the ads are downloaded faster and the text gets rendered by the browser on the receiving end. This also helps vision impaired (or blind) readers.

I have no hard and fast rules. These are only suggestions. Basically, the way it works is, you send me money and I make any kind of ad that you want within the limitations of the layout and the format of the newsletter. I am here to help you so if you have any questions—please ask.


Advertising Format

Since the beginning of the newsletter I have based the pricing of advertising on the amount of work involved in creating the ad and the value of sending it to the newsletter’s readership. As far as the work goes, 95% of it is “up front” with the initial ad creation.

It was clearly too much work—for most ads—to run them in one or two issues, so I decided to ask for a six-month minimum run. So this has been the policy—with few exceptions.

Entering or re-entering a new market requires some time and repetition to build name and brand recognition. This cannot be achieved by running one or two small ads and then counting how many orders have been received. One ad might receive many orders, while another might not receive any. Of course I have no control over this. I do my best to help out my advertisers, but you know the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but . . . ”


Internet content is supposed to have graphics and text as separate files. The billion people browsing the Internet all have control over the attributes and preferences of their individual browsers. The appearance of the text on a web page will vary due to each individual browser setting. Trying to make things easy by including the text within a large image file only makes downloading a page for viewing slower, blurs the text, and renders text readers for the blind and sight impaired, unusable. It also keeps the Internet search engines (search-spiders like Google and Microsoft's Bing) from being able to find text and then help people find it in a search.

Options Cost If it were
Per Issue

Small Poster


$11.54 6 months or 26 issues of the small-size poster in the newsletter, 100 X 35 pixels.

Medium Poster


$15.38 6 months or at least 26 issues of the medium-size poster in the newsletter, 200 X 70 pixels.

Large Poster


$19.23 6 months or at least 26 issues of the large-size poster in the newsletter, 300 X 100 pixels.

Extra Large Poster


$23.08 6 months or at least 26 issues of the extra-large-size poster in the newsletter, 300 X 300 to 340 X 340 pixels.

Package 1



6 months or at least 26 issues of full-size advertising in the newsletter. (One place.)

This is the standard-size ad. It can be one column — 340 pixels wide and approximately 800 pixels tall.

Package 1 Extra Large

$1,050.00 $40.38

6 months or at least 26 issues of extra-large-size advertising in the newsletter. (One place.)

Double-column width of no more than 714 960 pixels (wide)

Package 2

$800.00 $30.77

6 months or at least 26 issues of full-size advertising in the newsletter plus a listing in the recommended products page on the Paging Information Resource web site. (Two places.)

Package 3

$1,000.00 $38.46

6 months or at least 26 issues of full-size advertising in the newsletter plus a listing in the recommended products page and on the first page on the Paging Information Resource web site. (Three places.)

Package 3 Extra Large

$1,300.00 $50.00 6 months or at least 26 issues of extra-large-size advertising in the newsletter plus a listing in the recommended products page and on the first page on the Paging Information Resource web site. (Three places.)

Examples of posters for advertising:

Or for company name recognition, or simply for support of the newsletter.

poster 100 X 35 pixel Poster
Small size
Blue background
poster 100 X 35 pixel Poster
Small size
White background
poster 100 X 35 pixel Poster
Small size poster
White background
poster 200 X 70 pixel Poster
Medium size
Gray background

200 X 70 pixel Poster
Medium size
White background


300 X 100 pixel Poster
Large size
Gold background


300 X 100 pixel Poster
Large size poster
White background
Square corners

poster 300 X 100 pixel Poster
Large size
White background
Rounded corners
poster 300 X 300 to pixel Poster
Extra Large size
White background
Square corners



R.H. (Ron) Mercer
217 First Street South
East Northport, NY 11731
ron mercer
Cell Phone: 631-786-9359
340 X 450 pixel Poster
Extra Large size

Features and Options:

  • All posters will be linked to the supporter's home page (clicking on the poster will open that page in a new window)
  • Only a few styles and color schemes are shown above as examples. Any combination of colors and fonts can be accommodated
  • I will make your poster or you can send me one sized for the option that you choose
  • Corporate Logos may be combined with the Company Name

Examples of typical advertising below:

black line

Hark Technologies

black line

hark logo

Wireless Communication Solutions

black line

USB Paging Encoder

paging encoder

  • Single channel up to eight zones
  • Connects to Linux computer via USB
  • Programmable timeouts and batch sizes
  • Supports 2-tone, 5/6-tone, POCSAG 512/1200/2400, GOLAY
  • Supports Tone Only, Voice, Numeric, and Alphanumeric
  • PURC or direct connect
  • Pictured version mounts in 5.25" drive bay
  • Other mounting options available
  • Available as a daughter board for our embedded Internet Paging Terminal (IPT)

black line

Paging Data Receiver (PDR)


  • Frequency agile - only one receiver to stock
  • USB or RS-232 interface
  • Two contact closures
  • End-user programmable w/o requiring special hardware
  • 16 capcodes
  • Eight contact closure version also available
  • Product customization available

black line

Other products

  • Please see our web site for other products including Internet Messaging Gateways, Unified Messaging Servers, test equipment, and Paging Terminals.
Hark Technologies
717 Old Trolley Rd Ste 6 #163
Summerville, SC 29485
Tel: 843-821-6888
Fax: 843-821-6894
E-mail: left arrow CLICK
Web: left arrow CLICK

black line



David George and Bill Noyes
of Hark Technologies.

black line

Hark Technologies

black line



satellite dish ucom logo

Satellite Uplink
As Low As
$500 /month

  • Data input speeds up to 38.4 Kbps
  • Dial-in modem access for Admin
  • Extremely reliable & secure
  • Hot standby up link components

Knowledgeable Tech Support 24/7

Contact Alan Carle Now!
1-888-854-2697 x272





The ad below is “Extra Large” using

the maximum width of 960 pixels

sti header

250W VHF Paging Transmitter

STI Engineering’s RFI-148 250 high performance paging transmitter features true DDS frequency generation that enables precise control and flexibility for a wide range of data transmission applications.

The transmitter is particularly suitable for large simulcast POCSAG and FLEX paging networks and can be used as drop-in replacement of older and obsolete transmitters. The unit has a proven track record in large scale critical messaging systems.

sti tx
  • High power output
    (selectable from 20 W - 250 W)
  • SNMP Diagnostics and alarms
  • Full VHF Band coverage
    (138-174 MHz)
  • DSP precision modulation
  • Integrated isolator
  • Sniffer port for in-rack receiver
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability
  • Software selectable frequency offset
  • Adjustable absolute delay correction
  • Front panel diagnostics
  • Hardware alarm outputs
  • High frequency stability
  • External reference option
  • FCC and ACMA approved
  • CE compliant version in development
22 Boulder Road Malaga 6090 Western Australia
Telephone:  +61 8 9209 0900
Facsimile:  +61 8 9248 2833


The ad below is “Extra Large” but using

the former maximum width of 714 pixels

white line


white line


  • VoIP telephone access — eliminate interconnect expense
  • Call from anywhere — Prism SIP Gateway allows calls from PSTN and PBX
  • All the Features for Paging, Voice-mail, Text-to-Pager, Wireless and DECT phones
  • Prism Inet, the new IP interface for TAP, TNPP, SNPP, SMTP — Industry standard message input
  • Direct Connect to NurseCall, Assisted Living, Aged Care, Remote Monitoring, Access Control Systems

How to get started with your advertising:

You may use the Buy Now buttons to pay immediately using your PayPal account, or directly with your credit card — although it is convenient to use, you don't need a PayPal account — this is a new feature — or just mail a check to the address at the end of this page. Checks should be made payable to: “Bradley F. Dye” — all prices are in US funds.

For the ads that go into columns, like Package #1, 2, & 3, the (full) size is 340 pixels wide by approximately 800 pixels high. The height is flexible but 340 x 800 is a good number as it can fit into one of the columns (right or left) and still be viewable without scrolling up and down on most computer screens. I like to set the ads up myself so that they dynamically re-size with different browser widths and different computer display resolutions. It is helpful to me if I can get the graphics and text separately along with an overall PDF or some such composite, that shows me the layout you want.

Please send me an e-mail at your earliest convenience with the text and graphics that you would like for me to use in your advertisement. If you would like for me to change your ad each month, that is OK too. You can send me the content for two separate advertisements and indicate how often they should be rotated. The standard charge for an ad rotation is $35 per event. Special rates are available for weekly rotations.

You don't have to format the content in HTML or do anything fancy. Just send me plain text with the graphics in “gif” or “jpg” formats, and I will do the rest. Of course, for the posters, you are welcome to send me a completed “gif” or “jpg” poster, sized to the option that you selected, or you can describe it to me and I will make it for you. I probably can't redraw your logo exactly right, so you would need to send that to me if you want to use it.

How to increase the number of our readers:

Following are some of my thoughts on this topic. Maybe you have some more ideas that we could try.

When someone adds a friend or coworker and that person does the same . . . well you can see what happens. Managers of companies and departments are in a good position to add their key people who would benefit from staying up to date with business trends and technology in our field.

Now here is what I would like to ask you to try. Each of us has an e-mail address book that contains our business contacts. These addresses are very private and very important to us — most people would never want to share this list with anyone, especially in view of how concerned we all are about unwanted junk mail that we receive. Besides it would be a breach of trust to give out these addresses without each person's consent. So, I propose that each advertiser send out a message to all of their customers something like the following:

“Hello, I hope that you are well” or “Seasons Greetings” or “Thanks for your business this year” etc. Then, “We advertise in Brad Dye's weekly Internet Paging and Wireless Data newsletter, and find that these updates on business trends and technology are helpful and interesting.” There is no charge for subscription and there are no membership restrictions. You can read a sample copy at:

If you would like to receive a weekly notice with a link to the current newsletter, just send me an e-mail message containing your first and last name and say, “please sign me up.” My e-mail address is: Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone so you will not have to worry about receiving any more annoying junk mail and you can unsubscribe at any time.

I think this would help us to greatly increase readership and therefore the number of people that see your advertising. Now here is a tip on how to protect this valuable list of addresses:

When you send out your message to everyone, put all their addresses in the “BCC” field in your e-mail client and put your own address in the “TO” field. That way no one will see anyone else's address. They will each get a message from you, to you, with a blind carbon copy to them so everyone's address is kept private.

Please let me know what you think about these advertising packages and if you have any questions. I hope that you chose one of them to promote your products and support this newsletter. Click on my e-mail address below to send me a message.

Professional Consulting Services:

Consulting services are billed at $150 per hour (½ hour minimum billing), or $1,200 per day for a standard work day of approximately 8 hours, travel days are billed at ½ the daily rate e.g. $600 per day, all travel expenses are billed at actual cost, without markup.

Payment for consulting services can be made with a credit card or with a PayPal account by using the Donate button below. Just enter the amount after talking to me to estimate your project.

I would be glad to help with a project, and maybe save you some time and money. After fifty years in this business, I have learned a few things that might help you.

brad dye

With best regards,
brad's signature
Newsletter Editor


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P.O. Box 266
Fairfield, IL 62837 USA

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