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91 December 26, 2003 Research In Motion Reports Third Quarter Results. RIM, Sony Ericsson strike licensing Deal. IPO, merger speculated for Cingular Wireless. California Amplifier to acquire Vytek Corporation. Aether Systems reaches agreement to sell Enterprise Mobility Solutions Division. Verizon Wireless and Vodafone cooperate on transatlantic text messaging. 2003 Newsletter topic index.
90 December 25, 2003 Christmas Card.
89 December 19, 2003 ReFLEX spec. being updated. Motorola: new boss, spin off semiconductors.
88 December 12, 2003 Important report on Metrocall/WebLink and the US paging industry.
87 December 5, 2003 Zigbee 803.15 products come out. FCC: new 12.5 Khz rules suspended.
86 November 28, 2003 FCC reorganized. Motorola: 2 new pagers for business market.
85 November 20, 2003 TAS & Paging article 4. Metrocall acquires WebLink. ReFLEX device report.
84 November 14, 2003 TAS & Paging article 3. LNP issues heat up. Several new FCC regulations.
83 November 7, 2003 TAS & Paging article 2. FCC: not dangerous to use cell phones at gas stations.
82 October 31, 2003 TAS & Paging article 1. PerComm's mew ReFLEX pager announced.
81 October 24, 2003 ASTAA convention report. News from Argentina. Cell phones/hospital infection.
80 October 17, 2003 More on Wireless growth. "No explosion of wireless phone."
79 October 9, 2003 Reports of combustible phones. Wireless use continues to increase.
78 October 3, 2003 Close call with Hurricane Isabel. Reader's comments from Russia & Costa Rica.
77 September 25, 2003 Motorola stock up-CEO out. Report on Paging in Mexico. El que llama paga.
76 September 17, 2003 Interconnect discussion continued. Police must have warrants for tracking.
75 September 12, 2003 Swissphone enters US market. AAPC: new membership heights.
74 September 5, 2003 PTC meeting in Minneapolis announced. Nextel and Verizon rank highest.
73 August 29, 2003 Important new proposal for ReFLEX and 802.11 by Allan Angus.
72 August 22, 2003 W32.Sobig.F@mm nasty e-mail worm. Motorola Paging Boynton Beach closed.
71 August 15, 2003 Special report on APCO show. SkyTel-WebLink deal off. Editorial on Paging.
70 August 8, 2003 Many readers: "welcome back." Doggett to leave Glenayre. RIM defends.
69 August 1, 2003 Newsletter re-launched. Paging industry comes to the aid of the newsletter.
68 June 19, 2003 AAPC Press Release about their first annual meeting, no newsletter this week.
67 May 23, 2003 More Wi-Fi news. Newsletter suspended until further notice—can't pay the bills.
66 May 16, 2003 Special report on Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11x WAP is crap! Wireless hall of fame members.
65 May 9, 2003 Space Data granted more narrowband PCS spectrum. SARS causes plant closings.
64 May 2, 2003 Bush signs "Amber Alert" bill. Nextel making money. PTC PWG call for papers.
63 April 22, 2003 Hector Ruiz appointed to Trade Policy Advisory Committee. AAPC is growing.
62 April 18, 2003 Wireless data on cell phones. Tech Tips: FLEX capcodes.
61 April 11, 2003 Industry rediscovers "push-to-talk." Tech Tips: TNPP tutorial & Beginner's Paging.
60 April 4, 2003 ReFLEX tutorial continued. Several reader comments on ReFLEX tutorial.
59 March 28, 2003 Wireless Palm—RIM killer announced. Tech Tips: ReFLEX tutorial.
58 March 21, 2003 Tech Tips: down-tilt antennas, New ReFLEX devices announced.
57 March 17, 2003 Report on the IWCE trade show in Las Vegas. SouthernNet joins the AAPC.
56 March 7, 2003 Motorola cancer lawsuit dismissed, another suit over Iridium financing settled.
55 February 28, 2003 Metrocall axes Ken Goldstein VP of Eng. Is the Telecom Meltdown Over?
54 February 21, 2003 A message from the Texas Association of Paging Systems (TAPS).
53 February 14, 2003 Metrocall Directors Fire Bill Collins. Another RIF at WebLink Wireless.
52 February 7, 2003 Microsoft invests in wireless in Canada with Rogers AT&T, photo of wristwatch.
51 January 31, 2003 Second report on subcarrier (SCA) paging technology.
50 January 24, 2003 Report on the Paging Technical Committee meeting in Tampa, more on SCA.
49 January 17, 2003 In-depth report on subcarrier (SCA) paging technology.
48 January 10, 2003 Microsoft announces plans to get into subcarrier paging.
47 January 3, 2003 Tirade against the MBAs who are bankrupting the paging business.


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