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193 December 31, 2005 2005 Paging Persons of the Year
192 December 25, 2005 2005 Christmas Card
191 December 16, 2005 Newsletter
190 December 9, 2005 Newsletter
189 December 2, 2005 Newsletter
188 November 25, 2005 Newsletter
187 November 18, 2005 Newsletter
186 November 9, 2005 Newsletter
185 October 26, 2005 Newsletter
184 October 14, 2005 Newsletter
183 October 7, 2005 Newsletter
182 September 30, 2005 Newsletter
181 September 23, 2005 Newsletter
180 September 16, 2005 Newsletter
179 September 9, 2005 Newsletter
178 September 2, 2005 Newsletter
177 August 26, 2005 Newsletter
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173 July 29, 2005 Newsletter
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171 July 15, 2005 Newsletter
170 July 8, 2005 Newsletter
169 July 1, 2005 Newsletter
168 June 24, 2005 Editorial about the U.S. Patent Office and RIM. RIM's patent woes far from over. Merged Sprint-Nextel to use Sprint as master brand. DANIELS Electronics Expands Product Portfolio with Omnitronics Audio Bridges. Microsoft Unveils Plans for Web-Based Instant Messaging. In the Philippines, text messaging is cool. Iran sees red over election text messaging craze. Big text-messaging bill rings father's bell. Area 'hams' to prove their stuff. Video clip from the Jay Leno show. Intel Teams To Improve WiMAX Antenna Technology.
167 June 17, 2005 More news from the AAPC conference. Vic Jackson's presentation from the conference can be downloaded. Google announces a new search engine for mobile devices. GlobeTel Signs Formal Agreement with NASA. USA Mobility, AMDS and Sensus Form Alliance to Provide Meter Monitoring Services Over Two-Way NPCS Network. LRS Debuts Latest Curbside Solution at NRA 2005. Text Message Saves Woman From Kidnapper. Text messaging—the impersonal touch. Team To Sell Cell Phone Music. Is Voice Mail at Risk in the Wireless Future? Proxim files for bankruptcy, to sell company for $21 million. Skype Offers Voicemail. Skype Does Videoconferencing and More. AT&T Plots WiMax Trial. Eslambolchi: WiMax Booming.
166 June 10, 2005 Report from the AAPC show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The founder and first president of AAPC, Ted McNaught, turned over the reigns of the association to Bruce Deer at the annual AAPC meeting. Space Data Forges Roaming Relationship with SkyTel. RIM hits patent deal impasse. PANGO PARTNERS WITH LEADING SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS TO MEET GROWING DEMAND FOR WIFI-BASED RFID SYSTEMS. Verso Appoints Mark Dunaway to Board of Directors. GTES INTRODUCES NEW LOCATION SERVICE APPLICATION. TensorComm, Inc. Secures $7 Million in New Financing Led by Centennial Ventures. Mexico's Telecommunications Sector Grows 20.6% In 1Q. NII Appoints New Vice President and Controller. Wireless LAN phone can survive hospital environment. Tut Deploys MPEG-4 Headend. VoIP Inc.'s Rodriguez Discusses State of Telephony.
  June 3, 2005 No issue this week due to the AAPC show in Myrtle Beach.
165 May 27, 2005 Location Services: Is This a Business for You? USA Mobility Announces Management Reorganization. Multitone Announces “AlarmCentral™” Application For Wireless Networks. Moto invests in wireless directory. xMax™ First Long-Range Field Test A Success - New Spectrum Sharing Technology Uses Micro-Power Levels to Deliver Broadband. SkyGuard Vehicle Locator system by SkyTel. Barry Kanne retires from Paging but not from working. Various comments about USA Mobility. FCC: Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Postpones Until Fall 2005 Implementation of the Automated Feature in its Universal Licensing System. SyChip Unveils Syvoice Family Of Voip Solutions For The Mobile Handset Market. Skype to be cash-flow positive in 2005.
164 May 20, 2005 USA Mobility Stockholder Presentation. Proposal for a Telelink User's Group. Carriers Find Their Way to LBS. Sprint Launches Sprint Business Mobility Framework. USA Mobility Names Scott B. Tollefsen as General Counsel. Supreme Court Affirms Uzans Ruling. Wireless carriers partner on Amber Alert text messages. So, Who Treats Folks The Best? Wireless Leaders & Laggards: Health Care. You can’t stop IM so learn to love it. Proxim warns of bankruptcy prospects. FCC 911 VoIP Ruling Could Hit Consumers in the Pocketbook. IDC: Microsoft Readies VoIP Push.
163 May 13, 2005 Editorial comments about USA Mobility's first quarter results. AAPC getting ready for the conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. Motley Fool article about USA Mobility. New Amber Alert initiative coming. South Koreans monitor their dogs" status via cellphones. Blackberry touts productivity gains by using their device. Google buys social networking service. Article on Location Based Services. Glenayre (formerly a big name in Paging) buy CD, DVD manufacturing assets. Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 5.0. US Senate approves electronic ID card bill. Florida removes VoIP tax from books. Vonage gets major financing. Skype Wins 2005 Webby Award for Telecommunications.
162 May 6, 2005 Todd Buchanan of Verizon Wireless Messaging Services appointed to board of AAPC. Special white paper by Brooks Marsden on Location Service Business opportunity. RIM Takes PDA Top Spot From palmOne. USA Mobility Sets Date To Report First Quarter Results. Govt. body in India quashes paging operators' plea. Teletouch Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter 2005. BlackBerries for breakfast. Short messaging catches on in U.S. BellSouth launches new communication service. Leap Offers International Text Messaging to Mexico. Endless messaging rots brain worse than pot, study finds. China government uses text messaging to quell demonstrations. AOL Rebuilds Messaging Client from the Ground Up. Will Free VoIP Change the Game? UAE authorities clamp down on Skype. Intel, Sprint connect on WiMax. FCC rejects SBC petition on new Internet services.
161 April 29, 2005 NTT DoCoMo in Japan to terminate Pager service. Rogers Communications reports Q1 results. Nokia to launch new multimedia phone. Verizon profit surges on record wireless subscribers. Wireless secures and tracks postal vans. iCom and Kenwood demonstrate very narrowband communications technology. Voice and Data Convergence—a Vendor’s Perspective. A "close" photo of Saturn's small moon. Skype reaches out to mobile users. "Don't Take My Skype Away." Cisco Acquires Sipura Technology.
160 April 22, 2005 Making plans for the AAPC Wireless Forum to be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, June 1-3. RIM forges ahead with more innovations and industry alliances. DOJ requests more on Verizon/MCI union. Axcess RFID installed at JFK airport. Stratellite Strategy replaces cell towers with airship. Microsoft/BlackBerry deal. AOL launches more wireless IM. Glenayre announces briefing about Q1. Adobe buys Macromedia. Gordon Moore looks back, and forward. Intel ships first WiMAX chipset. Skype launches Skypein and Voicemail.
159 April 15, 2005 Comments on USA Mobility. SkyTel provides free Paging service for transplant patient. Trace Technologies announces new wireless assisted-GPS solution. Carlos Slim sells his 13.7% stake in MCI. InnerWireless gets $15M in funding. Cell phones exonerated in new Danish brain cancer study. Motorola unveils new products at IWCE. Did RIM pay too soon (for patients)? Reader question about jamming cell phones. EasyTel announces new free web-based paging service. Apple reports record Q2 earnings. Photos from the AAPC trade show in Las Vegas. Intel wildly optimistic about WiMAX. Motorola goes with mesh networks.
  April 8, 2005 No issue this week due to the IWCE show in Las Vegas.
158 April 1, 2005 SkyTel founder, John Palmer in the news. Daniels Electronics announces new product. Sun Microsystems releases Java Instant Messaging. Generation "Y" embraces text messaging. Wireless remote BBQ thermometer pager. Bulldog Technologies granted patent for wireless cargo security technology. Amber Alerts expand to 50 states. RIM beating palmOne in wireless war. MCI accepts Verizon's $7.6 B bid. PTC agenda updated for meeting in Las Vegas. E-mail has become the world's favorite form of business communication. US Supreme Court hears important case on peer-to-peer Internet services. FCC commissioner comments on new 3.6 GHz band for rural wireless broadband services. SkyTel gets into Wi-Fi with Pronto Networks.
157 March 25, 2005 Feature on Amber Alert. USA Mobility shows promising performance. eGOware introduces secure medical information delivery. Contact Wireless gives traffic reports with text messages. Detailed technical paper released on Microsoft's SPOT. News from the CTIA show. US Wireless growth forecasted. Charles Sirois gets payout from sale of TIW. PTC Las Vegas meeting agenda. Crisis notification system from AmCom. InnerWireless has in-building wireless distribution solution for multiple users. More discussion about cities offering Wi-Fi.
156 March 18, 2005 First issue of AAPC newsletter included. USA Mobility reports 2004 Q4 results. FCC terminates many Paging licenses because they are not being used. Kevin Martin named chairman of FCC. RIM stock up after patent issues settled. Bernie Ebbers convicted by federal jury for manipulating WorldCom's books. Siemens and Wherify to bring GPS phone to Wal-Mart. Link to article about location-based services. Modulation/protocol debate. RIM to bring AOL, Yahoo IMs to BlackBerry. Inmarsat launch 3G satellite. More rumors about Motorola's iTunes phone. AT&T to try WiMax. FCC opens 3650 MHz band for wireless broadband.
155 March 11, 2005 New font for newsletter. Motorola continues to tease over the iTunes phone. Another virus attacks mobile phones. Mobile TV coming for cellphone users. Tower companies postpone earnings releases for second time. Half of US kids have cellphones. Mobile device preferences. AAPC announces new vendor benefits packages. Article on Texas barbecue. Zigbee Alliance announces Adopter Class membership. Wireless USB to kill off Bluetooth. Intel goes for mesh on 802.11s. FCC gives some slack on UWB transmitter testing.
154 March 4, 2005 Editorial: Is Paging Dead? NO, absolutely not! Going through a major realignment yes, but not dead or even dying. Jef Raskin, creator of the Macintosh computer dies. Tower operators putting off quarterly results. SEC uncovers wide-scale lease accounting errors. Intel demonstrates voice recognition. WakeMed Hospital (NC) deploys in-building wireless network. FBI says Taiwanese man stole chip designs. Bank of America sites to be available for hidden antennas. AAPC Wireless Forum to be held in Myrtle Beach again this year. PTC to have meeting at IWCE in Las Vegas. FCC loosens restrictions on mobile satellite services. ZigBee-based wireless energy meter reading announced. Wireless sensor networks expected to grow in spite of obstacles. More about Vonage VoIP service being blocked by some ISPs.
153 February 25, 2005 MCI Q4 results and possible buyout from Verizon, Iridium cites favorable trends for mobile satellite service, Rogers Q4 results, Motorola plans low-cost phones in emerging markets, Wherify has new GPS locator phone, Frost & Sullivan selects Diabetech for award, Special report on Daniels Electronics, FCC moves to replace outmoded rules governing intercarrier compensation, FCC proposes additional flexibility in the 900 MHz band, ZigBee forecasted to hit 400,000 units in 2005, and Skype targets wireless market.
152 February 18, 2005

Watch out for the "MyDoom" Internet Worm, Grant Defrays Pager Pricetag (Homeland Security), Trying to Tax Pagers in Virginia, More Amber Alert News, New Products and Services for the Hearing Impaired, Vonage (VoIP) Complains to the FCC about Blocking, Motorola and Skype (VoIP) form Alliance, Jai Bhagat's AIR2LAN to Merge with U.S. Wireless Online, and WiMax and Internet Phone Service soon to become a Big Deal according to new research report.

151 February 11, 2005 New Multitone PowerPage 750 pager with stored voice and alphanumeric display. A paging company in Arkansas for sale. A guest editorial from Vic Jackson, the president of Interconnection Services Inc., about the FCC issuing a precedent-setting "Numbering Order" allowing VoIP providers to obtain numbering resources directly from the North American Numbering Plan.
150 February 4, 2005 The AAPC has a new executive director—Linda Hoover. There is a nice article about S3 and their vehicle tracking service using ReFLEX (and other means) with GPS. Looks like SBC really wants to Buy AT&T for $16 billion bucks, and Alan Carle at UCOM needs a good paging field engineer. There are two very interesting articles about this exciting new technology that is going to blow wireless data wide open.
149 January 28, 2005 FCC Chairman Michael Powell will leave the Commission in March. Ofcom, the communications regulatory agency in the UK, plans to liberalize the regulation of the use of radio frequencies in Britain. 23 million people are now using Skype, the free VoIP service, to talk over the Internet. TAPS—Texas Association of Paging Services is looking for partners on their 152.480 MHz co-op paging network. SBC is in acquisition discussions with AT&T.
  January 21, 2005 Sorry—no newsletter this week due to travel and relocation.
148 January 14, 2005 Satellite Security Systems to help track engine usage in Sacramento. Nortel execs have to pay back bonuses. President of Motorola resigns. FCC authorizes new South American satellite. SMS@ctive™ Technologies announces SMS product. Pocket PC with GPS and lots more. Wireless tracking and monitoring: Watchdog systems pack a bite. Intel will now lobby in support of municipal Wi-Fi projects.
147 January 7, 2005 National Institute of Standards and Technology puts new time standard on line. Wireless, Telecom Industry Answer Relief Call or Tsunami victims. Samsung Shows Voice-To-Text Phone For Messaging. Global carriers, vendors unite on 'Super 3G' standard. More on FCC Paging license audit. Vonage Goes WiFi, and Wayport Hits 6,300 Wi-Fi Locations.


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