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LCHS Class of 1960 25th Reunion

;chs 25th reunion

LCHS – Class of 1960
25th Class Reunion

July 19th & 20th, 1985
Lincoln Elks Club
Lincoln, Illinois

Back Row: David Klockenga, Jeff Fults, Dan Bock, Ray Treuthart, George Pokorski, LeRoy McCray,  Dick George, Dave Armbrust, Janet “Pete” (Ritchhart) Luckhart, Gary Lisk, Bud Huffaker, Bob Madigan, Mike Hayes, John Feldman, Joe Foutch.

3rd Row: Steve Mallinson, Dave Culleton, Linda (Berryman) Callesen, Liz (Stringer) Lolling, Vicky (Spangler), Janet (Kerpan) Southerlan, Judy (Heinzel) Gordon, Donna (Geriets) Miles, Pat (Sahs) Kenning, Jo (Gipson) Aylesworth, Bob Gluick, Bonnie Jo (Cecil) Farmer, Kathy (Mitchell) Liesman, Judy (Aper) McCray, Carolyn (Leonard) Fehring, Eva (Harris) Hill, Ione (Irish) Elliott, Jon Diers, Gerry Dehner, Paul Hegele, Ron Musick, Byron “Barney” Liesman.

2nd Row: Keetra (Dial) Geriets, Barb (Krotz) Kirk, Grace (Guzzardo) Ware, Diane (Caplinger) Farmer, LuAnn (Lohrentz) Koester, Judy (Lohrenz) Perkins, Wanda (Stoltzenburg) Lolling, Jean (Goldhammer) Meier, Rosemary (Rich) Parker, Barb (Geary) Cicci, Jane (Logan) Smith.

Front Row: Peter Jeffrey Frantz, Larry Bacon, David Carpenter, Jerry Melton, Jim Benner, Tom Knollenberg, Dave Boyd, Donnie Wolpert, Gerry Hertzfeldt, Bob Pharis, John Coombs.

LCHS Class of 1960 30th Reunion

lchs 30th reunion

LCHS – Class of 1960
30th Class Reunion
June 29 & 30, 1990
Mixer @ Elks Club – Dinner @ Maple Club
Lincoln, Illinois

Back Row: Gerry Dehner, Don Jones, Thom Zimmerman, Jeff Fults, Bob Pharis, Jim Benner, Jon Diers, Dave Armbrust, Dick George, Don Heinzel, Alan Clever, Ray Treuthart, Bob Madigan, Bob Goebel, Dan Bock, Jim Brackney.

3rd Row: Barb (Krotz) Kirk, Alice (Schmidt) Jensen, Alice (Loomis) Wilmert, Pat (Sahs) Kenning, Kathy (Mitchell) Liesman, Keetra (Dial) Geriets, Barbara (Geary) Cicci, Diane (Caplinger) Farmer, Marilyn (Stoll) Long, LuAnn (Lohrentz) Koester, Janet “Pete” (Ritchhart) Luckhart.

2nd Row: Larry Bacon, Dave Carpenter, Jerry Melton, John Coombs, Gerry Hertzfeldt, LeRoy McCray, Dave Culleton, Paul Hegele, Nelson Teichmann, Steve Mallinson, George Janet.

Front Row: Grace (Guzzardo) Ware, Ann (Hauffe) DeJaeger, Judy (Aper) McCray, Jo (Gipson) Aylesworth, Eva (Harris) Hill, Donna (Geriets) Miles, Bonnie Jo (Cecil) Farmer, Vicki (Spangler) Craig, Liz (Stringer) Lolling, Glenna (Miller) Read, Rosemary Rich Parker, Linda (Cooper) Wolters.

(Peter Jeffrey Frantz attended, but not in picture.) 50 Classmates in Photo.

LCHS Class of 1960 35th Reunion

lchs 35th reunion

LCHS – Class of 1960
35th Class Reunion
June 16 & 17, 1995
Lincoln, Illinois

Back Row – Left to Right: Jeff Fults, Jerry Gibson, Jim Benner, LeRoy McCray, Ron Musick, David Klockenga, Steve Morehead, Bob Barry, Dick George, Bob Pharis, Don Heinzel, Norman Heins, Ray Treuthart, Tom Zimmerman, Jerry Hertzfeldt, Joe Webb, Dan Bock, Bud Huffaker, Larry Bacon.

3rd Row – Left to Right: Grace Guzzardo Ware, Barbara Krotz Kirk, Judy Leonard Bellamy, Carolyn Leonard Fehring, Judy Aper McCray, Patsy Sahs Zgaga, Alice Loomis Wilmert, Alice Schmidt Jensen, Janet Kerpan Southerlan, Judy Heinzel Gordon, Kathy Mitchell Liesman, Keetra Dial Geriets.

2nd Row – Left to Right: LuAnne Lorentz Koester, Rosemary Rich Parker, Marilyn Stoll Long, Rhoda Holland, Linda Berryman Callesen, Jean Goldhammer Meier, Pete Ritchhart Luckhart, John Coombs, Gary Lisk, Jon Diers, David Carpenter, Jerry Melton, Steve Mallinson, George Janet, Gerry Dehner.

Front Row – Left to Right: JoAnn Gipson Aylesworth, Eva Harris Hill, Bonnie Cecil Farmer, Bessie Sparks Newhouse, Janice Wertin Parks, Shirley Sparks Conaway, Barbara Geary Cicci, Jan Elkins Fiore, Dianne Caplinger Farmer, Judy Lohrenz Perkins, Donna Geriets Miles.

170 in 1960 Senior Class – 163 Graduated on May 27, 1960.

LCHS Class of 1960 40th Reunion

40th reunion photo

LCHS – 40th Class Reunion
October 6 & 7, 2000
Lincoln Elk's Club
Lincoln, Illinois

Back Row – Left to Right: Bob Madigan, Jim Benner, Brad Dye, Dick George, Steve Miller, Ron Musick, Mike Hayes, Welington “Bud” Huffaker, Dan Bock, Paul Hegele, Gerry Dehner, Jeff Fults, Larry Soberg, Dale Aper, Jerry Hertzfeldt, John Coombs.

Center Row – Left to Right: Jerry Gibson, Dave Armbrust, Bob Pharis, Jerry Melton, George Pokorski, Diane Caplinger, Janet “Pete” Ritchhart Smiley, Judy Aper McCray, Pat Sahs Zgaga, Shirley Sparks Conaway, Alice Loomis Wilmert, Jeff “Pete” Frantz, Dave Carpenter, Shelby Small, Jon Diers, Ray Treuthart.

Front Row – Left to Right: Jean Goldhammer Meier, Linda Berryman Callesen, Kathy Mitchell Liesman, Liz Stringer Lolling, Keetra Dial Geriets, Carolyn Leonard Fehring, Milinda Woodard Wolf, Barb Geary Cicci, Judy Lohrenz Perkins, Barb Krotz Kirk, Eva Harris Hill, Bonnie Jo Cecil Farmer, JoAnne Gipson Aylesworth.

Missing from photo, but attended 40th Class Reunion: Johnny Gleason, Donna Geriets Miles, Bess Sparks Newhouse.

DECEASED CLASSMATES: Ron Castor, Bradley Fox, Kenson Fuller, Grace Guzzardo Ware, Roger Gehlbach, Roy Hurley, Luanne Lorentz Koester, Nettie Maxey, Harold Ording, Peggy Perdue, Clara Ramlow Stewart, Carrol Reynolds Egnew, Phillip Steinhauer, Donna Steffens, Alice Schmidt Jensen.

170 in 1960 Senior Class – 163 Graduated on May 27, 1960.

LCHS Class of 1960 45th Reunion

45th reunion photo

LCHS – Class of 1960
45th Class Reunion
Fri., Sept. 30 & Sat., Oct. 1, 2005
Lincoln American Legion
Lincoln, Illinois

Back: John Coombs, Joe Webb, Jim Benner, Alan Clever, Nelson Teichman, Joe Foutch, Bob Madigan, David Armbrust, Jerry Hertzfeldt, Ron Musick, Paul Hegele, Don Heinzel, Brad Dye.

4th Row: Jerry Gibson, George Janet, Eva Harris Hill, Rosemary Rich Parker, Alice Loomis Doehring, Barb Geary Cicci, Kethy Mitchell Liesman, Diane Caplinger Farmer, Shirley Sparks Conaway, Byron (Barney) Liesman.

3rd Row: Bob Pharis, Leigh Henson, Cynthia Stolz Smith, Linda Berryman Callesen, Liz Stringer Lolling, Milinda Woodard Wolf, Judy Hoover, Judy Heinzel Gordon, Janet Kerpan Southerlan, Donna Geriets Miles, Mike Hayes, Dick George.

2nd Row: Ann Hauffe DeJaeger, Virginia Ambrose Mowrey, Sandra Green Kitchen, Jean Goldhammer Meier, Carolyn Leonard Fehring, Mary Forehand Greenwood, Barb Krotz Kirk, Bess Sparks Newhouse, Rhoda Holland, Jo Gipson Aylesworth, Pat Sahs Zgaga.

Front Row: Dan Bock, David Boyd, Jeff Fults, Larry Bacon, Dave Carpenter, Jerry Melton, Mike Bennis, Pete Ritchhart Smiley, Bonnie Cecil Farmer, Judy Lohrenz Perkins.

Bob Goebel, Bud Huffaker and Mike Hudkins were at the reunion, however they are not in the picture! Jon Diers showed up during the last couple of hours of the reunion and he is not in the picture either.

LCHS Class of 1960 50th Reunion

lchs 50th reunion

LCHS – Class of 1960
50th Class Reunion
Fri., Sept. 24 & Sat., Sep. 25, 2010
Knights of Columbus Hall
Lincoln, Illinois

BACK ROW: Mike Hayes, Mike Bennis, Jeff Fults, Bob Pharis, Joe Foutch, Leroy McCray, Ron Musick, David Huskisson, Paul Hegele, Nelson Teichman, Dick George, Brad Dye, Bob Goebel, Ralph Gehlbach, Allen Hoffert, David Klokkenga, Gary “Beaver” Newman, Alan Clever.

4th ROW: Jerry Melton, Dave Carpenter, Judy (Douglas) Farris, Jo (Gipson) Aylesworth, Jeff (Pete) Frantz, Alice (Loomis) Doehring, Liz (Stringer) Lolling, Linda (Berryman) Calleson, Steve Mallinson, Dan Gaydosh, Ray Treuthart, Dan Bock, Dave Boyd, Donald Heinzel, Vicki (Spangler) Craig, Ann (Hauffe) DeJaeger, Shelby Small.

3rd ROW: Dave Armbrust, Pete (Ritchhart) Smiley, Barb (Geary) Cicci, Diane (Caplinger) Farmer, Virginia (Ambrose) Mowry, Donna (Geriets) Miles, John Feldman, George Janet, Rhoda Holland, Jean (Goldhammer) Meier, Judith Heinzel Gordon, Judy Hoover, Janet (Kerpan) Southerlan, Pat (Barr)Jones, Linda Cooper Walters.

2nd ROW: Judy (Aper) McCray, Judy (Cummings) Spencer, Eva (Beaver) Treatch, Katherine (Mitchell) Liesman, Pat (Sahs) Zgaga, Judy (Lohrenz) Perkins, Bess (Sparks) Newhouse, Dorothy (Huskins) Mathis, Shirley (Sparks) Conaway, Mildred (Huskins) Blake, Milinda (Woodard) Wolf, Barbara (Krotz) Kirk, Mary (Forehand) Greenwood, Donna Fletcher Caplinger, Eva (Harris) Hill.

FRONT ROW: Marvin Schroeder, Norman Schroeder, Jon Diers, Jerry Gibson, Bonnie Jo (Cecil) Farmer, Leigh Henson, Jerry Hertzfeldt, John Coombs, Jim Benner, Wellington “Bud” Huffaker, Virginia (Maurer) Smith.

Those attending, but not in photo: John Gleason, Sharon (Stengel) Purviance, Carolyn Randl, and Jim Brackney.

Download a larger "pdf" format of this photo here.


J. D. Aeilts
Larry Bacon
Mike Barry
Bennie Birk
James Booth
Donna Brake
Robert Camillone
Ronald Castor
Richard Chrisman
Tom Culnan
Janet Dial Clark
Melvin Dorsett
Albert Eckstein
Bradley Fox
Kenson Fuller
Roger Gehlbach
Rachel Greathouse Hatfield
Grace Guzzardo Ware
Norman Heins
Roy Hurley
Sherry Imanaka
Loretta Kirk
Robert Kodatt
James LaCroix
Byron “Barney” Liesman
Gary Lisk
Luanne Lohrenz Koester
Judy Losey Renner
Bob Madigan
Nettie Maxey
Dean Maxheimer
Steve Morehead
Harold Ording
Pat Orr Altschul
Elaine Antoinette Parent
Peggy Perdue
George Ivan Pokorski
Clara Ramlow Stewart
Carrol Reynolds Egnew
Charles Routson
Alice Schmidt Jensen
Brenda Shelton Newberry
Verne Stanfield
Donna Steffens
Shirley Steffens
Phillip Steinhauer
Cynthia Stoltz Smith
Frederick S. Treatch
J. W. Ward
Tom Werth
Janice Wertin Parks
Ted Wheeler
Anita Woodard Miller
Thom Zimmerman

(To the best of our knowledge on October 2, 2010)


LCHS Class of 1960 50th Reunion

Norman Schroeder

Classmates came from afar
by plane, train and car.

We met by an old parking lot
Trying to remember faces and names
We had long ago forgot.

The parade started with our Homecoming Queen
From 50 years past.
Some people know how to make it last.
The crowed waved and cheered
And pictures were snapped
While others clapped.

The sun was warm and bright
Leaves falling from above made a beautiful sight.
And down the street came our high school marching band.
It was a beautiful fall day in that Lincoln Land.

Fire trucks, floats, pom pom girls dancing and Cheerleaders cheering.
And off to side of of the park we gathered as many of us did 50 years ago.
We snapped photos and told stories from past escapades,
Of old teachers, past sweethearts and our first date.

Football games and dances at the Rec.
But so many memories do fade
Of study hall and favorite classes and not.
Some things we should have forgot.

So many classmates are no longer here
For them good memories and sadden tears.

Old photos, yearbooks,
Mementos from our class.
Our ring, diploma, a letter jacket faded and torn.
It no longer fits so it's not worn.

So what became of us over the years
As we adventured into unknown fears.

We got married, went work or to school
Raised a family trying not to look like a fool.

We sent astronauts to the moon and back
Built nuclear power plants,
Pounded nails, sawed 2 by 4's
Framed a door, shingled a roof and more,

We became nurses and preachers
And for some like me, a teacher.
We farmed the land with strong hands
Became school board members trying to understand.
Sold insurance, real estate and cars
Some stayed home and did not venture far.

Lawyers and a couple of judges, firemen and policemen.
Soon off to service in a far away protested land,
Marches and demonstrations about Viet Nam.
We programmed computers that made the day pay,
Built highways, mended and painted cars of yesterday.

We met again classmates from our class at the K.C. Hall.
A beer from the bar and lots of food for all.
Our waistlines went to numbers tall.
Memories from the past danced and played in our mind,
Warm hugs and handshakes greeted us all in kind.

Then the lights did dim and onto the floor,
Dressed in bathrobes and slippers adored.
Came the Roller Derby Queens
And made a nursing home scene.
We all laughed and roared.
Escorted by a man of common medical terms.
Witch Doctor was he?

Music from the past,
How many singers really last?
Do you remember
The Bopper wearing Chantilly Lace,
Buddy Holly and Peggy Sue his date.
Johnny Cash singing a prison tune?

The PTA meeting at Harper Valley Junior High,
Or the Liberace playing “Great Balls of Fire”,
It made Jerry Lee Lewis cry.
Forgot your homework and “Rocked Around the Clock”.

Did you twist again with Chubby Checker
In your blue suede shoes?
Where you dancing At The Hop?
Or writing “Love Letters in the Sand.”

Singing La Bamba or looking for lost love
on Blueberry Hill.
Where were directions you forgot.
Or did you say to the police officer
“I Walk the Line” feeling ill.

As for me it was the
“School Day”
And practical math
The teacher teaching the golden rule.
I found the perfect excuse too.
Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.

We reminisced school years with memories and song.
“Lost in the Fifties Tonight” we chorused to end the night.
And one final cheer about our school,
Lincoln, Lincoln we are proud of you.


Special thanks to classmate Eva Harris Hill for all of her wonderful help with names and photos. This wouldn't have been possible without her help. (Sorry to report that she is deseased.)

LCHS Class of 1960 55th Reunion

LCHS – Class of 1960
55th Class Reunion
Fri., Sept. 25 & Sat., Sep. 26, 2015
Knights of Columbus Hall
Lincoln, Illinois

(If you would like to volunteer to suppy me with the names, I would appreaciate it very much.)

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