Why Paging Technology is the Best Solution for Mass Alerting

Why is paging the BEST technology to use when it is necessary to alert many people in a short time?
  • Because of "group call" a feature of Paging that allows us to alert almost an unlimited number of people with one single radio transmission (to a common capcode). For example, with Paging a message can be sent to a million people in the time it takes to make two or three telephone calls
  • Because of “simulcasting” a feature of Paging that allows the same radio message to be broadcast over multiple transmitters simultaneously — (simultaneous + broadcast = simulcast) meaning that a radio Paging signal generally has much better penetration into, under, and around buildings and is less likely to be blocked by obstructions since it will be coming to the Pager from several different directions.
  • Because of the fact that Paging systems cost a fraction of other technologies like cell phones
  • Because Paging transmitters can be individually controlled over satellite links and they do not need a physical land line running back to the control point (like the fiber-optic networks used in cellular systems).
  • Because Paging is a mature technology. It has been refined and perfected over many years and it works very well.
  • Because the infrastructure has already been deployed—coast to coast.
  • Because it is here today and available to be used RIGHT NOW!

We are not advocating that paging be the only means used to notify the public of impending emergency situations, just that it is the most economical and most efficient way at our disposal, and it is ready to use now. Even if new technology is implemented in cellular telephone networks, such as Cell Broadcast, that will be a positive development and will benefit all the users of cellphones as well. All wireless text messaging systems should be fed the same emergency alert messages simultaneously.

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